Bucket List Ideas

Have you ever made a list of things to add to your bucket list? Whether it be solo or with your friends, family, partner? Well, that is exactly what your Bucket List is! It’s accomplishing those items from your list while adding more items to it!

What is a Bucket List?

A bucket list in its simplest form is a list of things you’d love to do/ accomplish in your lifetime.

Why would you want a Bucket List?

Having a Bucket List adds purpose to your life. It makes you aware of the things you want to do before you die, and to the things to experience in life.

It’s important to take out time from our busy schedules to enjoy things that make us happy. Finding hobbies, indulging in adventure sports, trying out cuisines from different parts of the world, travelling across the globe and so much more!

Bucket List Ideas

Here are some of the cool bucket list ideas for you ranging from adventure, travel, photography, sports, food & drinks, DIY/ Hobby and fitness.

Add the best bucket list items that resonate with you and add them to your own list. Come back, and keep checking the new additions to the list, you may find a more exciting bucket list ideas then!

Adventure Sports Bucket List Ideas

  1. Go Wing Walking

    Bored of Flying Inside a plane? Become a wing walker from certified venues across the world. An activity that lasts only about 10 minutes, desires a lot of admiration. We challenge you to indulge in the world’s greatest aerial adventure. Add it to your adventure bucket list ideas today, and take a stroll in the clouds!

  2. Swim In The Jellyfish Lake In Palau

    Are you courageous enough to swim in a lake surrounded by jellyfish? Don’t worry. Jellyfish in Palau’s Jellyfish Lake have lost their ability to sting, allowing swimmers, snorkelers and divers to take a swim with them. For all those of you who love flaunting your swimming pictures, the jellyfish lake in Philippines shouldn’t miss out from your bucket list things to do!

  3. Go Kitesurfing
  4. Go On Gorilla Trek In Uganda

    It’s time for you to now enjoy a trek with the most exciting creatures in the world. Before the endangered gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda become extinct, add gorilla trekking in Bwindi to your bucket list.

  5. Swim In The Devils Pool In Victoria Falls

    Be one of those lucky 16 who are swimming at the top of waterfall. Watched one from below the ground? Go a notch higher and watch it from the top in the Devil’s pool at Victoria falls. With one of the best views in the world, this adventure sport shouldn’t miss out from your bucket list.

  6. Explore The Caves Of Kauai

    A darkroom adventures. Are you someone who is afraid of darkness? Here’s a chance to overcome it. Because, it’s not all darkness after all. Row your way into a picturesque view of a hole in the ceiling and crystal blue waters. Add Exploring the Wet caves in Kauai to your bucket list, and enjoy the caves like you have never before.

  7. Spend The Night In An Igloo Under the Northern Lights

    Imagine naturally lit green, pink and violet clouds dancing in the dark. Now imagine watching this from inside an igloo. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect way to spend the night? Add watching the northern lights from an igloo to your bucket list today!

  8. Hike The Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

    Get past deep blue streams, emerald pools and cruise along the mountain glaciers. One of the most challenging treks in the world is the mendenhall glacier adventure hike. Add it your bucket list today, and enjoy panoramic views of the most beautiful glacier in the world!

  9. Hike To Upper Yosemite Falls

    What’s life without some adventure? The upper yosemite falls hike leading to the top of North America’s tallest waterfall thundering down is a must do for all adventure enthusiasts. Add it to your bucket list and climb one of the most challenging mountains.

  10. Walk The Arenal Sky Walk In Costa Rica

    The best zip lining tour in Costa Rica awaits you. An area of fantastic views and an area where you can’t see the end point of your trail. Add Arenal hanging bridges to your bucket list and stretch across canyons!

  11. Go Skiing In Denali National Park, Alaska

    With one of the world’s best scenery and wildlife, skiing in Alaska should be on top of every skiing enthusiasts bucket lists. Best suited in summer, this peak is the highest in the continent. Add it your bucket list and Alaska’s most popular land attraction.

  12. Walk On The Trift Bridge Above The Swiss Alps

    The Trift Bridge is one of the most spectacular pedestrian suspension bridges of the Alps. Take a cable car to the bridge. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains, waterfalls, a glacier and a lake. Add it to your bucket list today, and make the 2 hours by the bridge memorable.

  13. Go Snorkeling in Philippines

    A popular activity on the Southeast Asian backpacking trip is snorkelling in Philippines. The best snorkelling island in Philippines is Moalboal. With clear water, and plenty of marine life to explore, get up, close and personal with all kinds of marine animals. Add it to your bucket list, and get ready to be sun kissed!

  14. Go on a Slingshot Ride

    A sling shot ride is by far the most fun-filled vertical ride in an amusement park. Imagine being flung at over 300 feet in the air and at more than 100 miles an hour. Doesn’t that ring a WTF in your head? We assure you that this is one of the most fun things to do!

  15. Climb Table Mountain, South Africa

    Table Mountain, an island that now boasts of more plant species than a tropical jungle begs exploration. You can choose between the half and full day hikes, just don’t choose to leave it out from your bucket list. The table mountain in cape town should be on every adventure and nature lover’s bucket list.

  16. Go Base Jumping at Kjerag, Norway

    Hiking and base-jumping enthusiasts, attention! Jumping off the 3,642 feet cliff in Kjerag mountain in Norway will give you the best adrenaline rush with the best breath-taking views. Make sure this destination doesn’t miss out from your adventure bucket list.

  17. Swim with Sharks at Western Cape, South Africa

    Swam around humans, jellyfish and corals? It’s now time to swim around a predator that’s three times your size at Western Cape in South Africa. Travel 2.5 hours from Cape Town in winters to have the best dive of your life. Trust us, it is one of the most ultimate bucket list ideas!

  18. Visit the world’s longest glass skywalk in China

    Walk the world’s longest A-shaped glass skywalk in Wansheng, Southwest China. The 80-meter long corridor does not allow more than 30 people on it, so make sure you’re one of them in advance! Walk on the glass skywalk and inspire others to have a cool bucket list.

  19. Swim with crocodiles in the Cage of Death (Crocosaurus Cove Darwin)

    Get up, close and personal with crocodiles. Sounds like a crazy bucket list idea? The Crocosaurus Cove is the only place in Australia where you can safely dive with saltwater crocodiles. The Cage of Death in Darwin is an absurd craving for danger lovers!

  20. Go For Hot Air Balloon Ride In Loire Valley

    The Loire Valley in France is the most beautiful hot air balloon ride base in the world. Enjoy spectacular views of the river and the landscape. Take a one-hour long balloon flight and admire thrilling aerial views. Add it to have one of the best bucket list experiences!

  21. Climb The Haiku Stairs Of Heaven Hawaii

    Hike the famous illegal trail on the island of Hawaii. Climb 3,922 steps to see the most beautiful sunrise ever. With broken stairs and guards waiting to arrest you, this is the most dangerous hike ever. Add this trail to your best life experiences list.

  22. Go Zip Line Ride At Sun City South Africa

    Zip 2000 the world’s fastest zip slide at Sun city, South Africa. Fly like the wind on one of the world’s fastest ziplines. Add it as one of your adventure bucket list ideas and enjoy the scenic beauty of South Africa aerially.

  23. Swim In Icebergs Pool In Bondi Beach Sydney

    A swimming pool on the beach! Welcome to Icebergs Bondi Beach in Sydney where you can swim in a pool that lies on the ocean surface. So you feel like you’re swimming in the ocean but around safe boundaries. Isn’t it such a cool bucket list idea?

  24. Stay In A Bubble hotel Iceland

    Living in a Transparent Bubble and right under the stars has been on fantasy bucket lists of many. But here at Iceland, this is made possible! It costs about $275, but is one of the best ways to spend a night with your loved one.

  25. Go Jumping In The Fairy Pools On The Isle Of Skye Scotland

    For all landscape photography and swimming lovers, this is the ideal destination for you. Clear waters naturally formed pools and beautiful scenery, you will feel at peace. Add Scotland to your travel bucket list and have an experience of a lifetime!

  26. Raft through the Grand Canyon

    River Rafting is definitely a lot of fun. But River Rafting in Grand Canyon, Arizona, the best of its kind. Visit it anytime between May to September, but before that, make sure it doesn’t miss out from your adventure bucket list!

  27. Visit Mount Koya In Japan

    Japan is a country that’s extremely rich in culture. And Mount Koya is the place with more than 120 Buddhist Temples. Hike to the top and spend time with the monks. All Architecture and History buffs, this is a must have on your travel bucket list.

  28. Hike The Great Smoky Mountains National Park In Tennessee

    This National Park receives more visitors than the Grand Canyon annually. Doesn’t that say a lot? Beautiful mountain ranges, mesmerizing scenery and an mystical aura. To feel at peace, and to take away a lifetime experience add this to your bucket list.

  29. Swim in the Cenotes of Mexico

    This is how te Cenotes of Mexico were found. When people slipped inside and the ground opened to an underground cave. What a discover right? That happened 7000 years ago. Now it’s completely safe and equally fun. Swimming in the cenotes is something you would have never done before. So before the naturally formed caves decide to shut, aim at striking it off from your bucket list!

DIY Bucket List Ideas

  1. Cook A Pig In The Ground Hawaiian Style

    As unique as this sounds, cooking a buried pig in Hawaii, is a tradition that is still followed. It occurs during Luau, a festival in Hawaii. This is definitely a must try and should go on food bucket lists of all foodies!

  2. Attend New York Comic Con

    Celebrate with your fandoms, buy branded merchandise and dress up like some of your favourite characters! To make your DIY bucket list fun and interesting, you must add this event to it!

  3. Fishing In The Congo river, Central Africa

    Fishing in Congo River is one of the most exciting things to do. South Africa, the destination for the world’s rarest creatures, should be on every explorer’s bucket list.

  4. See Sunrise at Cappadocia

    Hot air balloon rides are fun, and a lot romantic too. Here at Cappadocia, you can watch the sunrise from a hot air balloon. Doesn’t that sound like such a cool bucket list idea?

  5. Dine in the Sky, Vancouver

    Now you can go dining in the sky at Vancouver. Yes, you read that right. Dining in fancy is restaurants is too cliche. Dine in style and give cool bucket list ideas to your friends as well!

  6. Sunbathe At French Riviera
  7. Attend Oktoberfest In Germany

    The biggest beer festival and a celebration of all things German brings around 6 million people from different parts of the world together. Oktoberfest 2018 in Munich will begin in the last week of September. Live in tents, party hard and say cheers to one of the most popular bucket list events!

  8. Live In The Treehouse Of Tulum

    The dream of living in a treehouse, overseeing an ocean, in between the trees and under the moving shadow can actually come true with the Azulik treehouses in Tulum. For everybody who has living in a tree house on their bucket list, Tulum is the place to do it.

  9. Get A Tatto

    Getting a tattoo is the most popular bucket list idea around the world. Get inspired, make your own tattoo design and decide which part of the body you want to ink. Fill it with color, or get a kind that will glow in the dark! Drive to the nearest tattoo artist you know and get inked!

  10. Attend The Drill And Chill Climbing And Highlining Festival

Travel Bucket List Ideas

  1. Explore The Rottnest Island Australia
  2. Explore Coron, Palawan
  3. Explore The Natural Pools Of Porto Moniz, Portugal

    The natural swimming pools at Porto Moniz are formed by volcanic lava and are naturally filled with crystal clear water. Doesn’t that sound fascinating? Made up of volcanic rock, into which the sea flows naturally, the porto moniz lava pools deserve it be on every swimming lovers bucket list.

  4. Visit The Natural Thermal Springs In Tuscany

    Swimming in naturally hot steamy water in the Saturnia hot springs in Tuscany is refreshing. The added advantage to it is that, it is free of cost. Believed to be the gift of gods by the Romans, this destination deserves to be on every traveller’s bucket list.

  5. Visit The Positano Village Italy

    A little beach town in Italy, famous for its colourful buildings, excellent restaurants and a home to tiny winding roads, is the perfect destination for couples who are looking for a romantic getaway. Add positano village Italy to your bucket list today, and spend at least three euphoric days in this beautiful town.

  6. Climb The Devil's Tower, USA

    Devils tower climbing is a unique wonder that attracts climbers from all around the world. Hundreds of parallel cracks divide Devils Tower into large hexagonal columns. For those aspiring some adrenaline rush and goosebumps, add the national moment to your bucket list today.

  7. Visit Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

    The Edinburgh Castle at Scotland is beautiful. An iconic landmark and an architectural masterpiece. The Royal Castle awaits you. To bring back souvenirs, you will first have to add it to your bucket list!

  8. Visit Vang Vieng, Laos

    Feel rich in the Southeast Asian city of Laos. You can go floating in a tube on a river, while also bar hoping. This place is for every kind of traveler. A country that defines fun, it deserves a place on your bucket list.

  9. Visit Orange Beach in Alabama

    Orange Beach is the hub for all kinds of water sports. Spend time with your loved ones, get sun kissed and flaunt your beach bodies. Those looking for a holiday, add it to your must visit places list.

  10. Walk Across The Living Root Bridge

    Mother nature has always surprised us with her abilities. In Meghalaya, India, ancient root bridges aren’t actually built. But they take over 15 years to grow. It's not just us, trees can be engineers as well! If you’re looking at having unique experiences in life, add the treebridge to your bucket list.

  11. Visit The Sea of Stars On Vaadhoo Island Maldives

    The Sea of Stars in Vadhoo Island, Maldives is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in the world and makes a great honeymoon bucket list idea. The night sky gets reflected on the beach and your footprints along with the waves start glittering. So, mark your calendars right away!

  12. Go to Venice Beach California

    A trip to Venice Beach will suit all kinds of travelers. There is an array of boutiques, restaurants, and artistic venues to choose from. If somebody is bored at the Venice Beach then there is something completely wrong with them! It pumps up the energy in you and gets you on your feet. Add it to your beach bucket list and get ready for the best beach experience!

  13. Sauvie Island UFO

    All of us have weird fantasies. How many of you have watching an actual UFO? Our hands are up! And this is now possible. On the Sauvie Island in the US State of Oregon there lies one. US has a lot of hidden treasures. And for those of you who have exploring US on your bucket list, make sure you visit the Sauvie Island UFO Boat!

  14. Visit Forbidden City In Beijing

    The biggest wooden structure palace in the world. With 980 buildings and 80,000 tickets sold in a day, add this to your travel bucket list and explore the most beautiful wooden palace in the world.

  15. Visit The Green Dragon Pub In Hobbiton, New Zealand

Food and Drinks Bucket List Ideas

  1. Eat Bizarre Food In Cambodia

    All foodies out there, which country has offered you the most bizarre food of them all? Here in Cambodia, they have everything from fried and crunchy spiders, snake wine, cow and bull penis, skinned frogs, and duck fetuses. We give you crazy bucket list ideas, and the foodie in you should get ready to lick fingers!

  2. Taste Exotic Food

    The way to anybody’s heart is through their stomach. We give you a challenge of eating the most exotic food available in the world. Prepare your own Exotic Food List, travel to places to gobble down food and satisfy your tummies.If you don’t burp after a heavy meal, did you really eat at all?

  3. Try a new restaurant every week

    Every day a new restaurant pops up in our neighborhoods. Why is the foodie in you on hibernation mode? Wake up. Every weekend, a new restaurant is waiting for you. Try different dishes, give them reviews and invite your friends! As long as your stomach can take it in, a foodie’s bucket list must never end.

  4. Go out for weekend night drinks

    We work our ar*es off during the week to finally relax and rejuvenate during the weekend. Venture out, gather your buddies, sip on a few beers and make the most out of your weekend. Have a weekend bucket list that you strive to accomplish and get your party started!

  5. To taste various Indian cuisines

    Indian food is packed with flavor. Every street in India will wake up a unique taste bud on your tongue. With so many street food varieties, and with every state in India offering its unique taste for a particular food item, your stomachs are never going to be full.Visiting all its states specifically for food is an awesome bucket list idea that you must aim at ticking off!

  6. Go on a winery tour

    A glass of wine makes every dinner party a little bit more special. How many of you’ll have been to a vineyard and stomped on grapes to make wine? This weekend bring your car out of the garage and go on a winery tour.We assure you that’s it’s going to be one of the most unique experiences you will have!