Pune is a metropolitan city of India that rests outside the mainstream light. But this has no correlation to the exciting opportunities it offers. The city merely remains a hidden gem that one discovers when they move beyond the barrier of mainstream popularity. Only those who live in it and to those who are lucky enough to visit it know the beauty of Pune that intermingles the charm of old and new. However, the city is slowly gaining popularity amongst the youth. Pune’s reputation as a centre for academics earned it the title of “The Oxford of the East”. It is a hub for the academic youth who enjoy the modern lifestyle enmeshed with the historical significance that Pune provides. As the cases mount in Pune, Punekars continue to stay at home for their safety. The road to a lifestyle free of lockdown seems far away. So, in the spirit of maintaining optimism, we have listed activities in and around Pune that you can do post lockdown.

While you still continue to miss your daily favourites, we have listed some offbeat recommendations z that are in your budget, crowd-free and unique.

Best Things To Do In Pune Post Lockdown

The article features a mix of offbeat activities and popular destinations that will give tourists a look into the real Pune and remind locals what they love about it. We have selected these after careful consideration of factors such as time and budget for budget travellers. You may take out a weekend or just a day along with your friends and family to enjoy post lockdown. 

Relax Among Zen Gardens Of Osho Ashram

things to do in Pune post lockdown

To experience the ‘the Art of Living’ as delicately put by the late controversial religious leader Osho – you must head down to one of Pune’s important landmarks. Osho Ashram and the Teerth Osho Park will guide you to the realm of zen post lockdown. The Ashram was founded by Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Jain, popularly known as Osho, in Koregaon Park Road. Moreover, this iconic ashram rife with a complicated history still manages to maintain its spiritual tranquillity that made it so popular in Osho’s heydays.

It is the perfect place to go to if you seek some mental peace and quiet from the stress of city life. We believe that quarantine has managed to either bring inner peace or unravel our mental stability in these tough times. For those who wish to regain their mental strength and relax – the Osho Ashram in Pune awaits you. Not only is the Ashram in itself a blissful experience but the lovely sounds of nature such as gurgling water and chirping birds provide a holistic experience. 

Stroll The Street Art At Kasba Peth

things to do in Pune post lockdown

Art manifests itself in different forms and evolves in the strangest ways. It began as a mode of communication on caves and has evolved into a mode of artistic expression on the streets. Street Art is one of the most fast-evolving and fascinating forms of art amongst the youth. It serves as a testimony to the existence of public sentiment or expression. Not only does it have political undertones – but it can also be a way to beautify the structures or settlement.

The Street at Kasba Peth is an attraction for art lovers and those with a penchant for expression. Furthermore, Kasba Peth is the oldest residential part in Pune adjacent to the historic Shaniwar Wada. The best part about it is that one has to explore the lanes and area around it to find the art. Finding the art almost seems like an exciting treasure hunt and it is simply worth it. Walking through the lanes and viewing the art is a lovely way to spend your leisure time. The murals are extremely striking and will not fail to impress you. 

Have A Picnic In Pimpalgaon Joga Dam

things to do in Pune post lockdown

A little picnic by the lake is a simple pleasure of life that is inaccessible to us right now. But post lockdown, one can take advantage of this opportunity to find a good spot by a lake for a fun picnic with their family. One such location is the spot by Pimpalgaon Joga Dam. The dam is a 5km long structure across the mesmerizing water body of Pushpavati River. It spreads over the backwaters of this river and is surrounded by a landscape of brown hills and a lush green carpeted ground.

This makes it a beautiful spot to settle down on a mat, grab a snack and chit chat away with good company. Moreover, the place is especially a paradise for bird watchers as they can see several species of birds such as alpine swift, whistling thrush, green pigeon, pitta, pied crested cuckoo and people-moorhen. You can also witness a colony of flamingos nestled at the backwaters of the dam. The artificial lake provides a closer link to nature for the people. The dam is around a 3-hour drive from Pune. 

Street Shopping Through MG Road Lanes

Street shopping does seem to be a better alternative to online shopping now that we all wish to go out. So, the best hotspot for some street shopping are the lanes of MG Road in Pune. MG Road is located in the heart of the city and is a colourful street to behold with all the various items available. The lanes are a cheap wonderland to good jewellery, clothing, bags, decorative products, novels and more. You can go crazy on the lanes and still manage to get multiple items on a lighter budget. The street shopping can be fruitful with honed skills of bargaining that can get you discounts.

Further on, the streets are lined with shops that hold trendy and ethnic fashion styles, various scarves, affordable bags, cute and quirky lanterns and more. Grab your friends who love to shop for fashion, accessories and books and visit the lanes for a refreshing day out. These lanes serve as an affordable and ideal destination for college students who love to mix and match their outfits, read through several novels and decorate their quirky rooms. 

Have A Natural Getaway To Atgaon Village

If you’re looking for a  low-maintenance weekend getaway to a small quaint village that offers relaxing activities – then the Hidden Village at Atgaon Village is for you. The Hidden Village is a resort in Atgaon Village located in a secluded property with beautiful and rustic cottages. The property offers dining, sports activities and a visit to the freshwater pools located within it. It is a beautiful place that will give you the recluse you desire with your partner or friends. Moreover, the Hidden Village offers you an experience of living deep in the woods near freshwater springs that flow water throughout the year.

It is a sanctuary of nature that lets you enjoy the beauty of flora and fauna uninhibited. This is for those people for whom tranquillity helps recharge their mental state post lockdown. The village itself is raw and basic but provides various activities for a fun experience. You can experience the rustic ambience of the village while playing outdoor sports such as badminton or volleyball. In addition, you may even opt for indoor activities at the pool or play table tennis or go to a spa. A ten-minute walk from the resort will lead you to a beautiful lake. The village is a four-hour drive from Pune. 

Grab a Beer at the Independence Brewing Company 

things to do in Pune post lockdown

As the company website says and we reiterate, “bringing independence from boring beers!”. What makes this place worth going? Well, Independence Brewing Company is a beer lounge popular for its amazing ambience, delicious food and great beers. Their high ceilings and classy wood furnishings make it a great place to grab a beer with your friends. They even offer outdoor seating for those who wish to get some fresh air while chugging down their delicious home-brewed beers.

The menu lists nine types of beers that they provide to their customers out of which IBC’s Porter and Marzen are quite popular. The place makes it a classy casual hangout to catch up with friends post lockdown. Although the meals are on the pricey end of the spectrum, the place often has offers that provide food and drinks at a lower price. A pint of beer can go as low as ₹280 here with certain beers levelling at a slightly higher price range. The place is great for beer lovers who wish to expand their horizons of different kinds of beer they can get their hands on! 

Visit the Temple at Parvati Hill

things to do in Pune post lockdown

A great place that packs in an adrenaline-pumping adventure, a beautiful scenery and a lovely temple is the small hillock called Parvati Hills. The Devdeshwara Temple is located on this hill and can only be accessed through climbing 103 unpaved stone steps. There’s an adventure that brings you closer to a spiritual experience! Goddess Parvati is associated with the Peshwa Rule within the Maratha dynasty. Peshwa ruler Balaji Baji Rao found the hill in the 17th century. The temple is an old heritage site where people offer prayers to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

In addition, the hill offers a breathtaking view to those who reach the top. The place is considered the second-highest point in Pune after Vetal Hill.  It ushers in a silence rooted in devotion and spiritual experience. Other than these temples, the hillock boasts of the establishment of five other temples making it a haven for religious devotees. These shrines include that of Lord Vishnu, Lord Vinayakar, Lord Vitthala, Lord Kartikeya and Goddess Rukmini.

Do remember to bring your own snacks and water bottles along.

Trek to Lohagad Fort 

things to do in Pune post lockdown

Explore the Lohagad Fort situated 64 kilometres northwest to the city of Pune for a thrilling day off post lockdown. The fort is merely 1.5 or 2 hours away from the city and is a prime location for a trek. The Fort stands at an elevation of 3,389 feet surrounded by the lush green rolling slopes of the hill. It offers a rich history to its trekkers that boasts the rule of both Maratha and Mughal Empire.

Trekking to Lohagad Fort makes it a thrilling experience accompanied by the scenic view of the landscape and the mighty fort itself. The fort is in ruins now but its charm is undeniable! The decaying rustic beauty of the fort tells stories that will fascinate those who seek it. The Fort also overlooks the Pavana Reservoir making it an ideal spot for photography. Even the drive along the Pune-Lonavala Road to the Fort offers a fun adventure. The Lohagad Fort Trek is an experience you won’t forget with its lush green beauty, pleasant mountain air and a gateway to the region’s history. 

Relish Authentic Parsi Food at Dorabjee & Sons  

things to do in Pune post lockdown

Authentic Parsi Food is not something you eat every other day. Therefore, you must try out some delicious Parsi food available in Pune. It is a unique experience built on an affordable budget. Dorabjee & Sons located in the Camp Area of Pune is the best place to try out Parsi Food. The distinct and delicious taste of the food and the simple ambience is what makes this place a lovely offbeat attraction. Dorabjee & Sons is a simple restaurant that has been prepping authentic Parsi food for its customers since 1878. 

The place is popular for its Dhansak with rice, Dum Biryani and Irani style Keema Pav. You can wash all this down with a popularised local Ardeshir drink which is a raspberry soda. It has an inner set of a canteen and the menus of the bygone years have been preserved. These menus list delicious and authentic Parsi food that the customers can go crazy for post lockdown. 

Go on Bike Trip to Lavasa City 

Lavasa City is India’s newest hill station built by the Lavasa Corporation. It is an epitome of infrastructural beauty as it is modelled after a beautiful Italian town called Portofino. This creative and beautiful city project spans 7 hills and 25,000 acres of land. Moreover, it is a privately planned hill City that serves as a retreat to Punekars as it has a lot to offer. That is, picturesque landscapes to attractive well-developed infrastructure which includes resorts, hotels, educational institutions, IT companies and more.

Located in the middle of lush green hills, it serves as a short yet ideal destination for Punekars. One of the best ways to visit Lavasa City is to take a bike ride. The road to Lavasa City from Pune is a wonderful and thrilling ride solo or even with friends post lockdown. The road spans over 57 km and is merely a 2-hour drive from Pune. Everything from the journey to the end is an adventure for those who take a trip to Lavasa City. The city is even situated on a lakefront that makes it exquisitely beautiful. 

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