Nagaland has always managed to stand out among the states of India due to its intriguing lifestyle. Its a lifestyle is an amalgamation of unique taste in food, distinct cultural dresses, colourful festivals and gorgeous handlooms. This culturally thriving location will allure you into exploring every fascinating surprise it has for its inhabitants and visitors. The coexistence of 16 major tribal clans that contribute to the flourishing culture of the state. Moreover, you cannot overlook the historical influences after encountering the traces of Hinduism and Christianity in their present way of life. The state of Nagaland is evidently unexplored but even the most negligible areas of Nagaland hold a lifestyle that is extremely rich and unbeknownst to us. This is the curiosity that drives people to this state and evokes the love of its inhabitants.

As the lockdown trudges on in the state, it seems to have curbed the virus better than its counterparts. But these hills of Nagaland still remain elusive from our reach. We believe that jotting down some activities to do post lockdown might harbour some excitement for it. So, here’s a list of unusual activities that you can explore once the lockdown is past us. 


Best Things To Do In Nagaland Post Lockdown

The article features various activities that you can choose for some fun, peaceful or even an adventurous time. Most of the activities will require you to take a day out for it depending on the nature of activity. We have selected these activities after consideration of factors such as time and budget. Of course, it will give you a getaway which remains crowd for you to maintain social distancing. This will give you a peek into what it’s like to live and engage with this beautiful place.  So relax and peruse away! 

Do Your Fill Of Nature Trail In Khonoma

things to do in nagaland post lockdown
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Nature lovers love a nature trail where they can experience and explore the flora and fauna of the region. The disconnect with nature at home seems to be overwhelming for those who live the outdoorsy life. The hamlet of Khonoma is referred to as the first ‘Green Village in India’. Khonoma celebrates 700 years of its settlement and offers an insightful trail to all those who seek it. The nature trail post lockdown will offer scenic views and a chance at viewing the unique fauna that live within the region. Moreover, the bird-watching expeditions here are one of a kind while on the nature trail.

This dwelling has become a recurring destination for peace lovers and nature lovers. Khonoma holds one of the oldest terraced cultivation in the region. It offers a thick forest land with gentle slopes and rugged hillsides. You may even come across an endangered bird, Blythe’s Tragopan during the nature trail.

Relish Local Dishes In Benreu Countryside

things to do in nagaland post lockdown

The Benreu Countryside is nestled on Mount Pauna range – just a 4-5 hour drive from Kohima. It is home to the spectacular Zeliang tribe that follow faunal customs and social rituals. The countryside, untouched by modern developments, makes an ideal spot to explore the local dishes of Nagaland, especially post lockdown. The most fascinating element that emerges from the village is the Telianedui. It is the bitter sour honey created by angry sting-less bees and is locally called the Teliane. The honey boasts of medical benefits that can even help with snakebites. Just like wine ages better – this honey grows stronger and sourer with time.

Furthermore, the villagers also rear hornets whose larvae are nutrient-rich and are used in Kuidine – a delicacy. But the power food of Benreu village is its cheap and medically beneficial Nembeipok or ginseng. The villagers trek up the hills to collect this herb from the outgrowths nestled in rocks. A Neimbeipok dipped in Telianedui is a local remedy and dish. Benreu also specializes in Tangnengkwa or snail curry which is enriching when washed down with Nrizau, the local rice beer. 

Explore Naga Culture In Kisama Heritage Village

things to do in nagaland post lockdown

The venue ground for the popular Hornbill Festival rests at Kisama Heritage Village. The village stands as a testimony to the vibrant and diverse tribal traditions and culture. It is at this rustic junction that you can witness the roots of the peaceful coexistence between the Naga people. Nagaland has 16 major tribal clans that follow customs distinguishable from each other yet under the banner of Nagaland they maintain a strong unity. All tribes are present for this important festival in their attires that represent their culture. Their lifestyle consonant with nature is something that you’ll be introduced to during this festival. The tribes also have their traditional crafts on display for you to understand the art that thrives within these communities.

Due to its disconnect with modernization and its preservation of Nagaland culture, the village is named as the Heritage Village of Nagaland. The Nagaland people have mostly remained unchanged through the times and deflected forms of western modernization and therefore, you can witness the tribal life as it was decades ago. In addition, Kisama Village is merely 12km from Kohima so offers a refreshing drive post lockdown.

Do Mountain Biking 

things to do in nagaland post lockdown

The thrill of mountain biking is unmatched, and the biking group of Kohima called Native Station have essentially grasped that feel. They started the trend of mountain biking in Nagaland, and that caught up pretty quick with the locals and tourists alike. What can be more thrilling than experiencing the villages of Naga high on adrenaline? The mountain biking experience is open to both newbies and professional riders. Moreover, The group has conducted events like Kohima Downhill and Thuwu-ni-enduro for professionals. There are biking trails for locals and tourists that take you through several villages in Nagaland such as Sangtam, Angami and the border villages of Assam. If not, you can rent out many MTB bicycles and head on your own to check out landscapes post lockdown.

Dotted with hills and mountains, one can’t help but give Nagaland credit for its stunning landscape. Mountain biking through these would serve as a wonderful and insightful trail for those who opt for it. The popular biking trails are Lugsad, Rain Forest Trail and Bakahan. The best part about biking in Nagaland is that the bikes are available on daily rentals and for a day trip. This is the best activity for those who wish to explore Nagaland in a unique way. 

Visit Wokha For Lotha Tribe’s Organic Fruits

Nature unfettered by man has a rustic charm to it. You witness nature wild and interrupted and you cannot help but imagine what life would be like if we followed principles of nature preservation. The village of Wokha is one such place that captures this element and will show you how that thought manifests in reality. Wokha is a village home to the largest tribe in Nagaland called the Lothas. The landscape of the village is carpeted by colourful flowers and is an enchanting sight for most. Other than its agriculture of food crops, Wokha is also famous for its cultivation of various fruits.

It is a great place to relish the organic fruits born within the state of Nagaland. Wokha is quite popular for its oranges, passion fruits, bananas and plums. The villagers are mostly self-sufficient in their lifestyle as the settlements of Nagaland are usually remote and disconnected from the rest of the world. The villagers earn quite well from their fruits crops and provide juicy ripe fruits for the state; you can enjoy it too post lockdown.

Furthermore, it serves as an ideal destination for trekkers who wish to explore the mystic Mount Tiyi Enung and Totsu Cliff.

Go on a Historical Visit to Kachari Ruins 

things to do in nagaland post lockdown

History is elusive to one’s understanding yet we seek to learn from it ardently. The monuments that represent history and have stayed intact through the years call for our enthusiasm. But the ruins of history have a rudimentary appeal to it. It opens a portal to a bygone history that people wish to reawaken. The best place to witness this post lockdown in Nagaland is to visit the Kachari Ruins that are a token of representation of the 10th century Kachari civilisation. This site tells rich tales of its region and the narrative that led to the ruins of the structures.

Kachari Ruins or Dimasa Kachari Ruins are located in the town of Dimapur in Nagaland. The site has remnants of the mushroom-shaped dome pillars built by the Dimasa Kachari Kingdoms. This kingdom was brought to its knees upon the invasion of the Ahoms in the 13th century. The origins of these pillars are unknown but it is believed that a game similar to chess was played with these pillars. Moreover, the pillars look similar to Lingas that have beautiful carvings of motifs on them. These motifs vary from flowers to animals to man and are an enticing escape for art and history lovers.

Check out the Local Crafts at Diezephe 

By: Village Square

The crafts born from various places have the touch of the culture, history and uniqueness of individuals that reside there. There is always something different about viewing the crafts of a region – it speaks volumes of the place itself. There is one such village that can help you understand the art forms of Nagaland. Diezephe Village which is widely known as the craft village is merely 13km from Dimapur. It is home to skilled weavers and craftsmen that create wondrous art through their traditional practices. The village has been a significant centre for crafts exports to other states.

The Tenyimei tribe are the major inhabitants of the village who have dexterous hands that guide them through woodcarving, intricate bamboo work, cane work and other forms of handlooms. Further on, the Nagaland Handloom and Handicrafts Development corporation supports and recognises the village. A walk through this village will give you an understanding of the craftsmanship that develops in Nagaland. 

Go Boating in Doyang River 

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Doyang River is the longest river in Nagaland that provides serene and scenic boat rides. It is is a hub of recreational activities for tourists and angling for the local tribes of Nagaland. The natural beauty of Nagaland’s forestland paints the riverside canvas. The pleasant boat ride is a great option for those who wish to experience the Doyang River up close and to capture the scenic view around it. Moreover, the river is a fun option for river fishing as well and the bankside is a lovely place for a picnic break with your friends or family.

Doyang River is an incredibly beautiful water body to behold. It initiates from the north and goes toward an eastward direction to meet the Saju River. For the locals, the river serves irrigation and other purposes. It is a lovely weekend getaway for those hoping for some peaceful time away from home post lockdown. 

Explore the Naga Lifestyle at Touphema Village

things to do in nagaland post lockdown

Exploring a different lifestyle and immersing yourself in that lifestyle is different. To experience the Nagaland lifestyle firsthand, you must visit Touphema Village post lockdown. The village permits you to perch yourself in the Naga Lifestyle to experience the Angami cuisine and culture. It’s also a resourceful recreation of the Angami Naga Lifestyle. Further on, the village runs on a community-based enterprise that can help you participate in a different social system and culture along with the locals. The locals have established huts dedicated to the tourists who can enjoy the basic comforts of life and live the Naga way.

The village stands at a hilltop and offers a beautiful view as well. However, the biggest takeaway from this village is the experience it offers. People are able to understand and live through the lifestyle that the Nagas practised for centuries. To enjoy the feel of the place, visitors also get to witness the cultural bonfires dances that take place during the evening. Do have a taste of the traditional rice beer and bamboo-baked dishes at Touphema Village!

Go Camping To Satoi Range

The Satoi Range’s appeal is rooted in its virginity that remains untouched by any sort of exploitation. Camping at the Satoi Range will make you feel like a guest invited to witness the functioning of nature’s kingdom. The place will offer you a picture of how Mother Nature was originally intended to be. It is another place to see the endangered species of Blythe’s Tragopan. Moreover, during spring, the range is crowded with beautiful rhododendrons. The Satoi Range is located in the Zunheboto district which is almost a 6-hour ride from Kohima.

A camp here will tear you away from the comforts of home and engage you in the thrills of camping in nature. It is a great activity to opt for post lockdown – nothing too extravagant but a refreshing change of location. The Satoi Range offers camping under the stars and nature trails for trekkers. It is the ideal place for you to walk through nature uninhibited. 

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