Top 12 Tattoos Based on Zodiac Signs For Your Tattoo Bucket List

Top 12 Tattoos Based on Zodiac Signs For Your Tattoo Bucket List

Getting a tattoo is a real commitment. Once you get it, it stays. So, if a tattoo is in your bucket list, you should think twice before getting inked. Moreover, a tattoo signifies your unique spirit and artistic expressions. It tells the story of who you are and what you want from life. Now, getting inked might not be everyone’s thing, but a small tattoo looks rather cute. We have listed down some information based on each zodiac sign for their tattoo bucket list. Check out the designs as per zodiac signs.

Zodiac Based Designs For Your Tattoo Bucket List

As every zodiac sign has a unique personality and temperament, every sign of the zodiac has a tattoo that suits them. It uniquely expresses who they are and what they want in life. So, here is a list of the perfect tattoo based on the zodiac sign for your tattoo bucket list.


The bold and confident Aries is always ready for a challenge. So, getting a tattoo is a bucket list item for them. To match their leadership streak and their love of trying new things, they should try getting tattoos that signify action or adventure. Also, the tattoos need to be displayed somewhere prominent on their body for everyone to see, like their arms or leg.


Taurians are usually passionate and romantic. Smart and a lover of all things beautiful, Taurians are likely to get a small tattoo somewhere barely visible and which is aesthetically pleasing and has a special meaning.


Geminis are independent and confident. But at the same time, bad at making choices. Too many options overwhelm them. That is why they are likely to get two tattoos at once. They might choose to get two trees or two faces-mirroring their inner duality or just a part of their favourite quote as they are great communicators.


Cancers are the ultimate softies. Emotional and loyal to a fault, they will probably get the tattoo that most reminds them of their family members or their pets. That might be a quote or a small token of remembrance of any family member who has passed away. Also, the tattoo is usually in a place that can’t be easily seen.


Charming, vibrant, extremely passionate, Leo’s are most likely to get something eye-catching and bold. They bask in the limelight and love getting praises. So, a Leo most probably will have their name or nickname inked. Another possibility is that they might get something symbolic-that reminds them of their power inked on their body.


The ultimate sensible guy in the zodiac, the Virgos will get a tattoo that has meaning. Severe and disciplined in every aspect of their life, getting a tattoo is also a serious matter for them. Their significant other’s name or a number that has meaning to them or something equally important is what they will try to get. And these will be hidden like behind their ears or inside their arm.


They are the ultimate connoisseurs of art. Anything that they get will be aesthetically pleasing. It can be a flower, beautiful leaves, intricate designs, or even someone’s name. However, it will be carefully crafted to have a pleasant view and appeal to the eye. Usually, earth oriented or natural objects are preferred by them as it is pleasing and makes them feel at peace with nature.


The most passionate of the zodiac, the Scorpions, like to go big. And bold. For them, a tattoo means a way of redefining themselves. So a tattoo they get will also signify the same. A phoenix or something symbolic if they may consider rebirth or even something that holds personal value. But whatever tattoo they get will reflect how they wish to be in the future.


They are the free, happy-go-lucky, spontaneous beings of the zodiac. So naturally, any tattoo they get will also symbolize the same. A lover of everything adventurous, you will get a taste of their wanderlust in their tattoo. It can be a beautiful quote in a foreign language, an ode to a place they have visited or wish to visit or even a religious symbol. Just know that everything about their tattoo will be exotic and signify that the world out there is calling the Sagittarius.


The most severe sign, the Capricorns, rarely get tattoos. If they do, it is a way of branding themselves-helping them to remember their true identity. Be it a motivational quote, their birth date, or a symbol that reminds them of their struggles. They are the ones who will keep it small and simple and something they can turn to for inspiration.


Aquarians are creative and unique. So most likely, they will get a tattoo of a symbol they have created themselves. It can be anything, but it will be unique and unconventional.


The most sensual of the zodiac, they will get a tattoo that will have something to do with love. They can get their lovers or their faces inked on their arms or their pet’s name on their back. They have a unique idea of what’s right and reasonable and will push past society’s perceptions of right and wrong.

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