These Amazing & Unexplored Beaches in Diu Should Be On Your Bucket List

These Amazing & Unexplored Beaches in Diu Should Be On Your Bucket List

The history and a pinch of Diu offers a blend of cultures, traditions, what the Portuguese have left behind. It is a coastal town at the eastern end of Diu Island. The state Gujarat connects the island through a bridge. The union territory of Daman and Diu is known for its fortress and old Portuguese Cathedral and famous for fishing. The place is also the home to amazing beaches and sea-side attractions. We list down some amazing and unexplored beaches in Diu that should be on your travel bucket list.

Unexplored Beaches in Diu

Many beaches are there around Diu Island, among which, Nagoa and Jallandhar are quite famous for their serene beauty. Among other famous beaches in Diu, Nagoa beac draws a special mention. Beaches are usually water sports, ebbs and tides. While some are safe, and others may be only good for the opportunity and enjoying the sun setting over the horizon. Therefore, among all the beaches, five amazing beaches are as follows:

Nagoa Beach

It is considered as the most beautiful beach. A swim in the crystal water should be on the to-do list. A horse ride on the shore, do some yoga, or trying out some adventure sports are highly suggested. The beach is also home to a unique palm tree. Diu is the place that tells about the growth of these trees. Plenty of hotels and resorts are available near the beach to give you a relaxing mood.

Jalandhar Beach

The Jallandhar is the shrine as one of the treasures of Diu. The place got its name from a mythological demon, Jallandhar that was killed by Krishna. This is a stone-carved face that is located at a quick hike up a small hillock. Jallandhar beach will give a luxury of solitude that most people are continually looking for.

Chakratirth Beach

It is the cleanest coastline in India. Several people visit the Chakratirth beach daily gets its name from the mythological tale. When Krishna killed the demon, Jallandhar, he used its Chakra. Therefore, in honour of this legend, there is a small temple built with Krishna’s footprints carved in stone. Therefore, visiting this beach can walk over to a hillock named Bhanslo during the low tide to the experience solitude at its best.

Gomtimata Beach

This is one of the famous beaches in Diu that has been flooded by travellers and tourists around the world. The beach is busy but not at all overcrowded. Take a dip in the blue waters, go for sunbathing, build a sandcastle, or play volleyball by the beach. This beach is situated on the west side of Diu and is easily accessible from everywhere, of the island.

Ghoghla Beach

The Ghoghla beach is a complete crowd puller, and the colour of the sand is golden. It is one of the most extensive beaches on the island of Diu. Parasailing and surfing are some of the options along with the best amenities at the beach. Beach resorts will help to take care of food and accommodations. Also, you will be fortunate to spot dolphins close to the shore.

Other Attractions in Diu

Naida Caves, Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple, Diu Fort, Sunset Point Diu, St. Paul Church Diu, INS Khukri Memorial, Panikota Fort, Zampa Gateway, Sea Shell Museum, Diu Museum, Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Hoka Trees, Dinosaur Park, Simbor Beach and lastly Chapel of Our Lady Rosary.

Spectacular Daman and Diu Beaches

The Arabian Sea divides Daman and Diu—the Daman Ganga River flows through the coastal town of Daman. Diu is a small island and mainland.

Jampore Beach: The beach is famous for a variety of rides, jet-skiing, motorboat rides, parasailing, quad-bikes, and sand biking.

Devka Beach: Although not comfortable for swimming but extremely popular among tourists who visit here for a stroll along the clean sands and friends.

Vanakbara Beach: This is a Daman beach where the tides are high, and swimming is considered unsafe and to enjoy the picturesque.

Tithal Beach: This beach is a popular destination with a lot of food stalls and horses, camel rides. The sand which is very dark and the sunsets are breathtaking.

Udava Beach: Udava Beach is located in the south of Daman. The sands that are speckled with stones and shells but the beach are not known to be teeming with tourists. It is famous for sunset. The soft-land-cushioned and the palm trees waves are in sync with the gentle winds of the coast. Nevertheless, make sure the beach is safe before venturing into the waters.

Places to visit in Diu: Ganges war Temple, Diu Fort, Nagoa Beach, Ghoghla Beach, Shell Museum, etc.

Diu Resorts: Among all the resorts, Radhika Beach Resorts is the best and most beautiful and unparalleled dream location that is located in the very picturesque seaside town of Diu.

Things to Carry: Sunglasses, Swimwear, Sunscreen Lotion, Hats/Caps, Flip-Flops, and more.

Best Time To Visit: October to March

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