Woovly My Business: A Free-to-Use Platform For Your Travel Business

Woovly My Business: A Free-to-Use Platform For Your Travel Business

Woovly has an active user base of over 500K, and every month we are adding a more significant number to that tally. Our vision is to turn Woovly into a one-stop destination for users when they think of sharing their travel experiences and finding the right deal for their next travel and adventure experience. 

Woovly is a social community platform consisting of a dedicated set of audiences segmented into Travel Enthusiasts, Adventure Seekers, Group Travellers, Bucket Listers, and more. Every user on Woovly is a potential customer for your business, with requirements spanning across travel and services. Active users share their bucket lists and experiences on our platform.

How Does Woovly Benefit Your Brand?

At Woovly, your brand gets a space of its own. We don’t charge you for anything. Yes, you read it right! Woovly is a ‘free to use’ platform without any hidden charges.

An average user on Woovly spends more than 30 minutes of his time going through our engaging feed and consuming content curated as per their preference. As a brand, Woovly could be your platform to make your business reach the target audience and create the buzz.

On our platform, your brand gets all these benefits:

Promoting Upcoming Events

For any event to be successful, it is essential to make your target audience aware of its existence. Woovly will work as a buzz creator for you. We will give a ‘shine’ space to your brand, wherein you can post about your ongoing offers and upcoming events. 

Making Connection With Targeted Audience

Around 83% of our active users belong to the vast range of travel categories including adventurers, trekkers, divers, campers, and more. These users are forever on a lookout for the next destination or next adventure activity that they would love to try. That’s where your brand will be positioning itself and connect with such users directly. 

Our latest technology will also be helping you with connecting instantly whenever a user puts up a bucket list, including any of the demands for the services you provide. For example – ‘A’ is a user who wishes to go on a camping trip in India, and your brand is having a service related to that. You will get notified about it so that you can connect directly with the user to promote your services. 

Magnifying your Brand Awareness

We give your brand space and highlight it to our users. We amplify the reach of your brand voice and connect it with the right audience. 

Collaborating With Influencers

Woovly is a social experience sharing platform, which makes it an ultimate destination for influencers too! You will be finding many celebrated influencers on the platform with whom you can collaborate to build your brand reach.

Quick Facts About Woovly

  • Substantial User Base Of Over 500K With Plans To Reach 1.5 Million This Year
  • Strong Business Portfolio Of Over 450 Vendors Listed Already
  • Guaranteed Reach of Over 18K+ Per Post

We, at Woovly, are dedicated to analyzing what makes our users engage with businesses. Our research states that companies with most Video Content on their profiles attract more leads. Engaging content finds more leads and enables customers to connect with you better. Our premium partners receiving an average reach of 18K+ for each featured post.

That brings us to the end of this post. We are stepping stones to reach greater heights. Come, be a part of our journey and make your brand seen on the most relevant social experience platform.

Wish It. Do It. Woovly!


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