YouTuber Fakes Bali Trip By Chilling at IKEA: Fake Vacation Trends on Social Media

YouTuber Fakes Bali Trip By Chilling at IKEA: Fake Vacation Trends on Social Media

Most of us know that you can’t believe everything you see on Instagram. Fake a vacation with pictures. Make your friends envious of where you are and have them thinking of being where you are. Here a YouTuber named Natalia Taylor successfully duped her followers into thinking she was having the time of her life in Bali. Yes, Taylor had a fake Bali trip by just sitting at IKEA and posing for a couple of pictures.

Rolling Out A Fake Vacation in Bali

Last week, she began posting images to her Instagram of her “trip” to the island, complete with location tags and shots of what appeared to be her luxurious hotel room. However, Taylor has since revealed via a new video that she staged the entire thing in an IKEA with a little help from a photographer friend. A page from Gabbie Hanna’s infamous Coachella prank, Taylor’s photos saw her hanging out in a bathtub, garden patio, and 70s chic room for the shoot.

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The queen has arrived 🌊💖 #bali

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She didn’t post any photos of “Bali” itself and purposefully left a few stray IKEA tags lying around as a test, the prank worked. In response, many fans were quick to laugh at the “finesse” and write things like, “Oh My God I Thought You Were Actually There!!!!” in the comments section.

Check out Natalia’s Fake Vacation Video on YouTube, wherein she explains how she pulled off the prank on her followers:

Fake-a-Vacation is Trending on Social Media

Can you imagine having a holiday abroad in just £70? Though it sounds unbelievable, it’s true. You can make it through fake-vacations. Faking vacations is already a trend in social media, which allows selfie addicts to pay for mocked-up images of them anywhere in the world. Faking a vacation means posing at your desired destination without even taking a step out of your home.

People who can’t afford a luxury vacation abroad can simply digitally insert themselves into the world’s most famous destinations without ever having step foot outside their houses. Sometimes because the actual vacation is too expensive, so plan this way or sometimes do it to get others envious. 

Most of us, when prompted to plan a vacation end up daydreaming about destinations. Then suddenly, reality hits like a hailstorm, and we are back to the mundane routine. However, not many of us take the fake route to show-off on our social media or pull a prank. On another thought, Taylor is doing something entertaining here as she puts make-believe posts and then reveals how she managed to make them all look real. It is quite surprising to see how many people believed her. 

Well, the internet is one place where you don’t anymore know the difference between real and fake. Trick photography done by smartphones can fool people easily. 





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