Top Gaming Apps That Let You Play With Friends During Social Distancing

Top Gaming Apps That Let You Play With Friends During Social Distancing

Social distancing has got us all missing our family and friends. With the quarantine stopping us from our weekly hangouts, the regret of skipping out on friends is probably more than ever. All the video calls and the bingo games of Instagram circulating around, you can still connect to your friends’ thanks to social media. However, dire times call for some fun too. Perhaps use these uncertain times to develop your bonds and more while maintaining a safe distance. Hence the gaming apps come to the rescue. Why only use them during house parties when you can bond over these games being far apart?

Best 6 Gaming Apps To Play In With Your Friends

Fun in dire times. Sounds like an irony, doesn’t it? But we say, why to let your positivity and smiles die out. Connecting and bonding with your close ones should never stop. May they be your family or friends. Moreover, they are the ones who will keep you sane during the quarantine. Try out these games to challenge each other and know each other in hilarious ways.


Gaming Apps To Play


Psych is one of Ellen Degeneres’ favourite gaming app! This game is all about outwitting your friends and will have your addicted in no time. There are various decks in the game. Start by joining the game with your friends, and there will be multiple trivia questions your way.
Furthermore, each of you will have to give a fake answer making it more believable than the other. At the end of each round, the group will be shown all the false answers and a true one; you have to select which one is true. However, the person whose false answer is most selected, they win! Moreover, there are several decks about general knowledge, making up words, the truth about each other, naming movies, and so many more!


Gaming Apps To Play

Quizzes and trivia are always fun when it is not for school. Ask us chemical reactions, we are bored and blank but ask us Harry Potter, and we know each characters past, present and the future. QuizUp is such that is challenges you with as many trivia questions. Moreover, you can choose from various topics starting from academics, space, Disney, Harry Potter and all those knowledge you once thought were useless. Oh well, not useless in Quiz Up. You can challenge your friends and earn your share of points!

Draw Something

Gaming Apps To Play

Pictionary is the best way to describe Draw Something. The classic game has taken the form of a gaming app for you to enjoy some nostalgia. Just like Pictionary, the app gives you a few words to choose from, and you have to draw the best possible representation of that on your screen. Further on, your friends have to guess the word. You also have the option to choose the word from easy, moderate and difficult. The more difficult word you choose, your friends earn more coins for guessing it right.

Ludo King

Do you remember the most sought after board game you played as kids? Yes, it was Ludo! You get four tokens each and a specific colour between red, green, blue and yellow. The idea is to roll the dice and race to reach the centre of the board. Moreover, it comes with many hurdles as well. Such as, you can only get out of your start position when you dice rolls to a six and you will be killed if another player moves his token on your position. The best part is that you can get more players and the board will change!

Word With Friends

Gaming Apps To Play

Scrabble was a game that we mostly played n schools. It was the perfect way to learn new words and use them in the right place. Moreover, the fun was in competing with the other to know who knew more. Now, the classic game has taken the form of a gaming app which lets you do the same with your friends – Word With Friends. It gets more interesting as you score coins for coming up with unique words. You will also be suggested with letters you can choose from, so choose wisely. You can play it on Facebook as well!

Fast Thumbs

Honestly, fast typing is a skill and if you want to challenge your friends in the same, Fast Thumbs is the gaming app for you.
Moreover, it is all about singing your favourite songs but with your typing skills. You have to type the lyrics of your favourite song and challenge your friends to do the same with lightning speed. Not only words and letters, but you also have to get punctuation and spacing right. Trust us, with the speed typing; it is a task to proceed without typos. Pulse-pounding!

If you are in for some thrill, then you can go for some virtual games like PUBG and DOTA too. There are always more than ever gaming apps waiting to be discovered and now is the right time to give them a go.

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