Madhya Pradesh is at the heart centre of India spanning far and wide. The region offers thrilling wildlife safaris, a rich history, diversity in religious significance and a myriad of tasty dishes. Madhya Pradesh is not a popular tourist destination yet it is a great addition to our country’s religious, cultural and environmental platform. We can’t help but marvel at the unique temples of Ujjain, the intricate engravings at Orchha, and gorgeous sturdy forts spanning across Gwalior. The state houses destinations that we learn through our history books but you can only actualise the significance of these places upon visitation. Taking visits to forts to while away the monotony of the weekend is an event accessible only through memories for now. And of course, we miss grabbing a bite of the delicious Dal Bafla and mouth-watering seekh kebabs in the market along with friends. But these activities are something we can merely jot down for a post lockdown unwind. Here’s a summation of what you can do once the lockdown is over! 


The article lists activities that are mostly offbeat and perfect for travellers who wish to avoid commercial or popular tourist destinations. We have selected them with careful consideration of factors like time and budget. Even the busiest bodies will be able to take a day or weekend off their schedule for most of these activities. 

Stay In Wild Huts At Kanha National Park

things to do in madhya pradesh post lockdown

Project Tiger is a significant environmental project that has greatly furthered the goals of preservation of wildlife in Madhya Pradesh. A translation of the project, in reality, is the Kanha National Park. It is notably known for its preservation of the majestic royal Bengal tigers and efforts to prevent the extinction of Barasingha. Undoubtedly, the national park is one of the best-managed national parks in Asia and offers its visitors a chance to visit the endangered species that once ruled the wilderness with a majestic air.

Furthermore, Kanha National Park is not just an insightful hub and a paradise for environmentalists but it serves as a lovely retreat for families and friends. Amongst nature and wildlife, you can opt to live in the exotic jungle lodges called the Baghira Log Hut. Did you know that The Jungle Book was based on this park? Try a stay in these wild huts and you can experience being the closest to these majestic animals post lockdown. Maybe even get the thrill of being Mowgli!

Discover The Old Architectural Brilliance In Mandu

things to do in madhya pradesh post lockdown

The exposé on Madhya Pradesh’s history is clearly evident from the architecture prevailing within various towns and cities. A perfect place to encounter its marvellous architecture in the town of Mandu. It is a town where history buffs can let loose and go crazy. Structures that signify the dynastical rules that dictated Mandu’s lifestyle dots the town. There are various monuments that you can explore post lockdown to feed your fascination for history and architecture.

One of the most breathtaking monuments is the Baz Bahadur Palace that encloses expansive courtyards, beautiful terraces and large halls. Further on, another structure is the Hindola Mahal, also known as the Swing Palace, that was once used as a place of leisure for the Mughals. The Jahaz Mahal in Mandu is also worth a visit as its name is derived from the ship-like structure it creates with its upper storey on a small piece of land. 

Catch An Enchanting Sunset At Betwa River In Orchha

A trip to Orchha altogether offers great places to explore such as the Chhatris, the Orchha Fort, the Chaturbhuj Temple and the Lakshmi Narayan Temple. You can culminate a day’s exploration with its highlight – i.e, a sunset at Betwa River. There is something inherently beautiful about watching the sun dip behind the architectural wonder of Chhatris as the Betwa River is painted a tinge of orange. Moreover, there are several options you can choose from for a good vantage point. There is the view from the banks of the river and from the bridge.

We’d recommend the bridge as it gives a more panoramic view of the landscape. The view is extremely beautiful with the orange sky and the dim shadows over the river and chhatris – it’s almost like a painting. Do not forget to take your camera with you because the sight is breathtaking!

Spot Waterfalls Across Rewa

things to do in madhya pradesh post lockdown

Madhya Pradesh has its own share of waterfalls dotting across the state. If you’re on a hunt for capturing the beauty of waterfalls, be it through a camera or just through your very own eyes – the town of Rewa is the best. There are at least 4 waterfalls in Rewa that are all worth visiting post lockdown. These waterfalls are situated at a huge height and form a mesmerizing picture as it gushes down the crevices of the hills.

The Bahuti Falls in Rewa stands at 650 ft making it one of the highest waterfalls in the region. The Bahuti Falls are an intimidating and beautiful sight. Another great waterfall to look out for is the Chachai Waterfalls that have a torrent of water gushing down a cliff. Moreover, you may even spot a rainbow near the waterfall which makes it quite a unique sight. The third waterfall is Keoti Waterfall that offers a great and refreshing environment. You can see the water flow down into a moss green lake surrounded by thick foliage. And, your excursion can finally end with Purwa Falls which is quite an intense waterfall with enormous volumes of water gushing down at a close range. 

Go Searching For Cave Paintings Across The State

things to do in madhya pradesh post lockdown

Ancient Caves are one of the prominent places to visit in Madhya Pradesh. But these caves hold a fascinating aspect other than its natural design. It holds the key to understanding a form of communication that was prevalent in the ancient times. Further on, cave paintings are quite intriguing as it offers the modern man to revel at the modes of communication and art that humans indulged in thousands of years ago. One of the most popular caves in India is the Bhimbetka Caves in Raisen. It was declared a world heritage site and is nearly 30,000 years old. The cave is popular for the earliest tracings of paintings that were found on the cave walls.

Another cave you can explore for paintings is the Pandav Caves of Pachmarhi. It is a bowl shaped cave with paintings that have lasted over a 1,000 years. The Bagh Caves of Dhar also have beautiful paintings on its cave walls which are nine rock-cut monuments. These caves were believed to be established by Buddhist monk Dataka. Travel through the state to explore these three significant locations post lockdown.

Witness the Labyrinth of Shahi Qila 

The Shahi Qila is known for its mindboggling labyrinth that makes up its structure. The architectural aspect of Shahi Qila itself is quite awe-inspiring but the history attached to it makes it even more appealing. The Shahi Qila is located in the town of Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh. Moreover, the town has a unique link to the Taj Mahal. It is in this town that Shah Jahan’s wife Mumtaz Mahal died while giving birth to their 14th child. Given the significance of this place, you will witness the bearing of Mughal influence on the structures of Burhanpur.

The Shahi Qila mostly stands in ruins but nothing matches its beauty. The rulers of the Farooqi dynasty originally built it and rests beautifully on the banks of Tapti River. The fort of the Farooqi dynasty was embellished with a popular relic called the Hammam – a royal bath meant for Mumtaz. You will witness the Mughal Iranian architectural styles on the Hammam while you’ll find interesting frescoes on the Shahi Qila. People believe these frescos to have an early depiction of Taj Mahal’s design. 

Explore the Centre Of Jain Culture at Chanderi

A trip to Chanderi is highly rewarding for the cultural importance it holds and the opportunity to buy beautiful handwoven sarees. Jain pilgrims frequent the town as it is a centre of Jain culture. Few of the enthralling places that Chanderi has to offer is the Koshal Mahal, Chanderi Fort, Badal Mahal Gate and Parameshwar Tal. In the exploration of Chanderi, you will understand its development under the heavy influences of religions like Hinduism, Islam and Jainism.

Moreover, Jainism seems to be one of the most prominent reasons for drawing people to this town. Chanderi is not only a centre for Jain culture but it is a major historic town of India. Jainism is a lesser-known religion of India with only 2% of the population following it. Thus, we believe that a trip to Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh will help you understand this religion better. It is a religion that emerged within the confines of our country. You will find beautiful remains of Jain temples all over the town. Some of the temples you can check out post lockdown are Shri Choubeesee Bara Mandir, Shri Khandagiri Jain Temple and Shri Parasnath Digambar Jain Purana Mandir. Chanderi is almost a 5 hour drive from Bhopal.

Relish the Myriad Cuisine of Madhya Pradesh 

The vast expanse of Madhya Pradesh with its diversity does not monopolise its cuisine as well. There exist a variety of cuisines that are highly delicious and must-try post lockdown. The regional variations that reflect in its food is what makes the experience even more enriching. Head down for a walk through Jabalpur’s Sarafa Bazaar for a taste of the delicious and authentic food available in Madhya Pradesh. Some of the popular vegetarian food in Madhya Pradesh is poha, bhutte ki khees, dal badla and jalebi.

Furthermore, meat lovers can opt for dishes like roghan josh, ghosht korma and seekh kebabs to fill their belly. The local favourite sweet dishes include mawa-bati, khoya jalebi, Chikki and so forth. You can wash this wide palette of culinary finesse with the local liquor, Mahua. The tribal communities consider it a sacred drink and make it from the distilled flower of the mahua tree. 

Take Boat Ride Amidst the Marble Canyon 

things to do in madhya pradesh post lockdown

Boating at Bhedaghat is an opportunity you should not miss at any costs. The boat ride will help you explore the marble canyons of Bhedaghat along the beautiful Narmada River. As the motorboat takes you along the dark and mystifying river, you can’t help but stare in wonder at the beautiful and majestic marble gorges that stand to your sides. These gorges will engulf your vision to your advantage as it is quite aesthetically appealing. The reflection of the marble rocks shimmer on the calm and pristine river.

Moreover, the river channel between the canyons are the best part of the boat ride and it will be a memory that you will never fail to forget. The marble canyons are majestic in their height but what makes them awe-inspiring is the shades and the landscape. The scales of the rocks change over the course of the ride and offers different shades to its viewers. 

Explore the Temple Town of Maheswar 

Madhya Pradesh is quite popular for its historic temple towns. The temple town of Maheswar is called the ‘Varanasi of Central India’ quite fondly. The town rests on the banks of Narmada River and people know it for its devotion to Lord Shiva. Some of the temples to check out are the Baneshwar Temple and the Ahilyeshwar Temple. The Baneshwar Temple is a temple located in the middle of Narmada River. It is an exceptionally old and small temple but its location and history make it quite appealing.

Whereas, the Ahilyeshwar Temple is a beautiful structure that rests on the banks of Narmada River and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The devotee in you will definitely be drawn to the spiritual and religious significance of the place.  Even epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata mention the town as Mahishmati. This historic town that flourished through its handloom weaving practices and ardent devotion to Lord Shiva is a great place for a weekend getaway. 

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