10 Perfect Weekend Getaways from Bangalore That Will Refresh Your Mood

10 Perfect Weekend Getaways from Bangalore That Will Refresh Your Mood

The weekend is approaching, and it is desperately asking you to give justice to those glorious days and take a quick wanderlust hiatus reviving you for a brand new week. You must be thinking of making it fast, stepping out somewhere within the Bangalore city and spend some leisure time. But we want you to think big and get out of the city’s humdrum and choose to go an adventurous escape. We have prepared an impressive list of top weekend getaways from Bangalore. These are some pocket friendly places that will make you grab your bags and start packing!

10 Perfect Weekend Getaways from Bangalore That Can Be Visited In A Day

Below is a list of best place to visit near Bangalore. You can pick any of these destinations to make the most out of your long weekend holiday. Some of the places like Nandi Hill can be wrapped up in a day (back and forth). We believe that Bangalore has been blessed with a location that is near to most of the scenic and vacation-worthy destinations. So, Bangaloreans, you have every right to make the most out of it.


Weekend Getaways from Bangalore Mysore Palace

Known as ‘the city of Palaces,’ Mysore is a perfect destination for weekend getaways. The magnificent palaces are an absolute sight which will get you awestruck. A city that resembles a subtle trajectory of historical culture to urbanization. A place that is enriched in art and history, embellished with beautiful monuments, temples, and verdant gardens. A walk through the Mysore Palace will be the biggest highlight of your trip as you get to see the ancient architecture imprinted all over the place. Not just famed traditional venues, Mysore is also the first place in India to install an adventurous Sky Wheel so you can put this in your bucket list of things to do.


Weekend Getaways from Bangalore Ooty

Flanked with verdant hills, Ooty is known as the ” Queen of Hills.” A town crucible with a wide variety of tea makes it a perfect place for you to indulge in the available varieties and give your taste buds a captivating experience. Safari ride in the lush green forests or a ride in the toy train will add more joyous moments to your trip. Visit the amusing botanical gardens and camp at Avalanche Lake to have the best panoramic view of the gigantic hills. Don’t forget to stop by the famous honey and bee museum to know the fascinating process of extracting nectarous honey. If you’re buying, please get some for us as well (you can send it to our office address, pretty please).


Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

Chikmagalur is the ravine of valleys and a place with spectacular hill point views. Well known for its coffee plantations, it is Karnataka’s one of the biggest trading hub for coffee. As awe-inspiring as the scenic beauty of this place is, it is also filled with enthralling water sports experiences. A haven for adventure seekers, go water rafting in Hadra River and try other several thrilling water sports. The graceful Jhari Waterfalls will be a perfect tranquil spot to visit. Siting the wildlife sanctuaries and national heritage are a few more things you should put in your itinerary.

Nandi Hills

Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

A serene place to witness a glorious sunrise with a breathtaking view of rugged hills put in your spectacle. Mystical caves situated near the hills will be an ideal place for those seeking peace and solitude . An exciting place to go for paragliding to enjoy the bird’s eye view from above. For those who wish to stay on the ground and explore the destination, can go for adventurous trekking and cycling. The place also carrys a historical whim in its social sites, like Tipu Sultan’s summer residence, which remains as one of the significant attractions for the visiting crowd. A perfect place to visit in our list of weekend getaways from Bangalore. 


Edakkal Caves, Wayanad

 Wayanad is a blissful place sitting in the laps of the western ghats, located in Kerala. Chembra peak sited 6,900 ft is a sprawling location for trekking and adventure enthusiasts. The enigmatic Edakkal Caves will leave you stunned yet curious with its ancient inscriptions engraved on their walls as they get narrow. It is also a place with a large number of lakes where you can enjoy several activities. Go boating and spend time bird watching. Explore the wildlife sanctuaries, and the local markets flourished with handy crafts and spices. When you picking souvenirs, don’t forget about us!



If you’re looking for a wildlife boasting place, then Kabini is the right place for your weekend getaway with your family. The thick green forests surrounding the symphonic Kabini river, where boating will be a fun activity to do. Go swimming in the freshwater to feel rejuvenated or take an adventurous elephant ride to have fun. Exploring the natural habitat flourished with flora and fauna, this place is complete heaven for your hiatus holiday. One of the most adventurous destinations in our list of weekend getaways from Bangalore. 

Shivanasamudra Falls

Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

Perfect for one day trip, Shivanasamudra Falls is located in a small island town sprawled in the green scenery. Sitting on the banks of Kaveri river, the verdant valleys with rock waterfalls are the gems of this place. The soaring Shivanasamudra Falls is an exotic destination for family picnics where you can enjoy activities like fishing, bird watching, and rock climbing. 


Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

A tranquil place situated on the banks of Kaveri river, Bheemashwari is famous for its peculiar boats designed by the local community where the artifacts of the traditions are transparently highlighted. Water rafting and kayaking is another modern way to enjoy the thrill of watersports. For those who are wildlife enthusiasts and passionate for bird watching, this place is filled with surprises. An amazing entry on our list of weekend getaways from Bangalore.


Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

Beautifully Gorged on the banks of Penna river, the place has captivating views from the hilltop. Popularly known as the Grand Canyon of India, this destination will leave you spellbound with its spectacular views. A pleasant valley that has the crown of Gandikota Fort sitting on top, which is the main attraction of this place. Several activities like trekking, zipline, and rock climbing, make this place even more wondrous. A location that earns a rightful spot our list of weekend getaways from Bangalore.



A village that shares its border with Andhara Pradesh as well as Karnataka, famous for its tale of Lord Rama, granting moksha to Jataya after Ravana killed him. Another ancient highlight is that this place was the wedding spot of Shiva and Parvati. A place boasting in its historical monuments and temples with inscribed relics becomes ecstatically exotic during the dusk time. The architectural sense of this place makes it stand out as a place to seek solace and peace. 




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