Ah, the good old days when we could have cursed the Mumbai local train’s rush and relished the evening pav bhaji near Juhu beach. The lockdown is getting more stressful than ever. While we all understand the importance of staying home and focussing on being productive and healthy amidst this, we can’t help but miss the rush. Moreover, in this hot summer, we’d love an evening walk on the beach, a sunset over the Gateway Of India or a ferry ride. Honestly, even the local trains seem endearing. We still dream of the scene after lockdown but the world would be a different place then. With a hefty office workload, more money to save and with people more careful than ever, it is hard to say that you can just go back to your old life. But, after the lockdown and careful living, you can still satisfy your desires and live in the city you have missed so much. We have listed some things to do in Mumbai (in and around) post lockdown.

While you still continue to miss your daily favourites, we have listed some offbeat recommendations that are in your budget, crowd-free and unique.

Top Unusual Things To Do In Mumbai Post-Lockdown


Our list of things feature one day trips and late-night eateries that you can head to without worrying about a hole in your pockets. Moreover, you can do all these over the weekend or after work too! Mumbaikars, plan your free days to live the missed lives with these things to do in your city.

Go for coastal midnight cycling 

things to do in mumbai post lockdown

Beaches are a mood, always! The salty breeze that passes by, nothing feels more calming and natural. Moreover, beaches are night are more ethereal than ever. The sound of the waves, the warm sand in the cool night and the smooth sea breeze, can you imagine heading out then? Mumbai is still not a quiet and calm place then! There is always a bustle and the best way to enjoy the hustle and the beach is to take a bike ride through the streets. While sometimes you will come across quite farm roads, other times you will find yourself making a stop at a street eatery playing an old Hindi song. Not only is it an interesting way to explore the Mumbai beachside but also maintain your distance while exploring your city.

Furthermore, various rentals are at midnight!

Have a taste of authentic Parsi food 

things to do in mumbai post lockdown

Mumbai probably has the oldest and the largest Parsi settlement in the country. So, it is quite natural that it quite inspires the Mumbai food scene heavily. While you, Mumbaikars have given all the love to the street faves and the growing cafe culture, it is the Parsi and Iranian cuisine that deserves a note here. Start your day with Parsi scrambled eggs, Akhuri with toast and gulp it down with some Irani chai. Moreover, there are homemade curry and snacks you just cannot miss out on. There are several old and rundown cafes that serve authentic Parsi food. Don’t be fooled by their looks! Brittania and Co. has its oldest running restaurant serving them. Or, head to Yazdani Bakery!

Visit Mumbai’s Chinese Temple – Kwan Kung Temple 

things to do in mumbai post lockdown

India is known various religious settlements co-existing and Mumbai has welcomed all of them with open arms. So, why not a Chinese temple? Perhaps after the lockdown, you might not be able to do many foreign travels much less go to China. But, Kwan Kung Temple in Mazgaon will bring China to you. Built-in 1919, it is the last remaining symbol of the once flourishing Chinese Indian population in the city’s China Town. Probably one of the most offbeat things to do after lockdown but definitely worth it. This quaint little place will welcome you with figurines, chimes and lanterns that are typical to the Chinese culture.

Do A Forest Trek In Andharban 

things to do in mumbai post lockdown

No matter how much bustle you see in a city like Mumbai, sometimes you need to come down from the high. In the blank city life, you need a getaway into nature. The weekend is perfect for a trek in the evergreen forest of Andharban in Pimpri. A 2-3 hours road trip will calm your mind and a hike through the descending trail of 5 hours will revive you. Further on, the landscape is a thick and dreamy foliage of forest covered with mist. It is no less than a fantasy forest of Harry Potter or Twilight! There are several cascading waterfalls and still water pools. Through the journey, you will witness the view of Kundalika valley, Andharban Waterfalls, Tamhini Ghat and Pimpri and Bhira dam.

Take A Walk Through Kotachi Wadi

The wealthy South Bombay as the main business centre and the wealthiest urban precinct of India, hidden in its Girgaon lanes is Kotachi Wadi. Almost two centuries old, the streets of Kotachi Wadi will take you through charming Portuguese history. The roads are lined with distinctive Portuguese architectural houses in their dilapidated roofs, peeling walls yet vibrant colours. Furthermore, this neighbourhood may be quiet but life is as easy going as it could get. Strolling through the cobblestoned pathways, you will be taken away by the cosiness of the verandahs, the aroma of Konkon fish being cooked and the rings from the chapel nearby. This protected area, however, faces the threat of rapid urbanisation. While petitions after petitions have been filed, we can just wait and watch to see what happens. Hence, do make a visit here post lockdown before it is too late.


Explore Street Art In Bandra

A stroll through the heritage streets of Bandra is always a charm. It certainly reminds you of the Mumbai that was once Bombay. However, in the oldening roads, you will find artworks that give the vibrancy to these streets. With Bollywood taking the front streets, many street artists have taken to the streets to decorate it with their perspective paints. Moreover, there are several artworks that represent various social, political and cultural stances. For an art lover, it is an abstract world to discover with the subject of the paintings giving each something to think about. Plus, it looks striking for your Instagram feed too!


Visit The Heritage Site Of Banganga Tank

The Maratha heritage is said to be evergreen. While we relate the heritage to be with the Forts and caves, the less talked about parts are its temples that have thrived through history. One such is the oldest inhabited region in Walkeshwar temple complex of Mumbai. The legend dates the formation of this tank or stepwell dates back to the Ramayan ages when Ram had made a stop to drink water and shot at the ground sprouting River Ganges. Hence, the name, Banganga. Further on, the area surrounding it soon developed as a pilgrimage site with dharamshalas and temples. While it was once a freshwater source, the water has turned green due to the numerous ritual items that have been thrown into it. However, watching the daily lives pass by while sitting in the charming neighbourhood post lockdown is certainly rewarding.

Take A Dip In The Natural Pool Of Pandavkada Falls

things to do in mumbai post lockdown

It is honestly time to rejuvenate from the monotonous lives that we have been living. It is almost exasperating! Then why not wash it down with nature’s elixir? Take a drive to Khargar in Navi Mumbai post lockdown. This pool was said to have been visited by the Pandava’s during the time of their exile. And the tunnel within it is said to have been created for them to pass through. 

Pandavkada falls are situated on the lap of luscious green mountains, to get there you must go past a Gurudwara where you can say a short prayer. After this, it’s a short trek to reach your destination! The best season to experience this breath-taking view is during the late monsoons or anytime between January to March. The temperature remains pleasant and you can see the water gushing in all its force. During the summer, the water dries up and it remains pretty cloudy so best try to avoid this time. While you can click some gorgeous photos or camp there, we’d suggest heading to the foot of the falls. The cool sweet water is refreshing!

Psst… There is even a secret tunnel behind the falls to check out. 

Catch A White Knuckle Rickshaw Ride Through Bollywood Hills

things to do in mumbai post lockdown

Mumbai is the heart of Indian cinema. We Indians can sometimes go completely bonkers over our Bollywood celebs. Wouldn’t it be great to just take a ride this star-studded neighbour-hood of Bandra? Hop onto a rickshaw at Bandra and you may just see some of your favourite star’s mansions.  You can find them all around the area. Moreover, along with the views, it is the white knuckle rickshaws that catch the interest. With the sea breeze beating at your neck, this is a special rickshaw takes you on a juggling ride. Some drivers get chatty about their adventures there with the movie stars and while some are DJs in themselves.
There is also a gem near the Bollywood hills which is the Gaiety Galaxy theatre. It is one of Mumbai’s first cinema halls and still possess the old world charm of the city. Countless actors have debuted in this very cinema hall! You may not be able to catch a movie here soon after the lockdown but can still bask in the glory of its history. Oh, and the samosas are to die for! 

Spot Forgotten And Historic Burial Grounds   

things to do in mumbai post lockdown
Armenian Graves By CN Traveller

While you don’t associate leisure with visiting burial grounds, these spots are really a sight to behold. Hidden in the bustling lively city of Mumbai are burial grounds that are so ethnically diverse it will boggle your mind. Plus, the thrill of the haunting ride here post lockdown is something else. The burial ground in the east Mumbai houses one of the largest Chinese burial grounds in India. Five Chinese merchants started it in 1889 when the Chinese came in early 1850. Struggling to keep their olden traditions alive, Maharastra Chinese Association maintains this cemetery. You will find urns and many Chinese engraved graves with lanterns to show the way to their ancestors.

Furthermore, Mumbai also has long ties with the Japanese culture, this led to the founder of the Nipponzan Myohoji sect to acquire a large burial ground in 1907. Today two memorials in the Hindu cremation site in Worli mark where these Japanese traders and geishas rest in peace. You will find a traditional Japanese shrine and two stupas of the Japanese Buddhist.

Moving on, there is even an Armenian Burial ground atop Antop Hill in Wadala. During the 1670s, the British encouraged the Armenians to establish trade with India. They built great churches and burial grounds to establish themselves and announce their arrival. Today the Armenians who came and settled here share their burial grounds with the Ba’hais. Since the Ba’hais believe their burial grounds should be like gardens, you find a lot of flowers and greenery around the Armenian cemeteries!

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