Story of Peg Myrick And Her Journey Towards Raising Cancer Awareness

Story of Peg Myrick And Her Journey Towards Raising Cancer Awareness

One of Swami Vivekananda’s teachings says that a person should leave a mark on the wall before leaving the world. Well, not literally but through their works. So that at least one person, apart from your known peer groups, family and friends, remembers you. Peg Myrick of Chesterfield County, a teacher by profession and a fighter of the colorectal cancer has done something unique to leave her mark on the wall. Her exclusive bucket list has inspired many others to live their life to the brim.

The Scariest Halloween Ever for Myrick

Halloween of 2016 was the scariest ever Halloween for Myrick. She was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Myrick also came to know that for the past ten months, she had been wrongly diagnosed. Doctors believe that she’s young enough to have colorectal cancer, which resulted in her wrong diagnosis. However, soon the truth came out with the colonoscopy report. What was even shocking for her was the fact that cancer has spread to her lungs as well.

However, that was not all; Myrick has more shock waiting for her. Just a month after her diagnosis, it was revealed that her mother Pam is on her stage 4 lung cancer. Pam passed away on April Fool’s Day, inspiring Myrick a lot and making her wiser concerning her perception towards life and living life.

Myrick soon started taking the clinical trials. Initially, she was benefitted from them, as the tests were showing many promises, and it was turning out to be beneficial for her. Peg started documenting her experiences in her blogs, unknown to the facts that fate had made other plans for her.

The Promise Made On the V-Day

The shocking news came to Peg on Valentine’s Day when the doctors gave her the final words. She was told that medicines were not working on her, and she had just three to six months left in her life. Although the conversation with the doctors was tough for her, this incident leads to a turn of events in Myrick’s life. Peg Myrick understood that in one’s life, every day, month, week, and every moment matters, and one should live each moment to the fullest as if it’s the last day of one’s life.

Death Is Inevitable – Live Life to its Brim

After the shocking revelation from the doctors, Peg not just started living each moment of her life but also became an inspiration for others. She was an ambassador of colorectal cancer and became a face for every organization that’s making people aware of the illness. She inspired others to go for a screening and remain up-to-date with health reports. By making her bucket list that unique, she made a mark in everybody’s heart.

She was not just a woman inspiring others to live their life to the fullest, but also an optimist who smilingly accepted the fact that the only thing constant in one’s life is death.

So, if you’re bitter about anything in your life, take her case as an inspiration and regularly have a health checkup. As now you can understand, you can’t be young enough to have cancer, because Peg was just 39 when she was going through a tough phase of her life. Stay healthy, be happy, and come up with such unique bucket list ideas.

Woovly salutes the spirit and courage of Peg Myrick!

Wish it. Do it. Woovly!

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