All You Need To Know About World Expo 2020 In Dubai

All You Need To Know About World Expo 2020 In Dubai

Dubai is hosting the World Expo 2020. And it’s not a piece of breaking news by any means as the venue was decided five years ago. We understand that many might not be aware of the very concept of the World Expo but we are here to walk you through it. Just stay until the end of this article and you would have already made your mind to be there at the Dubai World Expo 2020. After all, Dubai is known to be one of the best host countries for events. 

What is World Expo?

World Expo is one of the most roaring events in the world. This event takes place once every five years, where a prominent city hosts the Expo. The event lasts for six months. And every country in the globe is invited to take part and display the achievements they have accomplished. The first World Expo was hosted by London at Crystal Palace in 1851. The next one is to be hosted by Dubai this year itself. Clearly, you have read the title. The fundamental objective of the event is to press global issues and help the nations to progress together by demonstrating and sharing innovative ideas from various fields like architecture, medical science, and agriculture. Bureau International des Expositions decide which city will host the next World Expo and also the theme of it.

Dubai World Expo 2020: All You Need To Know

Let’s have a look at some necessary details of Dubai Expo 2020:

Theme: ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’

Duration: Starts on October 20, 2020, and ends on April 10, 2021.

Scale: 3rd largest global event after Olympic in terms of financial as well as cultural impact.

Area Dimensions: 4.38 sq km of land for 25 million expected visitors.

Location: Dubai South District near to Al Maktoum International Airport.


  • Dubai has prepared for a particular metro facility, which is reported to be capable of transporting near about 46k passengers per hour.
  • 5 major international airports are ready to serve Expo 2020 visitors.

Accommodations and Food Facility

100+ restaurants & 150+ hotels will be operating to serve visitors from all around the world.

Traditional & Futuristic Dining in 200+ F&B Venues

Talking about food facility, cookery is going take a bit more central role in the Expo2020 then you must have thought of. Yes, there will be Bistro Cafes, food trucks as well as grab and go outlets for the budget-friendly dining experience. But there will be many more extravagant activities as well. Discover global cuisines, innovative culinary experiences, and futuristic food techs among the 200+ outlets in the Expo. There will be multiple attractions like:

  • Celebrity chefs live show.
  • Fine Dining restaurants
  • Robotics
  • Augmented reality
  • 34 Michelin-starred restaurants
  • Virtual reality in dining

Expo Thematic Weeks (2020-2021)

  • Climate Focus Week: 1-7th November
  • Urban Development & Cities Focus Week: 22-28th November
  • Travel & Exploration Focus Week: 1-7th December
  • UN Sustainable Development Goal Focus Week: 8-14th January
  • Health and Wellness Focus Week: 22-28th January
  • Innovation Focus Week: 1-7th February
  • Agriculture and Livelihood Development Focus Week: 22-28th February
  • Women and Girls Focus Week: 1-7th March
  • Water Focus Week: 22-28th March

Special Days

As you can see and we have stated it earlier that the Expo lasts for a total of six months. And as usual, half of a year does come with a good chunk of occasions and special days. In fact, the time during Expo will take place is filled with most of the significant festivities. Therefore, the Expo has made arrangements on a global scale to celebrate those special days.

  • Diwali Festivals of Light: Saturday, November 14, 2020
  • UAE National Day: Wednesday, December 2, 2020
  • Christmas Festival: Friday, December 25, 2020
  • New Year’s Eve: Thursday, December 31, 2020
  • Chinese New Year: Friday, February 12, 2021
  • International Women’s Day: Monday, March 8, 2021

Records that will be broken at Dubai Expo 2020

Now when all the basics are covered, let’s move on to some more fantastical details as well. Dubai Expo will break quite a few records at its very inception.

  • It is the first Expo to be held in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia region for 168 years.
  • A total of 192 nations will take part in the Expo, which is a record in itself.
  • For the first time in the history of the world Expo, each country will have a dedicated pavilion for itself.
  • A gathering of 25 million people is being expected, with 70% of it being foreigners.

The UAE Pavilion & Structure of Terra

UAE Pavilion is the brainchild of the famous architect Santiago Calatrava. Terra, the Sustainability Pavilion, at Expo 2020, Dubai, is a wonder in itself. The pavilion roughly covers 25,000 sqm with 6,300 sqm of exhibition area. The main catch of Terra is not its extravagant design and mountainous size. Instead, the main attraction is that it has been designed as net-zero energy and net-zero water building. That is to say that, the pavilion generates power and water it needs to operate on its own. So how does it do that? Let’s have a look:

Power source

There are more than 1,050 solar panels in the pavilion. These panels have been systematised on the 130-meter wide canopy and on the locally-designed energy trees (e-trees). Like sunflowers, the e-trees rotate to face the sun. As a result, Terra produces 4 gig watt-hours per year of power. To clarify, it is capable of charging 890,000 mobile phones.

Water source

But what about water? There is no Water panel’s equivalent to the Solar panels functioning there. Well, this one is more outrageous than the previous one. The building uses multiple methods to become thoroughly water sufficient such as:

  • Using the condensation in the air.
  • Recycling salty or undrinkable water. After that, solar energy is used to sterilize water and remove micro-bio-contaminants.
  • It uses technology to extract humidity from the air and puts it back into the building system to generate water. And again, the filtration system gets rid of all kinds of contamination the water may have. Yes, they make water out of the thin liquid.

These were the technological aspects of the UAE pavilion that can change the world for good. However, the pavilion stands for something more than just some technological winder. It also stands for the spirit of the nation as well as its rich culture. Moreover, the UAE Pavilion & the Structure of Terra is a reflection of the state leaders’ vision of a sustainable progressive world with peace and hope.

20+ World-Class Entertainment Venues

Dubai Expo 2020 has large-scale venues scheduled to secure its place in history with a boom. Firstly, Al Wasl Plaza is going to host the grand opening and closing ceremonies. On the other hand, Jubilee Park will feature significant concerts, operas, music festivals, as well as cultural events. Finally, Al Forsan Park is ready with its intimate settings for the medium and smaller-scale events. 

Leisure Events and Entertainments

According to the officials, there will indeed be quite a few events for leisure entertainment. Let’s list up a few of those events. 

  • Global Theater
  • Global Art
  • Comedy Shows
  • Ballet
  • Fireworks
  • Future tech fun
  • World food tour
  • Parade
  • Jazz performances
  • Sport Events
  • Street performances

Dubai Expo 2020 is undoubtedly going to be an event of a lifetime in terms of scale and cultural impact. And Dubai is leaving no stones unturned to confirm the same.

Moreover, this can be just the entertainment extravaganza to start the decade with a bang. It has got all the ingredients for becoming the best World Expo ever held. As the organisers rightfully say, this is the expo you can’t afford to miss. Download the Woovly app now and add Dubai World Expo 2020 to your Wishlist! 


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