Top Things To Do Before You Turn 25 That Will Sort Out Your Quarter Life

Top Things To Do Before You Turn 25 That Will Sort Out Your Quarter Life

Adulting can get frustrating. Moving out of that completely secured life from college and making a mark in the world, seems like a task to achieve, doesn’t it?. But halt for a minute! You may not be thirty, flirty and thriving but till 25 is the age to grow, love and explore. Step into adulthood with flair with the list of things to do before you turn 25.

25 Things To Do Before You Turn 25

1. Live alone

things to do before you turn 25The first step of adulting is to learn how to live on your own and a must when it comes to things to do before 25. The first booster of confidence is when you move out from your parents’ place and have a place that you can call your own. Your life, your rules.

2. Spend time with family

things to do before you turn 25Just as you are growing old, so are your parents, and especially grandparents. Doesn’t time fly? Don’t let time take away love faster than you can cherish it. Go on short vacations with them, get on video calls often to update them about your life or take them out to a surprise treat. After all, family is paramount! 

3. Get into a healthy regime

things to do before you turn 25As they say, a healthy body results in a healthy mind. Eat a healthy meal, plan your exercise routines, meditate, reduce the insane alcohol intakes and lessen those cigarettes. After all, your body is your responsibility.

4. Learn a new language

Turning 25The world is a big space and before you know it, you will be calling many of those strangers your friends. There is a whole new world you can explore just by knowing a few more languages. Add in a few words and songs to your things to learn.

5. Volunteer in a charity

things to do before you turn 25The feeling of giving is the purest form of satisfaction. Spend some time with those less fortunate than you. Their smiles can brighten up your entire day.

6. Learn to cook something fancy

Turning 25Trust us when we say this, eating out isn’t always fun. Who doesn’t miss the good old home-cooked food? Learn to cook up a few of your favourites. Go through those Instagram recipes, burn some utensils and get on the call with your mom. The end results will leave your mind and tummy smiling.

7. Go on a self-date

things to do before you turn 25Dress yourself up, head to that cosy cafe in the corner or to that fancy restaurant with some desserts and wines. Head to the theatre alone and cry holding that bucket of popcorn. Learn to fall in love with yourself.

8. Make an impromptu plan

things to do before you turn 25Sometimes, spontaneity is all it takes to explore the newest of things and feelings. Get that tattoo you have been chickening out on, go on that late-night drive, call up your best friend to go on a road trip, eat something you have always had second thoughts about.

9. Keep a pet

things to do before you turn 25We totally agree to those owners telling you that you cannot find a love purer than your pets. Not only do they teach you how to be a parent, you learn to accept all forms of love. Besides, an excited head butt when you enter your home or warm purring when you head to bed, you will never feel alone.

10. Go on a trip to a foreign country

things to do before you turn 25The world has so much to offer! Scenic beauties, historic art and city lights, there is never enough exploration. Head to a different country with your squad, best friend, cousins or even alone!

11. Open a savings account

A step to adulthood is like a roller coaster and let’s face it, money is the answer to 99 of your problems. Put in a little money for your future. It may be for that dream vacation you want to take or that car you want to buy or just for your health emergencies. Take this one pretty seriously on our list of things to do before you turn 25. 

12. Buy something luxe

things to do before you turn 25What’s the point of earning money when you can’t spend it? Owning something that you could only dream of is the feeling of reaching the moon. Buy that Gucci bag or Superdry shoes. But, from your money.

13. Face your fears

things to do before you turn 25Life is way too short to have fears. If you can conquer them then you can conquer anything. Take a dip in the sea and get over that fear of water. Run behind a cockroach with a hit spray. It may take a sweaty day and gallons of tears but at the end of the day, you will be having the winner’s dinner.

14. Try one adventure sports

things to do before you turn 25Dive into the deep seas, conquer the harsh river waters, go hiking or just glide down that cliff attached to a parachute. We don’t guarantee that you will love everything about it but at least it will leave you feeling proud for trying it.

15. Learn to drive

Turning 25

A car, a bike or even a monster truck, give yourself the chance to have the ride of a lifetime. Driving is easy peasy when you actually learn it. Soon, you will be driving yourself to the end of the world!

16. Get into a beauty routine

things to do before you turn 25Pollution is killing your skin and hair. Go natural and bring back that glow to your face! Oil your hair, make an overnight face mask, massage your beard, soothe your eyes. An all-natural glow is what you need to keep going through the day.

17. Watch at least 100 of the top movies of all time from IMDb

things to do before you turn 25Movies can stir emotions you never thought you would have and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a good watch laying on an off day. There are probably thousands of movies being released around the world every day but nothing beats the originality of the classics. IMDb has a list of the all-time best and you will be in for a treat!

18. Involve yourself in current world affairs

Turning 25The world is growing fast and you are to make a life for yourself, you cannot stay in your safe bubble for the rest of your life. You need not have an opinion about everything but stay up to date with the events happening around the world. They may be environmental, cultural, political, social or economic issues, they will affect you in some or the other way.

19. Go on a blind date

things to do before you turn 25You are not in a hurry to settle yet then enjoy the perks of being single. Go out, talk to strangers and who knows, you might just find the one or perhaps a friend for the lifetime. Whatever it is, you will learn the true meaning of how not to judge a book by its cover. On our list of things to do before you turn 25, this one should be given a try for the sake of taking chances. 

20. Make a fashion statement

things to do before you turn 25Okay, you are an adult and the fashion world couldn’t be made more for you. Get that rainbow dye for your hair or those high heels you have wanted to try. You don’t have your mom telling you about how short the dress is and neither do you have to be fine with those jeans and t-shirt all the time. Find your new comfort wear!

21. Plan a party

Turning 25When you start living on your own, it won’t be too far when you would be required to host house warming parties, birthdays, promotion parties or even a basic get together. You can’t just give a treat with pizzas and beer outside all the time. Host and plan a homely one at your place next!

22. Learn to say no

things to do before you turn 25Accept it that everyone has different opinions. Just like you should try and understand different perspectives, you should let your opinions be heard too. Don’t want to go that that party, don’t. Don’t agree with someone’s views, say it out loud. Isn’t this something you must learn when you start adulting?

23. Forgive, seek and ask

Not everyone is bad and there are definitely those who love and care about you. Life is too short to have grudges against the few people who remain. Ask when you are in need. Seek advice when you need. There will always be people willing to help and listen. Do not skip this one when ticking off the list of things to do before you turn 25. 

24. Make a home out of your rented space

things to do before you turn 25You can live in a cave and make it a home with your own essence in it. Turn your little rented space into your own perhaps an extension of your personality. Add in some posters, lights and scents. Soon enough it will be all about you.

25. Learn to live the flow

things to do before you turn 2525 is young, but not so young. With responsibilities crashing on you slowly and eventually, it just takes a minute to calm down. Remember that everything will be alright so learn to live the present. Be happy, be sad and be angry, don’t hold it in. Make it a point to live your life to your must things to do before 25.

Wish it. Do it. Woovly!


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