A state like Mizoram is the perfect escape for offbeat travellers who journey in search of virgin places. Mizoram, stands out as the lesser-known of the seven sisters and has battled the homogeneity brought by globalisation. A paradise for solace seekers and a treasure for its inhabitants, it makes a lovely place for exploration. In the case of Mizoram, man’s possessive nature rewards it. It is a visitors’ treasure that they wish to keep to themselves to prevent ardent commercialization. Hence, this encourages Mizoram to protect its interests. One can discover the beautiful panorama of Mizoram through trekking in the Phwangpui Hills, witnessing the royal tigers at Dampa Reserve, and understanding its tribal lifestyle. Mizoram in itself is an offbeat place to explore but we have a list of offbeat and commercial activities for you to tick off-post lockdown.

While you still continue to miss your daily favourites, we have listed some offbeat recommendations that are in your budget, crowd-free and unique.


The article features mostly offbeat activities for you to explore Mizoram properly. We have selected these with careful consideration of factors like time and budget. The activities will be a convenient break for even the busiest bodies as they can take a day or a weekend off for most activities. 

Do A Tribal Tour Of Mizoram

things to do in Mizoram post lockdown

Given the vibrant tribal culture flourishing within the state, we highly recommend tribal tours post lockdown. A tribal tour through the villages of Mizoram will help you understand the unique culture that people abide by and maintain the sanctity of. The Mizo population consists of several ethnic groups whose legacies are preserved ardently through the generations. The population is a stark reflection of the history of immigration that Mizoram has witnessed given its borders with Myanmar. Some of the major tribes living in Mizoram are – Hmar, Ralte, Lai, and Lusei. This diverse land inhabits various tribes who are collectively known as the ‘Mizo people’.

Furthermore, you can book a tribal tour of Mizoram that will take you through places like Aizawl, Lunglei, Tamdil Lake, Champai and more depending on the packages. If you are in luck, you witness the beautiful festivals of Mizoram such as Mim Kut, Chapchar Kut that showcase the state’s cultural splendour. 

Try All Kinds Of Mizo Herb Soups

things to do in Mizoram post lockdown

Soup is inseparable from the delectable Mizo cuisine. India offers a great diversity in its culture and cuisines and to experience the unique Mizoram cuisine, one should definitely give Mizo Bai (Soup) a try post lockdown. It is one of the most popular and sought after dishes in the Mizo cuisine and there is nothing better to start off this journey with. Since it is a staple diet in Mizoram, it is easily available in any restaurant there. However, to have a good and authentic experience of the soup, you can scout some roadside food stalls.

The locals make the Mizo ‘Bai’ using steamed vegetables with pork, spinach and bamboo shoot and mildly spiced with local herbs. The pork sauce for this stew or soup is made with pork and mustard sauce. Moreover, the Mizo ‘Bai’ has many variations of making. These include cauliflower stalks, potatoes, beans, chillies, florets and cooked rice versions that substitute the pork. IThe Mizo cuisine is known for its lack of spices so be ready for a unique twist on food.

Other local dishes you can try are Vawksa Pep, Koat Pitha and Misa Mach Poora. 

Boat Across The Green Tamdil Lake

Tamdil Lake is a popular destination of Mizoram but it is a must-go destination even for offbeat travellers because it is an experience everyone must-have. Tamdil Lake is a moss green beauty that reflects the beautiful landscape surrounding it on its pristine and shimmering water. A break from regular work can be ideal if you’re resting near Tamdil Lake. The tranquillity it maintains makes it a great place to boat as well. The name of the lake refers to ‘Lake of Mustard’ in the local language. An intriguing aspect of it is its origin. It is a man-made lake created for the purpose of the state’s tourism.

Further on, the beauty of the lake seems exquisitely natural yet one can’t help but wonder how the touch of mankind impacts a landscape. The lake is tucked between the thick evergreen forests and creates a shelter against the rest of the world. You can boat in the Lake, walk along its shore and have a nice picnic nearby post lockdown. 

Go for caving and bird watching to Chawngchilhi Puk


Chawngchilhi Puk carries an intriguing legend that is tucked away in its wilderness and the hollow cave. The cave of Chawngchilhi is an offbeat attraction that was named after a girl in a local legend of Mizoram. The locals believe that Chawngchilhi was a girl who fell in love with a serpent.

 These forests are home to diverse flora and fauna that you can witness while on the ride to the cave. Moreover, the best way to experience the fauna around it is to carry your binoculars and have a bird-watching session. The cave-in itself is quite wonderful and there are steps leading up to it. The rich green environment and the dark woods create a sinister and beautiful landscape. Won’t it be a thrill to explore post lockdown?

Hike through bamboo grooves in Saza Wildlife Sanctuary

things to do in Mizoram post lockdown

The Saza Wildlife Sanctuary is an enchanting place in the heart of Mizoram. It continues to draw nature lovers and peace seekers to its abode in Lunglei. Those who wish to unwind in the regality of exotic nature, we’d definitely recommend it to them post lockdown. The place preserves and sanctifies the legacy of the birds, animals and plants that reside within the region. A hike through the trail in Saza Wildlife Sanctuary brings you closer to the magnificent and lofty foliage of the hills.

Moreover, if you’re lucky, you can spot rare animals and thousands of migratory birds that go about their day in the area. The experience is truly enlightening and the time spend with nature will leave your problems ebbing from your mind. As you tackle the beautiful bamboo grooves of the sanctuary, you may even come across leopards, deer, rhesus monkeys and more. Plus, we can dub the place as a ‘bird watcher’s paradise’. So grab your binoculars and hike for an enthralling experience. 

Visit the Heart-Shaped Rih Dil Lake 

By: Incredible India

The Rih Dil Lake is a beautiful product of nature that we share with Myanmar. This contest for this region makes it more charming and mystifying for its onlookers. The serenity of the lake has locals claiming that it is a passage for the souls who are on their journey to the afterlife. It is this beautiful belief that surrounds the lake and enhances its beauty. Not to mention that the lake naturally forms the shape of a heart. There seems to be a raw bond between nature and man that connects our hearts and souls.

Furthermore, the lake is constantly clear and very very blue. It stands at the bottom of a beautiful green valley that lines the uneven peaks of the landscape. A brief glimpse of this lake will have you grabbing for your cameras and video cameras. Remember that a visit to this place post lockdown requires permission that you can get from the Deputy Commissioner’s Office at Champai. You also have to register at the Myanmar immigration post after reaching the eastern banks of Tiau River. Although, you will not require any visas for this visit. 

Walk Along the Nature Trail at Phawngpui 

things to do in Mizoram post lockdown

Phwangpui is a quaint hamlet located in the Phawngpui Hills. It stands at an elevation of 2157 meters and offers a stunning view of the landscape to those who visit it. It makes for a quiet and isolated retreat to nature post lockdown. The village is situated amongst the majestic mountains and overgrown trees that interrupt human habitation. The place is rich in its flora and fauna which you’ll be able to witness as you explore the hills.

Moreover, the best way to add a thrill to your visit is by hiking up the Blue Mountain of Phawngpui. It is the highest peak in Mizoram and the tribes of Mizoram rever it. The peak is located within a National Park and offers amazing views of the wide landscape painted with deep crevices, majestic cliffs and the green-carpeted hills. Standing at the peak of this beautiful blue mountain will be quite a thrilling and intimidating experience. 

Honour Literature with at Mizo Hla Kungpui Mual 

things to do in Mizoram post lockdown

Art and literature is something that drives humans regardless of lifestyle, location and time. It is an intrinsic part of being human – either via creation or indulgence. The Mizo Hla Kungoui Mual is known as the Mizo Poet’s Square. The place commemorates age-old Mizo poets, writers, and composers. Headstones line this place dedicated to those contributed to Mizo literature by penning down and composing their thoughts. It was set up in 1986 at Khawbung Village in Champai District.

These headstones serve as monuments that people erect at an interval of 10 years. They are a celebration of Mizo literature that is a remembrance from time immemorial. Further on, the compound holding these monuments also have a Mizo Poets Archive and Library. It is a place that will bring you closer to diverse forms of literature that have formed within this reclusive state. Currently, there are 36 monuments within the compound. 

Explore Mizo Handicrafts at Luangmual 

Luangmual Handicrafts centre is a hub of traditional handicrafts of Mizoram. It makes a perfect way to spend your weekend post lockdown. It is a form of catharsis for those with a bug to shop! A myriad of handicrafts of Mizoram line the streets. You will find bamboo works, traditional dresses, shawls, bags, and hats at a reasonable price. It is the one place to grab your chance of buying the traditional and ceremonial hat of the Mizo people.

Moreover, the traditional bamboo hat, called ‘Khumbeu’ and the Mizo tribes make from waterproof ‘hnahthial’ leaves. The interesting fact about this hat is that these leaves are exclusive to the state of Mizoram. The place offers various other artsy handicrafts of the Mizo people and a lovely conversation with them will help you understand the rich heritage and culture that these handicrafts imbibe. 

Have a lavish picnic at Paikhai 

things to do in Mizoram post lockdown

People usually denote Paikhai as a great picnic spot with friends or family with mystical hills and greenery surrounding you. Locals know it for the peace and serenity it offers and the Bung Picnic Spot in its vicinity garners popularity for this place. It is a hub of recreational activities and quaint gatherings for a great luncheon.

The picnic spot is an isolated patch of green land amidst the rolling hills. You can carry your picnic mat and baskets full of food to this place. Moreover, the place offers shady trees to laze under and read a book. The fresh air, mesmerizing meadows and the reclusive feel of the place makes it a great place to reconnect with family and friends post lockdown.  

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