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Fat to Fit, The Yoga Bucket List Story of Samrat Goud Pasham

Samrat Goud Pasham
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Samrat Goud Pasham
Become A Yoga Trainer
Hey! What’s that? I can get the aroma of the Hyderabadi Biryani! I feel great now! Looks like a perfect afternoon to drool over a Biryani. 
 It was Oct 20th, 2015 and a noon to remember. Samrat Goud Pasham being a Freelance Digital Marketer based in Hyderabad began the day strategizing his client’s products. So, post noon when he was binge watching some movies, he felt he needed something he could munch on and that’s when he realized the risk he took since a long period of time. 
He got his first BP Attack while binging on his favorite meal and after going through a number of tests, he was diagnosed with Severe Hyperthyroidism, a Fatty Liver Condition and these were the reasons which cost him anxiety issues. 
Within a couple of days, he went from being a Food Lover to an anxious 30-year-old guy. For next few months, his belly was filled with more pills over the regular food he loved. 
When Samrat visited his Doctor for his next consultation, he was advised to lose weight as he was prone to a Fatty Liver Condition. So, the Doctor advised him to change his lifestyle. 
For Samrat Pasham, the next couple of months was a brief research on dieting and exercising. But even these things didn’t materialize as the consistency factor was the problem. He realized many other factors like exercising a diet which was against his requirements and also the water intake was only possible when he felt thirsty. But soon after trying out a variety of diets and signing up in most of the weight loss programs, Samrat decided to take the Yoga route. 
The YOGA Bucket List 
Even though Yoga didn’t fare better when it came to Samrat’s weight loss area, he enjoyed the practice. Perhaps it was the only one outlet for him which had no judgement and he felt he was left free to experiment things on his own.
Gradually over the months of consistent efforts, Samrat began to see changes when it came to handling his mental stress. He started to have a holistic approach towards his health. 
Very soon, he began to implement a healthier lifestyle. Be it consuming lot of water, composing his diet, exercising in sunlight. 
The efforts gone into accomplish his Bucket List of becoming Fit was in contrast with what he had thought of doing in the past; like pushing himself to the gym doors. But the result was based on his approach to pushing himself in the way he liked. So, today, as you see, Samrat Pasham is not just a healthy man, but also happier soul. Now he doesn’t need to bother about his BMI parameters nor he has a necessity to knock his doctor’s door. See, that’s what a Yoga Bucket List does to you. It quiets your mind and frees your body. 
To get to know more Samrat Pasham, you can follow him on Instagram and also participate in his upcoming workshop - 

https://www.facebook.com/events/195016677711883/ https://www.instagram.com/samratpasham/
Does Yoga spark your interest? We hope after reading about Samrat’s story it should have ignited some interest in you by now. So, tell us more about your transformation story and how you managed to fight the odds. We are ready to hear from you as we can feature your story on our platform. 
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Samrat Goud Pasham
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