10 Hollywood Christmas Movies That Are Worth Bingeing With Your Buddies

10 Hollywood Christmas Movies That Are Worth Bingeing With Your Buddies

Looking for a list of holiday movies? Well, we got a little cheer for you right here. The best thing about the Christmas season is to snuggle up and watch timeless holiday movies amid the perfect Christmas decorations. Just a cup of hot chocolate paired with cuddle-worthy movie is a perfect combination to make you feel the magic of the festive season. Baby, it’s going to be cold outside so we prepared a list of Hollywood Christmas movies you can watch at home, tucked in with your loved ones.

Best Hollywood Christmas Movies To Binge This Season

1. Home Alone

Oh boy! You have to see the amusing trouble Kevin McCallister creates after he is left behind accidentally by his family to go on Christmas vacation. When the notorious boy suspects two burglars are trying to rob his house, he comes up with hilarious ideas and pranks to teach them a lesson. This movie will be a lively one to watch as you ROFL seeing an 8-year-old outwit the robbers.

The Holiday

A classic love story to indulge in this Christmas season, especially when you’re feeling blue. Loved as rom-com, this movie is a story of two girls who become home-swappers to take a break from their complicated relationships. However, they end up finding love in love with two local guys unexpectedly, which changes their lives. The story will convince you to spend your next vacation in a country like London, living in an English cottage, where you can some quality time with your significant other.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

If you thought, Robert Downey Jr. only suits in a superhero movie like Iron Man; then you might be wrong. The story is a dark comedy that starts with a thief pretending to be an actor, stealing a toy from a shop that his kid wants for Christmas. The movie takes a drastic turn when he gets involved in a murder and hires a private eye to save him, who he later befriends. The immense struggle of a father to make Christmas little extra special for his child totally makes it a holiday favourite and a must-watch Hollywood Christmas movie!

Love Actually

A rom-com released in 2003, outlines a loop of love stories of almost every couple falling in love through the holiday season. As the movie moves forward, you will see how couples try to save their lovey-dovey relationship to turn into a much complicated one. Several surprising discoveries are made, which brings them to the point of make or break.

Let It Snow

It is a rom-com where a snowstorm hits a small midwestern town on the Christmas Eve. That brings together a group of high school students. Soon their friendships start to become more complicated and clash with their love lives. They all come out of this storm realising nothing will remain the same between them dawning a new Christmas morning in their lives. This recent addition should be on your list of Hollywood Christmas movies.

A Nightmare Before Christmas

Well, don’t doubt our intentions, but we are trying to make this list of movies an interesting one. Amid the running debate of this one being a Christmas or a Halloween movie; we believe it is a blend of both. Jack Skellington, a resident from Halloween Town, travel far and gets welcomed to the Christmas Town, where he is simply intrigued by the place and its people. As charmed he is by the place and its people, his curiosity leads him to abduct Santa clause of the town and clear his doubts about the festival.

A Very Harold And Kumar Christmas

The trio of John Cho, Kal Penn and Neil Patrick Harris marks this movie as a comedy classic. John Cho is trying to make a perfect impression of a son-in-law who is told to guard the family Christmas tree by his father-in-law. Kal Penn who is an irresponsible ex-roommate of John Cho, accidentally destroys the Christmas tree. The movie is based on hysterical series of events when the two roommates in the past but good friends go on an expedition to find a perfect replacement for the original tree. The nicely stringed series of unfortunate events lands this one straight into our list of Hollywood Christmas movies.

The Best Man Holiday

A perfect dose of drama and romance, this movie will give put you into nostalgia. The story is about the reunion of college friends who are united after 15 years. The story settles when the warfare between the friends ceases and something new takes place between them. One of the best Hollywood Christmas movies to watch with your friends.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Released in 2000, popular among kids, this movie is a classic. The story of a Grinch played by Jim Carrey who lives a life of isolation outside a small town – Whoville. He dislikes the townsfolk and doesn’t like to mingle with anyone. For him celebrating Christmas is an idea to detest. A six-year-old girl Cindy Lou who is thriving in the spirit of the festival is determined to change his mind and help him celebrate Christmas with everyone.


Elf is famous as a mystical creature with many supernatural tales, typically appearing as a tiny human figure with pointed ears who ought to have magical powers. This movie is a story of Buddy, a human who is raised among the elves who soon realises he is not an elf and embarks on a journey to New York looking for his biological father.

We have sorted your Christmas eve plans, haven’t we? Now, just collect all the titles and keep your movie list ready with a hot Cocoa.

Wish It. Do It. Woovly!  

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