Ultimate List of Famous Food in Ranchi For Foodies Who Crave Local Cuisine

Ultimate List of Famous Food in Ranchi For Foodies Who Crave Local Cuisine

Who doesn’t like mouth-watering snacks to munch on, and discovering a city that offers best of culinary experience? Pretty much like hitting a jackpot for foodies. Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, is generously blessed with Waterfalls, Art, and Culinary greatness. It is a place where the spices are celebrated in every way of cooking, and this legitimately makes it a foodie’s destination. A place that will leave your taste buds with a lingering happiness. Mapping its route of diversified gourmet, the city continues to emerge on the food map of India. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to find out the famous food in Ranchi has surfaced over the years, and we’re pretty sure you will be drooling while reading this blog.

Famous Food in Ranchi That You Must Try 

We want you to explore the real taste of Ranchi’s culinary world, and best is said to be found on its street. The streets of Ranchi have some finger-licking food expeditions to offer, and we advise you to start your food journey with an empty stomach. 

1. Dhuska

Famous Food in Ranchi Jharkhand

Located in a bustling area called Upper Bazaar, and available in literally every food shop, Dhuska is a typical dish of Jharkhand. It is authentically made with a mix of rice and urad dal flour, deep-fried, and served fresh with a very mouth-watering sweet and zingy coriander chutney to please your taste buds. The combination of this snack with lip-smacking chutney will only make you want more. 

2. Litti Chokha

Famous Food in Ranchi Jharkhand
Litti Choka

As exciting as the name sounds, this combo is a traditional breakfast dish of Jharkhand. Litti is a dough prepared using wheat flour, spices, herbs, and sattu stuffed in it. Tossed and roasted on an open grill, Litti is cooked through and is finally dunked in ghee to give it a polished and irresistible outlook. The Chokha, on the other hand, is a mash made with potato, spices, and herbs. It is the significant other of Litti, together they make an amazing dish that would be savoured by anyone trying it for the first time. 

3. Bhel Puri

Famous Food in Ranchi Jharkhand

Bhel Puri is a celebration of ingredients on a plate. It’s a delightful union of puffed rice, spices, and different chutneys. Known as one of the most famous street food of India, the dish is a loaded with a slew of flavours. It is an easy to eat low-calorie snack. The amalgamation of wet and dry elements in the dish makes it one of the most popular street snack. This one had to be featured on our list of famous food in Ranchi. You will find several outlets serving this dish while strolling through market places in Ranchi. 

4. Puchka

Famous Food in Ranchi Jharkhand

As quirky as the name sounds, the dish is known to spellbound people with its flavorsome tang. Puchka is also known as Pani Puri that is already a popular Indian street food item. Ranchi’s Puchka reminisces the luscious snack in a slightly different way. The recipe has its main element as fried crunchy puri stuffed with spiced potato mash, dipped and filled with then tangerine flavoured sour water bringing together the salivating magic of the Puchka. 

5. Chura Bhunja

Famous Food in Ranchi
Chura Bhunja

This snack is prepared in the most exciting-to-watch way. Chura is the term used for flaked rice in the Hindi language, and Bhunja means roasted. But the process of roasting the flaked rice and nuts is intriguing as it involves the part of roasting the edibles with hot sand in a large vessel. The fragrance of roasted flaked rice and nuts when mixed with spices makes the Chura Bhunja a delightful snack.

6. Malpua

Famous Food in Ranchi Jharkhand

For people who have a sweet tooth, Malpua; Ranchi’s specialty in desserts is a sweet dish, which brings a polite pleasure to the mouth. Made with ripe bananas, condensed milk, and flour. The mixture is then fried into medium-sized pancakes. Ranchi is a place that makes the Malpuas have a significant flavour, by giving it a twist of fruits like Mango and Pineapple. One last step comprises of dipping the Malpuas in syrup making it rightfully heavenly. The dessert has made it to the most famous street foods of Ranchi, thanks to its sweet aroma that’s enough to send you in a food coma

7. Laung Lata

Famous food in ranch, Jharkhand
Laung Lata

The dessert is also known as Lobongo Lata. It is a scrumptious sweet that will make you want more with each bite. The sweet dish is stuffed with coconut spiced with nutmeg and cardamom giving it a sweet essence with a slight aroma of spices. Dipped in syrup, Lobongo Lata has a mystical clove pinned as a closure on top that completes the appearance of the dessert. Ranchi happens to be a place which honors the recipe of this dessert bringing it closer to people’s heart. 

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