Ultimate Bucket List Ideas of Every 90s Kid in India

Ultimate Bucket List Ideas of Every 90s Kid in India

In India, the 90s was a golden decade, and so were the little ones during this period. As most of the 90s born kids have entered adulthood, we couldn’t help but brush up the nostalgia that binds us together. Below, we have curated ultimate bucket list ideas that all the 90s kids had.

Bucket List Ideas of Every 90s Kid in India

We bet you are going to relate to most of these. Let’s take you on a long stroll on the memory lane and remind you of your childhood bucket list ideas. A checklist of things that 90s kids always wanted to do in their childhood days.

Visiting Takeshi’s Castle

Ultimate Bucket List Ideas of Every 90s Kid in India

Takeshi’s Castle dubbed version for India was even more fun with Javed Jaffery passing hilarious comments. As 90s kids, we wished to visit the fun castle with our friends.

Meeting Shaktimaan in Real Life

Ultimate Bucket List Ideas of Every 90s Kid in India

He was famous all across India and every 90s kid wished to meet him in reality. Every fancy dress competition had kids wearing the Shaktimaan costumes.

Participating in Boogie Woogie

Ultimate Bucket List Ideas of Every 90s Kid in India

So you think you can Dance? Well, Boogie Woogie was the first dance reality show that made all of us wanting to hone our dancing skills. The trio of Naved, Javed, and Ravi had us putting on our dancing shoes.

Getting A Robot Sibling Like Viki

Ultimate Bucket List Ideas of Every 90s Kid in India

Small Wonder was our favorite evening show. Based on the life of a family with a robot named VIKI. The show made us wishing for a robot sibling like Viki, who would shield us in every situation.

Becoming Friends With a Pop Star

Ultimate Bucket List Ideas of Every 90s Kid in India

Disney’s most famous teen shows in India. Hannah Montana made us adding another wish to our bucket list  i.e. being BFFs with a famous pop star.

Owning Shakalaka Boom Boom Pencil

Ultimate Bucket List Ideas of Every 90s Kid in India

This show for sure enjoys a special place in our hearts. Shakalaka Boom Boom made us dream about owning that magical pencil with a head resembling banana peel. Some of us also resorted to getting the alternative versions of it, but those never felt authentic.

Visiting Hogwarts Castle

Harry Potter fever started gripping us in the late 90s. The major attraction was the Hogwarts castle. As children, it was our dream destination. Even now, we all want to pay a visit to this one.

Buying a Discman

Discman changed our lives and it was a luxury item to own. Every child in the 90s wished to have one and flaunt in front of friends. Only few of us got to have this gadget.

Buying The Best Slam Book

Ultimate Bucket List Ideas of Every 90s Kid in India

Remember filling this book? Slam Books used to be uber popular back in the 90s. Only our favorites used to get a chance to fill it. A common bucket list item for many 90s kids in their childhood.

Buying a BSA Bicycle



Having a shiny new BSA cycle to ride with our colony friends in the evening used to be the ultimate wish of every 90s kid. Most of us had it on our bucket lists.

Collection of Diamond Comics

Back in the days when there were no gadgets, comics used to be our only refuge. In India, Diamond comics had a massive fan following and in summer vacations 90s kids wished to own every set of comic series. Right from Chacha Chowdary to Pinki and Billu, we wanted to have them all.

A Set of Hot Wheels

The expensive miniature car set – Hot Wheels – used to be on the bucket list of every 90s boy. Convincing parents to spend money on the set used to be a herculean task though.

Visiting Chocolate land shown in Dairy Milk Ad

This ad by Cadbury Dairy Milk made all of us drool, right? Many of us in our innocent minds had the chocolate land on our bucket list. We would have rushed at a chance of exploring land made up entirely of dairy milk.

Buying a Trolley Backpack For School


Trolley school bags were all rage during the period of 90s. Only a few kids in every school used to own these cool bags while others had it on their bucket list.

Spending Your Summer Vacation In Shimla, Like KKHH

Every kid from the 90s had a bucket list of spending summer at the camp in Shimla. This bucket list sprouted from the movie, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Owning a Nintendo

Right from Mario to Contra, Nintendo used to be the only console that gave us immense happiness when we played it with our friends and siblings. Most of had it on the bucket list.

We all have bucket lists and the first one we make is during our golden days of childhood. We are sure there are various other items that you wished were here on our list. You can leave your suggestions in the comments below and we promise to update this list accordingly. We would like to mention the facebook page, All About 90s, for feeding our inspiration. We would also like to attribute Gavin Whitner for the cover image. 

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