Ring The Magical Bells At the Top Christmas Villages Around The World

Ring The Magical Bells At the Top Christmas Villages Around The World

Do you hear the bells ringing yet? Because we do! Christmas is around the corner and you know it. When we think of Christmas, it reminds us of fairy lights, humongous decorated trees, gifts, Santa Claus and of course, snow. City lights of London, New York and Hong Kong lights it up for a party time during the season. But, nothing beats the cosiness of small towns and villages making them the best places to visit during Christmas. Head to the top Christmas villages around the world to experience the oldest of festive traditions.

Top Christmas Villages That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Christmas villages that we have mentioned below are straight out of a Hallmark movie. Keep scrolling to go through them one by one. Don’t forget to add these christmas holiday destinations to your bucket list.

1. Rovaniemi, Finland 

Christmas VillagesKnown as the official home to Santa Claus, Rovaniemi in Finland is straight out of fairy tales. Visit the Santa Claus town, post a letter or two to Santa Claus with his little elves at the post office, feed reindeer and enjoy a hearty Finnish meal topped with the beauty of the Northern lights. Did you know that you can visit Santa Claus and his family in his house too?

2. Nuremberg, Germany

Christmas VillagesThe steep slopes of red and white stripes of stalls summarise the Christmas feels at Nuremberg in Germany. Mind you, this Christmas destination attracts over a million visitors during its festive season! Shop your fill with homemade wooden toys and decors while enjoying roasted almonds and wurst sausages among others. Don’t forget to visit the toy museum here!

3. Colmar, France

Christmas VillagesThe cobblestone streets of Colmar in France reminds you of a real gingerbread town. The town hosts six different markets together with shops selling souvenirs, winter essentials and delicacies. However, the best part still is the projected lights on the buildings showcasing various winter scenes. Attend a wine tasting event when you are here!

4. Riga, Latvia

Christmas VillagesRiga in Latvia boasts of an architecturally gorgeous Christmas village. With the slight snowflakes falling from above, you can enjoy three of their famous Christmas markets around the town. The market in Esplanade Park also has a Rabbit village which is complete with rabbit houses and rabbit church. Woollen mittens, socks and the warm smell of local Glühwein (mulled wine) complete its celebrations.

5. Tallinn, Estonia

 Christmas Villages Cobblestone streets of Tallinn in Estonia glows with all the right lanterns during the festive season. It is said that the first Christmas tree was erected here and even now the cosy traditions revolve around it. You will find various little huts surrounding the tree selling their handmade arts. Don’t forget to try verivorst (blood sausages), Sült ( meat jelly) along with their beer.

6. North Pole, Alaska

Christmas Villages The population may be of mere 1000 at the North Pole in Alaska but it goes all out when it comes to Christmas. All the letters that you might have sent as a child to Santa Claus, they all came to Alaska 1! It hosts Santa’s workshop, his sleigh and his very own reindeer! The all-white winter forest makes all your childhood dreams come true and definitely is one of the best Christmas holiday destinations.

7. Woodstock, Vermont

Christmas Villages Woodstock in Vermont features some of the oldest traditions of Christmas in the Americas. Among mistletoes made with fruits and lovely lifesized gingerbread houses, you must attend the Christmas parade while you are at it. They even host a Christmastime Wassel Feast annually as a part of their Christmas village.

8. Kilkenny, Ireland

Christmas VillagesGo back in time at Kilkenny in Ireland. The black marbled Medieval town is certain to take you to the middle age festivities with its ambience and carols. The James Stephen Military Barrack and Museum also reenacts the world War 1 Christmas truce with fire performers and jesters. Along with their very own markets, Christmas villages and Victorian carousel, don’t forget to have a sip of the famous Irish beers.

9. Bern, Switzerland

Christmas Villages Head to the Swiss capital of Bern! The town nestled in the middle of the Alps will take you through two of their famous Christmas markets in the Orphanage Square and Cathedral Square. You will be delighted with handmade goods, local music and so much more. Don’t forget to try put huselnusslebkuchen (gingerbread made with hazelnut) while you are at it.

10. Hallstatt, Austria

Christmas VillagesHallstatt is Austria’s oldest villages and this quaint town is there for you to have a fantastical time. With a backdrop of snow-covered mountains and real-time Christmas tree forest covered with festive lights, the festival takes you back to its roots. They have a small Christmas market that is away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Wish it. Do it. Woovly! 

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