The tryst between Lucknow and its people is one that consists of culture, food, history, spirituality and shopping. The city of Lucknow exudes nonchalance with regards to the cultural beauty it beholds for its tourists. The city just exists in itself enjoying the streets lined with old British and Mughal structures, bazaars, temples and the heritage of its local food. Not realising the wondrous larger than life charm it holds, life flows on in the city. Moreover, the aesthetic appeal of an old city with modern opportunities is what draws travellers to its abode. Lucknow is the nawab of good Mughlai food that we miss so ardently. The delicious Tunday Kababi, mouth-filling Bawarchi Biryani and the rich Nihari with kulcha has escaped our appetite for a bit since the lockdown. Currently, Lucknow is on the path of further relaxation of its lockdown. Therefore, here is a curated list of things to do here post lockdown. 

While you still continue to miss your daily favourites, we have listed some offbeat recommendations z that are in your budget, crowd-free and unique.



The activities listed in the article are mostly offbeat attractions of Lucknow that are popular. We have filtered these activities through factors such as time management and cheap budget. Even the busiest bodies can take a day or weekend off to tick these activities off their list. 

Go On A Lion Safari In Etawah

things to do in lucknow post lockdown

Watching lions on tv and in real life possess a huge disparity in comparison of experiences. You can only capture the reality of Asiatic lion when you see them for real post lockdown. The Etawah Safari Park offers this experience for its tourists. The Safari Park initially began as a project for a Lion breeding centre and Lion safaris. The Etawah Safari Park is a proposed drive-through wild safari park in Uttar Pradesh. Moreover, it is merely a 3-hour drive from Lucknow.


One of the largest in Asia, it offers lion safaris, deer safaris, bear safaris and leopard safaris. The area also has a 4D theatre which gives you a unique closeup with the wildlife. 

 Go Birding At Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

things to do lucknow post lockdown

Another beautiful wildlife sanctuary near Lucknow is the Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary. It can offer a lovely break for Lucknawis and tourists post lockdown. The Bird Sanctuary is a wonderful place to witness the lifestyle of the migratory Siberian cranes that rest within the sanctuary. The vast green vegetative land borders a beautiful serene lake that hosts the Siberian cranes during winter. Furthermore, the dense forests of the sanctuary house around 250 species of birds.

It would be wise to carry binoculars with you to see the beautiful birds up close. You also get the chance to see domestic birds such as Sarus Crane, Peafowl, King Crow, Indian Roller amongst others. It offers sanctuary to reptiles as well such as Water Snakes, Rattlesnakes, Viper and Cobra. Moreover, the sanctuary has a deer park, watchtowers and offers boat rides as well. It is one of the many wetlands of India that consciously preserves the rich biodiversity of the region.

Experience Awadhi Food In Its Glory 

The Lucknawi cuisine passed down from the Awadh period in history has an identity of its own. It is a major factor of attraction which draws tourists and locals alike. Lucknow is spotted with various eateries that are popular for its delicious rendition of the Awadhi cuisine and the Mughal cuisine. Lucknow offers several high-end restaurants that serve great food such as Falak Numa restaurant. But the experience of local food prepared by inhabitants that have carried on a tradition for years is something different. Moreover, it houses a brilliant flavour with historical significance to it.

The must-try local foods in Lucknow post lockdown are biryani, tunday ke kebab, Nihari kulcha, makkhan malai and more. The best biryani is served at Idris ki Biryani. The place is quite shabby but the food served breaks the experience of any high-end restaurant. However shabbiness is your pet peeve, you may opt for Wahid Biryani. Furthermore, the delicious spicy tunday ke kebab are best served in Tunday Kababi at Aminabad. Whereas, Rahim’s Nihari kulcha serves the Nihari kulcha. Finally, to top it all off, you can delish the popular dessert of Lucknow, makkhan malai which is quite similar to Delhi’s daulat ki chaat but is more intense in its flavour and is available at Chowk Chauraha.

Rediscover Ruins Of Musa Bagh

Musa Bagh remains a lost treasure in the vast expanse of history – a place marked with significance in India’s struggle for independence. The 4th Nawab of Awadh, Nawab Asaf-ud Daulah selected the land for a garden complex. The French General Claude Martin of the East India Company then designed it. Historians believe that the garden was named after Hazrat Musa or popularly known as Moses as he is a revered figure by Muslims as well as followers of Judaism.

In its heyday, Musa Bagh was an entertainment ground for Nawabs and it played a significant role in the revolt of 1857. It is the very place where the mutiny erupted within the Awadh region with the resistance by the 7th regiment of the Awadh Irregular Infantry of the British Army consisting of Indians majorly. And it is also the very place that the rebellion was subdued a year later in 1858 with the British Army gaining over. Further on, The ruins of Musa Bagh are a testament of the spirit of resistance of Indians. Lakhori blocks make up this Indo-European edifice with great heritage value. This unknown attraction is perfect to visit post lockdown!

Have An Early Morning Chai And Bun Maska At Sharma Ji Ki Chai

things to do lucknow post lockdown

Despite having only 6 items to offer, Lucknowis know Sharma Ji ki Chai for the delicious chai it makes. It is the perfect beverage to sip while munching on a bun maska or crispy samosas. The tea stall is one of the oldest in existence in Lucknow having crossed over the 50-year mark. The tea stall, located in Lalbagh area of Hazratganj, serves as a benchmark for all other tea stalls in Lucknow.

The stall is open at wee hours of 7am and offers a perfect place to have a quick breakfast with friends post lockdown. Moreover, the bun maska here is one to have with its soft bun lavished with delicious homemade butter. 

Seek Peace at Jama Masjid  

things to do lucknow post lockdown

The Jama Masjid of Lucknow is, hands down, one of the most beautiful mosques in India. The Masjid is made entirely of off-white sandstone that gives it a stunning royal beauty unimaginable to those who haven’t seen it. The minarets tower over devotees in a beautiful fashion and the calligraphy of the walls are fascinating to the eye.

Furthermore, once inside, its picturesque domes, etched with intricate carvings and quality stonework will mesmerise you. The mosque was an important site for the nawabs and is currently a site of prayer for Muslims. Muhammad Ali Shah started its construction in 1873. His Begum, Nawab Malika Janah completed it after his death. The carvings on the wall come from Jain and Hindu influence. The place is absolutely breathtaking and should be on your list for a post lockdown exploration. 

Explore the Chikan Embroidery of Lucknow at Aminabad Market 

The Aminabad Market is one of the oldest markets in the country dating back to the period of Nawabs. The market is a shoppers’ hub and a foodie’s paradise all mixed into the clustered lanes of the market. It sells various items at cheap prices and locals know it for the jewellery, books, various knick-knacks and Indian wedding attires. But most notably, it sells the traditional embroidery work of Chikan that Lucknow.

Chikan literally translates to the word embroidery. Chikankari or Chikan embroidery is a beautiful and delicate craftwork which is usually done on white yarn or colourless muslin cloths. In addition, it is a skill Lucknow has cultivated for over 200 years. The Aminabad Market is a great place to hunt for chikankari clothes post lockdown. You can also recharge your energy for an exhausting shopping spree by gobbling down the food at Wahid Biryani or Kalika Chat House. 

Take a Gondola Ride at Janeshwar Mishra Park

We often associate the beauty of gondola rides with the city of Venice. Nevertheless, you can experience a lovely ride on a gondola at Lucknow itself. Gondola rides at the Janeshwar Mishra Park are a recent addition and became accessible to the public for over 4 years now. They serve as a lovely pass time activity with family and friends post lockdown. The park is an urban park located in Lucknow dedicated to the late Samajwadi Party politician, Janeshwar Mishra.

Further on,  this eco-park is the largest in Asia with lush green grass and beautiful flora. The Janeshwar Mishra Park is also a perfect place to go on walks early in the morning to stretch your legs. The park even houses a canteen for food. It has an artificial lake or water body where boating or gondola rides have been permitted. 

Witness the Biodiversity of Lucknow Zoo 

things to do lucknow post lockdown

The Lucknow Zoo is one of the most frequented attractions of the city. No matter how famous, our post lockdown list remains incomplete without it. It offers a lovely spot to witness the fauna of the region. The Zoo is home to 447 mammals, 348 birds, and 57 reptiles amongst them are 97 different species of wild animals. Zoos have gained a negative reputation due to the ill-treatment of animals in the enclosure. However, the Lucknow Zoo is adamant about educating its locals and tourists, especially the young ones, about the importance of wildlife and preserving them.

Moreover, It inhabits Royal Bengal Tigers, white tigers, lions, wolves, Hoolock gibbons, Himalayan black bears and Indian rhinoceros. The Zoo even hosts a ‘Touch Table Programme’ every Friday organized by The Nature Interpretation Centre which is an educational programme giving a hands-on experience to learn about the skins of animals, eggs of birds and pheasants, the tusks of elephants and more. 

Checkout the Unfinished Watchtower Satkhanda  

things to do lucknow post lockdown

Opposite to the Hussainabad Imambara is the enigmatic structure of the Satkhanda Watchtower.  The watchtower encapsulates Italian and French architectural styles in its makeup. The term ‘Satkhanda’ means ‘seven-storeys’ as it was originally meant to be constructed with seven-stories. But, the untimely death of Nawab Muhammad Ali Shah in 1840 lead to the halt of this project leaving it with merely 4 storeys.  People know the watchtower to be the tallest watchtower in India standing at 67 metres.

Currently, it is a decaying watchtower bringing in people due to its unusual charm and the thought-provoking history behind it. Even though the project remained unfinished, it stands to this day over a century later. The iconic tower is a must-visit post lockdown for its unusual style of design based on an octagonal structure and the amalgamation of French, Italian and Islamic influences. 

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