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Trekking 15,000 Ft Bhrigu lake in 2 days!

Sahil Singh
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Sahil Singh
Go Trekking
Sahil, who is an avid traveler, loves traveling to the nook and corners of Himalayas. He is travelling in the Himalayas for a very long time, but have never done a trekking activity before. In 2017 April, he decided to do his first trek to the Triund Hills with a group of people. That was a low-altitude trek, and that's what inspired him to do a high-altitude trek to Brighu lake.

When they reach the Triund trek summit, Sahil came to know that there is an extended point where they can go near the snow line. It was a 2.5 Km trek from the summit. He decided to trek to the point, and he was accompanied by the trek leader and the guide. After almost 1 km, the terrain became extremely bad which made the trek extremely difficult. By the time he reached 1.5 Km, he became exhausted and had to give up.

One of Sahil’s bucket lists was to trek and climb more mountains. The Triund trek was an amazing experience for him. But the extended part ahead of the summit which he was unable to do was was a bit disappointment for him. That experience helped him to think deeply about his chances and capacity to trek the high-altitude mountains.
So, Sahil started researching about the things to be considered before doing the high-altitude treks. He studied specifically about the Himalayan treks also. Trekking high-altitude mountains are always the risk. One should have proper preparations before doing it. He should be mentally as well as physically fit and ready to do it.

During that time, as a preparation for the high-altitude trek, Sahil did some low-altitude treks. While preparing himself for the high-altitude trek, he came to know about Bhrigu lake trek. The place stands at an altitude of 15,000 Ft, and the place is comparably less explored too. Sahil confirmed Bhrigu lake trek as his first high-altitude trek destination.

Since he used to do small treks before, Sahil had a good idea about the preparations he has to have. Apart from that, his studies and research also helped him to acquire a good knowledge about the do’s and don’ts in high-altitude treks.

Sahil prepared mentally to trek, as it was the most important preparation among all. He kept his body physically fit by traveling, walking, and doing small treks. Before the trek, he consulted a doctor and got the perfect medication for AMS. 

The Bhrigu lake trek was organized by a trekking company. Sahil was accompanied by his brother too. The trek was in October. One day prior to the trek, Sahil and his brother went to Old Manali and stayed there to get acclimatized.

On the scheduled date, they started the trek. On the first day, the trekking distance was 7 Km. As mentioned earlier, the place was entirely virgin as it was very less explored. Sahil had so much to explore. There were different terrains. There were steep, narrow, and rocky trails which they had to follow in order to reach the Base Camp that day. 
The place was so beautiful. The sceneries were just wow! There was this green meadow which was an amazing view to watch.
It was steep when they started the trek. There were many mountains everywhere. And the most interesting factor was that there were no shops in that place. During the entire trek, Sahil and other members consumed the fresh water from the Himalayas.

That day, they reached the Base Camp in the evening, and camped there. Next day morning they started the trek to the summit. They only had to trek 4 Km from the Base Camp to reach the summit. The trek continued in a pleasant atmosphere.

As they were nearing the summit, the trek started becoming difficult. By the time it was only half kilometer to reach the summit, the trek reached its toughest part. There was no proper path. The place was full of free rocks, which were slippery. The trekkers had to be extra cautious not to fall down. 

The last half kilometer was too tough. They had to trek over boulders. Technically saying, they were hiking. At one point, Sahil thought of giving up. But, the Triund trek experience was forcing him to complete the trek. Thus, with much difficulty in the last half kilometer, Sahil reached the summit.
I felt like I was in some other world. Especially after coming from the crowed Delhi, the place gave me a fresh feel. It was peaceful there. I was mesmerized by the view of the valley and the snow-covered peaks of Himalaya. The sun-rays in the morning were blissful.
Sahil’s next bucket list is to explore the entire path of Ganga. He wants to explore from the very starting of the river. While exploring Ganga, he is planning to explore cities like Varanasi and Kolkata where the river flows through. His other bucket list is to explore entire South India.
If you are going somewhere, travel responsibly. Maintain the beauty of that place. Nature is beautiful and vulnerable at the same time. Don’t do anything to hurt it. Keep the place clean. Secondly, if you are a beginner in trekking, read and know about it before the trek. You should be physically and mentally prepared before you do it.
Bucketlister SAHIL SINGH
Hailing from Delhi, Sahil has a special place for the Himalayas in his heart. He always wanted to explore the Himalayas. Sahil who is an avid traveler loves traveling and trekking to the nook and corners of Himalayas. 
Story of
Sahil Singh
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accomplished & shared an experience
12:41 PM | 04th Jul 2018
Go Trekking
Bedni bugyal
Jun, 2018
11:54 AM | 15th Jul 2018
Tht must be amazing experience
07:01 PM | 04th Jul 2018
 Devasheesh Pant  u went with your friends or family?
12:49 PM | 04th Jul 2018
 Devasheesh Pant  Wow!! Look's like you had a a lot of can share more images or videos if you have??
12:47 PM | 04th Jul 2018
wow amazing pics from your trip  Devasheesh Pant  ,i saw some pics of skeletons are found during roopkund trek too.Did you see too?
sukriti soni
 liked this
Nishi Tilara
accomplished & shared an experience
01:09 PM | 08th May 2018
Vipul Kumar and 3 other
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Prathibha Easwaran
accomplished & shared an experience
12:44 PM | 29th Apr 2018
05:51 PM | 30th Apr 2018
What was the total elevation ?