Top 10 Solo Trip Destinations in India That Should Be In Your Bucket List

Top 10 Solo Trip Destinations in India That Should Be In Your Bucket List

Solo trip allows you to spend time with yourself. You get a sense of independence and freedom, and best of all, it drives you to break free from complacency while at the same time giving you a chance to regale friends and family with stories of adventure, fun, and so much more. The sheer spontaneity that comes with solo trip also helps you gain popularity among the travel community.

Planning a solo trip, however, can be a daunting task. To make it a little easier for you, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 solo trip destinations in India. Places that are guaranteed to fill you with awe. These places also make for comparatively safe spots to travel alone. Without much ado, let’s get you started with the information about each of the destinations.

Top 10 Solo Trip Destinations in India (November 2019)


1. Sandhan Valley – The Grand Canyon of Maharashtra

solo travel destination in india - Sandhan valley
Sandhan valley

We’ve all heard endless stories about the Grand Canyon back in the U.S. But why go to the U.S. when we have our own Grand Canyon right in Maharashtra. Sandhan Valley is a beautiful combination of a water carved valley and Canyon. It has the Ratangad, and Ajoba Mountain ranges around it, a quintessential tent-pitching camp where food cooked in campfires with aroma filling the air around.

Things To Do in Sandhan Valley On a Solo Trip

For those who are crazy about treks, you get the added benefit of a 5-hour trek, complete with breathtaking views and activities such as rappelling.

There are three levels of trekking as well. Easy for the newbies, medium for those who are more accustomed but prefer to take a little less risk, and of course, difficult for those who can never resist the chance to live on the edge.

Journey and Accommodation in Sandhan Valley

To reach this place, you can take a train to Kasara and then a bus till Samrad Village. Accommodation is in the tents by campsites in the area. It is generally a two-day trip.

2. Lahaul and Spiti – The Land of Mountains and Monasteries

solo trip destination in india - Lahual and Spiti
Lahual and Spiti

The second on our list of top solo trip destinations in India is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It happens to be one of the most unexplored travel destinations in the country, also making it one of the best destinations for solo trip.

Things To Do in Lahaul and Spiti On a Solo Trip

An exciting road trip to Lahaul and Spiti means passing by Manali, Rohtang pass, and Leh. It has the highest motorable roads in India. You can check out Jeep and Bike safaris to several spots in Lahual and Spiti including Chandratal. There are special women tour to locations, which makes this destination significant for female solo travellers.

Journey and Accommodation in Lahaul and Spiti

The best time for tourists to visit this place is between May and November. Although there are no hotels for proper accommodation, the locals here are kind, and they will let you stay with them.

3. Manali – The Mountain Valley of Himachal Pradesh

solo trip destination in india - Manali

Located in Kullu District, about 270 Kilometres of North of the state capital, Manali is an absolute favorite among tourists. The sheer number of tourists that visit the place also makes it one of the best travel destinations in India. Here’s why it’s such a popular tourist destination.

Things To Do in Manali On a Solo Trip

Thick Pine forests and a gushing river makes it seems like you have stepped into a perfect world. If you go in February, then you can enjoy the Tibetan New Year and Losar Festival, which is an extravagant affair. Temples, hot spring monasteries, German bakeries are some of the beautiful places to visit.

Journey and Accommodation in Manali

You can fly to Bhuntar, which is 10 Kilometers away from Manali. Lots of hotels and hostels are available for staying, depending on your budget.

4. Puducherry – Experience French Culture in South India

solo trip destination in india - Pondicherry

If you want to do nothing but unwind, read, explore, and eat in tropical-like weather, Puducherry or Pondicherry, as it is better known to tourists, is the perfect solo trip destination for you.

Things To Do in Pondicherry On a Solo Trip

Delicious food with a French twist, cheap beer, and oh-so-delicious desserts. The perfect place for foodies. Auroville Temple, which is a beautiful place to visit to dive into spirituality.

Journey and Accommodation in Pondicherry

You can get here by driving down from Chennai, one of the most scenic rides in India. October to February is the best time to visit. For Visitors Staying in one of the colonial establishments converted to restaurants is the best thing to do here.

5. Gokarna – The Land of Beaches

solo trip destination in india - gokarna

If idyllic beaches and temples are your thing, then this small town on the western coast of India is the best in the list of top solo trip destinations for you. Here’s why it’s one of the best places for solo trip.

Things To Do in Gokarna On a Solo Trip

You get to experience great bonfire nights and parties. Boating in Gokarna beach and a lot of temples to get in touch with your spiritual side. A perfect getaway for some solo soul searching.

Journey and Accommodation in Gokarna

The best time to visit Gokarna is between October to March. The closest airport is Dabolim in Goa. There are beautiful cottages and guest houses where you can spend your night in balmy weather

6. Jaisalmer – The Golden City

solo trip destination in india - Jaisalmer

JaisalmerMoving on with our list of the top solo trip destinations in India, next we come to the beautiful city of Jaisalmer.

Things To Do in Jaisalmer On a Solo Trip

The Jewel in Rajasthan Crown Exhibit, Camels and dunes, and Safari Tours.

Journey and Accommodation in Jaisalmer

The best time to visit this place at the time of October to March. Visitors can stay at hotels that used to be palaces or even camps in the desert. You can travel here by bus or train, the availability of flights is limited here.

7. Mahabalipuram – The Temple Town

solo trip destination in india - Mahabalipuram

Yet another one of those fantastic places among the top solo trip destinations in India, this small town is located in Kancheepuram district in the south-eastern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is 58 kilometers away in the southern city of Chennai.

Why To Choose Mahabalipuram For Solo Trip

A significant sea-port of the Pallava kingdom recognized as a world heritage site. The breathtaking architecture of the rock-cut temples

Journey and Accommodation in Mahabalipuram

It is 2 hours away from Chennai by car or bus. By Train, it will take around one and a half hours. For visitors, there are plenty of Guest Houses to stay, but you can cover this place within one day.

8. Dharamsala – Discover the monastery of the Dalai Lama

solo trip destination in india - Dharamsala

A popular tourist spot, Dharamsala, is famous for being the center point for several treks, especially the upper part known as McLeodganj.

Why To Choose Dharamsala For Solo Trip

You can do a 14km trek from Bir to Billing on foot. Billing is a paragliding destination and counts for some mind-blowing experiences. Another beautiful photogenic place to visit here is Kareri Lake. Kareri Lake is a high altitude freshwater lake and a beautiful place to do trekking.

Journey and Accommodation Dharamsala

Best time to visit this place in the month of March to November. Cottages and Luxury hotels are available for visitors.

9. Hampi – Explore the ruins

solo trip destination in india - Hampi

A UNESCO-declared world heritage site located in east-central Karnataka and a definite must-not-miss in the list of top solo trip destinations, this place is immersed in art and history.

Things To Do in Hampi On a Solo Trip

Pay a visit to the many monuments that commemorate the erstwhile kingdom of Vijaynagar.
Enjoy the gorgeous backdrop of hills, temples, shrines, pillared halls, memorial structures.
Take in the views by the river Tungabhadra, which adds to the beauty of Hampi, with Coracle boats and stone-hills.

Journey and Accommodation in Hampi

The closest town of Hampi in Hospet where you can take the train and then a shorter bus ride. If you want to come by flight, then Hubli is the closest airport. For the tourist, there are also heritage resorts with ayurvedic massages to offer. Best time to visit here between March to November

10. Sikkim – The land of natural beauty

Solo Trip

Situated in the North-east India. It shares borders with China in the north and Bhutan in the east. It is the least populous and second smallest among Indian states.

Things To Do in Sikkim On a Solo Trip

Sikkim has lot of hot springs, perfect for visiting in winter. Kanchanjunga is also visible from various points across the state.
It is also famous among trekkers for its high peaks in Pelling and Jorethang.

Journey and Accommodation in Sikkim

The Peak season to visit at the time of September to June. Various hostels and hotels are there for visitors based on your budget. Take 3-4 days off and visit this beautiful place. Fly to Gangtok and take local transport to make the best of your time. It has some beautiful mountaineering too.

Still not planned yet? Well, then add it to your bucket list. These are some of the many beautiful solo trip destinations to visit.

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