Here Are Some Work From Home Tips To Help You Be More Productive And Less Stressful

Here Are Some Work From Home Tips To Help You Be More Productive And Less Stressful

The country and the cities may be shut with no hustle of cabs on-road or people rushing to get to work. The outdoors seem so calm and quiet yet with a strange panic hidden within. However, that doesn’t mean offices have come to a halt. After all, what else would keep the economies running? Moreover, what else would feed you and your family. But, with the lockdown around and physical offices shut, many have turned to “work from home”. Now for those who have been remotely working, it might not seem like a new concept. Nevertheless, for those who are used to a routine waking up, rushing to office and sitting through the day in front of a laptop surrounded by colleagues, it seems like an alienated one. Here are some tips to help you get through it!

Simple Work From Home Tips To Keep You On Track

We are sure many would have celebrated the idea of staying in, not having to rush through the morning and returning exhausted at night. While you can do the work at your own pace here, the struggle lies in actually getting the job done. It can get boring and moreover, distracting. But, there is always a way to fight it.

Freshen up and get dressed

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Treat your mornings as a fresh start. You need not have to wake up early in the morning and see the sunrise. The idea here is to get your energy back and gear up mentally for the day’s work. Furthermore, waking up at least two hours before the work starts gives you time to spend time with yourself, have a cup of coffee, listen to some songs and stretch out the body before sitting down in front of your laptop. Another advice that works for a work from home tip is to start your day with exercises. That rushes energy back to your body. Don’t forget to change out of your pyjamas and get ready for the calls and meetings. As they say, you look good when you feel good.

Have a hearty breakfast

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Let’s face it; you can’t work with an empty stomach. Breakfast is an important start to the day and a healthy one too. If you had been in office, your stomach would have seemed distracting. Moreover, while working from home, you might end up getting up from your place, irritated from hunger to search for a quick snack. That just takes your concentration away from work. Besides, a distraction might not be so good for client meetings. A perfect solution to that is a hearty breakfast including fruits, milk/juice/coffee along with some protein to keep you going till lunchtime.

Take frequent breaks

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Honestly, breaks are essential. Imagine actually being in office; you wouldn’t be working the whole time there. You would be surfing through the web, socialising with colleagues and more. Similarly, you need those breaks in between work from home too; otherwise, your entire work time becomes a long break, and you are rushing to submit your work at the end of the day. However, we would suggest rather than spending all your time scrolling through Instagram, head out and get some sunshine while you can. Fresh air can revive you! Another tip to consider is being in touch with your colleagues. They may not be what you have considered friends, but they are the ones who would keep you going and understanding what you go through. Besides, where else would you get juicy gossips? Further on, do try and take a power nap after lunch.

Have a designated workspace

It’s a mind game that your conscience plays while working. The more used to you are to the place of work, the more qualitative work there will be with least distraction. Every activity has its purpose, and so are the rooms you live in. That said, a home is a place where you can let go of the stress and relax. And, the office is that space of work. A tip to help you set up such a place is using a room as a study away from your bedroom. If you don’t have the luxury of more rooms in your house, then set up a desk and chair in a corner to work. Remember, beds are meant for relaxation!

Set up a time limit for work hours

An entire day of work can be stressful. Work from home requires you to divide your time for work and yourself. It can be difficult when considering you are at the same place the whole day. Setting up work hours is a perfect way to work and have equal time for leisure.
Further on, a helpful tip is also that it would be great if you logged out of your professional emails and groups in your personal devices. No one likes to hear the notification ring after work hours. So, 9-5 work hours, anyone?

Use notebooks and stickies

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Home is the place to chill. Of course, your work life and home life have hell and heaven difference. Work from home can make you lethargic. Hence, an ideal way to deal with it is being organised. Pasting colourful stickies to keep track of your tasks for the day and other deliverables is a fun way of being organised.
Moreover, being on schedule. If stickies are not something you are used to, then we’d suggest using plain notebooks to write them all down. You can make use of colour pens to tweak your boring corporate time table.

After all, work from home can be fun and productive if done right. You will get all the more time to spend doing what you love and make the most of the quarantine. But, without compromising the quality of work.

On another note, Woovly requests the countrymen to stay inside their houses and follow the guidelines issued by the government. In these times of need, please help the needy and do whatever is under your capabilities to help the country.

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