10 Unforgettable Things To Do Abroad Before You Die

10 Unforgettable Things To Do Abroad Before You Die

If you have not traveled, then probably you are missing your life. According to great explorers, traveling long distances and unknown destinations is the best way to lead a meaningful life other than being a philanthropist. If you are done with travel where you sit and observe and feel like a puppet under the guidance of your tour agent, then here are some Bucket list ideas circling unforgettable things to do abroad before you die.

Things To Do Abroad For Your Travel Bucket List

Amazing mix of activities and things to do abroad for ticking off your travel bucket list in style.

1. Exploring the Amazon Rainforest 

Things To Do Abroad

The Amazon probably every time makes it to the top of thetravel Bucket list by almost all travelers around the world. You cannot miss this place and got to tick off your list of things to do before you die. This rainforest in South America has triggered the imagination of the dreamers of all time. 

Writers write, filmmakers made films, researchers researched, and explorers explore. And why not? The magnificent forest traversing vast areas of land and hosting unmatched flora and fauna is a call that cannot go unanswered. The anacondas, piranhas, jaguars, the indigenous tribes, and the mystical adventure that it gives us are more than what we can ask for. 

2. Indulge in the mesmerizing beauty of the Northern Lights in Scandinavia 

Things To Do Abroad

Again another sixer in your bucket list destinations. The Northern Lights, as popularly known as the Aurora, is magical in every sense. These can be seen in extreme freezing zones like that of Scandinavia. 

There is a whole lot of scientific explanation to this natural phenomenon, but what we all want is to feel the magical power of Mother Nature. Throw yourself in the freezing cold and enjoy the goosebumps on spotting the breath-taking Northern Lights. 

3. Trekking on the Inca trail 

Things To Do Abroad

One of the ancient civilizations on the earth, the Incas built a marvelous structure, the Machu Pichu. Trekking the Inca trail could prove to be an immortal experience and one of the best things to do abroadThe trek takes you up to the ancient structure, which is quite high in altitude and provides you some marvelous views of it while in the trail. 

The final destination of the path is what the trekkers look up to. It is gigantic, magnificent, and awestruck architecture on such high altitudes that leaves you spellbound, and of course, there is the feel of history thousands year back.

4. Bungee jump in South Africa 

Things To Do Abroad

Well, this is not only for all the thrill-seekers but also for those who need a good dose of life in them but not for the faint hearts. Among other adrenalin evoking adventure activities, bungee jumping has gained an impressive amount of popularity. The South African Bloukans Bridge bungee on the Eastern and Western capes operates on one of the highest altitudes in bungee jumping. The jump is arranged from a height of 216m above the river and hasn’t seen any accident since 1977. So, don’t think twice and go for it.

5. Be a part of the Mongol Rally 

Things To Do Abroad

Are you bored of the well planned and well-organized trips that you have been taking, minus all the excitement? Then go for the unknown. An off-beat destination and an off-beat experience, the rally on Mongolia is something to enjoy if you are an adventure seeker. It is a 10,000-mile ride from the UK to the region of Ulaanbaatar, which mainly sees that the whole arrangement is unarranged. 

The roads are rough, the vehicle provided is far from being luxurious, and most importantly, you don’t know what to do next. You decide it in the runtime, and the service provider makes sure that every participant is least bothered on winning the Mongol Rally and is more onto the fun.

6. Sea kayaking on Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska 

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Sea kayaking is real fun, and when it is in the wilderness of Alaska, what to ask for more. Kayak through the remnants of the ice age while traversing the 750 miles of shoreline in this national park. Explore through the meeting point of glaciers and sea, fjords and caves, floating icebergs, and keep your fingers crossed for a site of the magical creatures – sea lions, orcas, or whales.

7. Run with the Bulls in Spain

Travel Bucket list ideas

Well, talking of bulls, any knowledgeable person will tell you of the immense popularity of the yearly, traditional bull-running in Spain. It is an extraordinary festival and has seen several deaths of enthusiasts. However, it never less with the madness, which is all we want to remember in our last minutes. The annual San Fermin festival in Pamplona is something if you miss, then your travel list is just incomplete. This activity is definitely as per our theme of unforgettable things to do abroad before you die.

8. Cruising on Antarctica 

Travel Bucket list ideas

A path less taken, a place less traveled, and that is what makes Antarctica one of the best places to enjoy the wild belle of nature. Cruising across the country may be expensive, but it is perfect for travelers seeking destinations more close to off-beat nature. The penguins, blue whales, orcas, seals, and the most exotic landscapes, the cruise will not disappoint you.

9. Glow-worm caves in Queensland 

Travel Bucket list ideas

If you don’t have this on your bucket list ideas, then surely you are missing a fantastic creation of nature. Exploring the caves of Queensland National Park will open up a new world in front of your eyes. Listed by the researchers as one of the unusual creatures of the world, the glow worms are a wondrous sight to see. 

The caves are residence to thousands of these worms which produce glowing pearls as their daily activity. It is their mode of baiting their prey. However, gladly enough, we are the ones who have fallen into prey for the spectacular natural sight that they have produced. Most travelers state that the experience is somewhat like looking into your own personalized Milky Way.

10. Paragliding in Nepal 

Travel Bucket list ideas

Paragliding, as an adventure activity, satisfies the human’s wishes to fly freely in the air. Nepal’s Pokhara Valley offers one of the exotic views of the Himalayan mountain range. At the same time, you are experiencing how flying can be flying and mesmerizing at the same time. The village of Sarangkot hosts the paragliding service and ensures that you don’t regret it on your deathbed. 

Add these amazing ideas to your travel bucket list ideas around things to do abroad before you die. Download the Woovly app now and get cracking on your bucket list in this lifetime.


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