Say ‘I do’ At The Dreamiest Spots With Our List Of Top Wedding Destinations In The World

Say ‘I do’ At The Dreamiest Spots With Our List Of Top Wedding Destinations In The World

The wedding bells have already started ringing, and we are sure that you are looking for everything perfect. We understand how difficult it can get choosing the right dress, the right menu as well as just the right venue for your special day. However, we assure you that if you have gone the ups and downs of falling in love, meeting the parents and nerve-wracking proposal then planning up the big day is nothing compared all of that. While there is romance sparking between you and your to-be, make the experience even more astounding with this list of top wedding destinations in the world.

10 Best Wedding Destinations To Get Married Around The World

Hope we have made choosing the right venue a bit easier now for you. Go through each of the wedding venue and pick the one that fits perfectly in your fairy tale.

1. Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany in Italy is nestled among the quaint countryside. Its vintage villas, green hilltops, Cypress trees lining the roads and sunflower fields make it one of the most romantic places to get married. May it be the 17th-century architecture or the rustic medieval villas, we can’t decide which one to go for. The Chianti region boasts of various farmhouses to make your wedding a more intimate affair.

Our Pick: Lari Castle (Luxurious Wedding)

2. Crete, Greece

Top Wedding Destinations

We are sure that you have heard of the dreamy white and blue domes of Santorini in Greece, but the nearby picturesque island of Crete is a hidden gem in its shadows. The breezy beaches with its pink sands and rugged white mountains in its backdrop. Against it, you will also find rustic cobblestoned houses with a vibrant mixture of Venetian, Greek and Turkish architecture.

Our Pick: Samaria Gorge (Wedding Amidst The Hills)

3. Montego Bay, Jamaica

If you are looking for beachside wedding destinations, look no further than the Caribbean Islands. Make your wedding a postcard-perfect event along the white sand beaches of Montego Bay in Jamaica. The salty breeze against the turquoise waters of the sea will give your special day a tropical feel (don’t forget the right cocktails). We suggest you plan the event during late afternoon so that you can have reception while overlooking the picture-perfect sunset.

Our Pick: Sandals Montego Bay (Beachside Wedding)

4.Udaipur, India

Fill your wedding with all the flamboyant colours of happiness and celebrations. The city of Udaipur in India has the perfect golden glow to add to your wedding venue. We are not just the ones who are saying it. The rich heritage of the place only grows on you. When in India, do as they do. Don’t forget to add the splash up colours to your attire to stand out and of course, who could forget the classic Bollywood tunes.

Our Pick: The Oberoi Udaivilas (royal wedding)

5. New York City, United States

Top Wedding Destinations

Some of us do love the hustle and bustle of cities and what place than New York City. The historic commercial favourite has a charm that calls you in. Mixed with the beautiful city skyline, archaic fantasies and Broadway charm, if you love the city lights, then you will fall in love with it. Hit up your wedding Hollywood style at the best of luxury hotels or go old school in its chapels. Perfect for adding a bit of drama to your wedding venue!

Our Pick: The New York Public Library (theatrical wedding)

6. Lucerne, Switzerland

Top Wedding Destinations

When we are going scenic, we cannot just leave out Switzerland out of the picture. If you are searching for a quiet and calm destination wedding location, the car-free town of Lucerne must be on your list. The emerald waters of Lucerne lake and the historical wooden bridge of Kapellbrücke seems straight out of a fairy tale. Adding on to the charm are the snow-covered Alps ranges in the background.

Our Pick: Chapel of Castle Meggenhorn (Church wedding), Hotel Pilatus Klum (Historic wedding)

7. Fiji

Golden sands and the sky blue waters of the sea, Fiji is one of the most sought after romantic locations in the world. The idea of it as a place to get married is a dream come true. The archipelago of islands is all things exotic with its vibrant coral reefs lining the shores and the tropical palm trees dancing to the tunes of the sea breeze. If you are looking for the ultimate exotic wedding idea, the Fijian delight is here to serve you with the best.

Our Pick: Laucala Resort Island (Lagoon Forest Wedding)

8. Rome, Italy

Top Wedding Destinations

The home to the greatest of artists like Leonardo DaVinci and Michelangelo, Rome is probably the pioneer of romance. With its Renaissance time cobblestone streets and the historical heritage that the vast empire has left behind, your wedding will be nothing less than legendary at this spot. The leafy climbers and creepers hanging from the ancient walls add on to its beauty. There are various terrace wedding spots and villas that you can go for while choosing the right wedding location in the town.

Our Pick: Hotel Hassler Roma (Vintage wedding)

9. Maincy, France

Top Wedding Destinations

When you say romance, we say France. With its vineyards and the scenic romanticism, France is winning hearts. Drive a little away from the romance city of Paris which boasts of lush gardens and artistic wonders; you will come across the quaint town od Maincy. The wedding is the grey marbled castle is the most famous destination to exchange your vows. It is perfect for serving you with a regal wedding just like Louis XI would have wanted it. If you are under a budget, then you can choose the fragrant lavender fields over it.

Our Pick: Chateau Vaux-Le-Vicomte (Castle Wedding)

10. Lapland, Finland

Top Wedding Destinations

If you are looking to warm your blush in the winter, then head to the winter wonderland of Lapland in Finland. The snow-covered land that is known to be Santa’s home. Have your weddings while the Aurora lights enlighten the starry night sky. You can go for grunge log houses or fancy glass igloos. Besides, wouldn’t you love being served warm hot cocoa on a wedding?

Our Pick: Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort (Winter Wedding)

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