Top Healthy Hair Hacks You Have Got To Try For Hair Growth And Luscious Locks

Top Healthy Hair Hacks You Have Got To Try For Hair Growth And Luscious Locks

Your hustling lifestyle might have made you ignore yourself. But, right now is the time to focus on your body, mind and soul. Talking about the body, our hair plays an important role in our confidence and aesthetics. All of us ogle over Ariana Grande or Kim Kardashian’s long hair. Even though they are just extensions, it makes us look twice at the sad condition of our hair. All the built-up stress, pollution and more has made our hair weak and lack-lustre. Moreover, we don’t have the time to head to the salon every other day. Worry not, you can still have a chance at a healthy hair growth with these few hair hacks at home. These tips are natural, inexpensive and just need a bit of will-power.

Best Hair Hacks To Fight Hair Fall And Promote Hair Growth

While oils and masks mean a lot, they are still external factors. We also have to keep in mind our internal health. A balanced diet and a stress-free environment is also essential for hair loss. After all, they say you are what you eat. That is the easiest hair hack and a happier lifestyle to follow.

Don’t condition your roots

Best Hair Hacks

No matter what they say, if you are skipping the conditioning of your hair then you are missing out on a big part. After washing your hair with shampoo, your hair tends to lose moisture. Hence, conditioner is important to tame the frizzy hair preventing breakage. However, one of the best hair hacks to follow is not conditioning the roots. Most conditioners are made for the hair and applying it on the roots makes your scalp greasy. Moreover, it blocks your cuticle making it stronger and preventing hair growth. Allow your hair to naturally generate oil!

Pro tip: When applying shampoo on your hair, make sure that you apply it on the scalp and massage. Massage the way you scratch your hair instead of circular motions to get the dirt out. Furthermore, wash your hair with a little warm water to open up your cuticles and washing off the dirt.

Use oil masks

Best Hair Hacks

After shampooing, your hair tends to lose the lustre. If you only condition your hair then what about the scalp? The grease from the natural oil and dirt formation goes on to make the scalp dry and itchy. Thus, making your hair weak at its roots. Hence, to give that extra protection and shine apply oil on your hair. Coconut oil is the best to moisturise your hair and best hair hack to follow overnight. You can also mix it with essential oils like Cedarwood and Eucalyptus to promote hair growth. Apply it twice a week and wash it off!

Don’t apply oil very frequently. It can make your hair limp.

Make time for homemade masks

Best Hair Hacks

Various agents promote hair growth and you can find the best mix of these in your kitchen. It has been an age-old practice to make hair masks at home. While some work overnight, some others do the task in an hour or less. The smartest way to succeed in this hair hack is to know your hair type and what suits your scalp. For instance, an egg is a very good source of protein when applied to your hair. However, while egg whites can treat oily hair, egg yolk is good for dry hair. You just need to know your type! Further on, you can even mix in a few drops of essential oils for best results. Healthier the hair, faster the hair growth!

Do not change products often

Best Hair Hacks

Shampoos, serums and packs available in the market are often too enticing not to buy. The pretty pastel packaging and the heavenly aroma of each makes them hard to ignore. Moreover, if they are trending in the market, they have to be good, don’t they? Nevertheless, trending or not, not every product out there is made for your hair. Just like human beings, our hair is different as well. Most of them contain chemically produced ingredients as well which can easily damage your hair. Hence, for healthy hair growth avoid changing your products often. The hair hack here is sticking to the products that work the best for your hair.

Don’t wash your hair very often

As they say, excess of anything is when it starts to backfire. Hence, the more you wash your hair the worse it gets. Shampooing your hair too often washes away the natural oils. Strangely enough it makes the scalp produce more oils leading to dry scalp. And as we said earlier, dry and itchy is the sign of hair weak, frizzy and lead to breakage. Thus, instead try washing twice a weak and notice the difference!

Pat your hair dry

When in a hurry, we understand the fastest way to dry your hair is to blowdry it. However, that is a common mistake all of make every day. Why do you think they pat your hair dry in a salon before blowdrying it? Wet hair is susceptible to breakage and so you have to handle it with care. Moreover, blowdrying it is same as boiling your hair alive! Avoid heat, save electricity and go sustainable by patting your hair dry with a cotton towel. After that you can leave it to air-dry! You hair needs to breathe too. Another hair hack here is to avoid scrunching your hair up with a towel.

Pro-tip: While in dire need if you have to blow dry, avoid using a straightener along with it. Too much heat weakens the hair.

Use a wide-tooth comb on wet hair

Best Hair Hacks

Like we have mentioned before, wet hair is weak and easily breaks. Brushing your hair while its wet is one dangerous thing. Notice carefully that’s the time when you get the shock of your life seeing hair fall. Instead, brush your hair before heading into the shower. Nevertheless, if you have curly hair, we suggest avoiding that too! To help you with those stubborn knots, use a wide-tooth comb. This hair hack not only helps get rid of knots but also massages your scalp.

Avoid tight ponytails often

Best Hair Hacks

Your hair needs to breathe too. We are sure that you are dying to go for the Ariana Grande style ponytail however a super-tight ponytail can lead to hair loss. Further on, due to lack of circulation, it can give your migraines too. This hair hack helps your hair growth by keeping your hair follicles active and strong. You can try a loose braid instead. You can go for a ponytail a few times a month but this is the time to learn that perfect messy bun.

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