AlsoThe regal city of Jaipur, dubbed as “Pink City”, offers a wonderful abode to its travellers. The city preserves its history but births modernity in its experience. Jaipur is a UN-designated World Heritage Site with its forts, lakes, bazaars, urban neighbourhoods and cafes. You can jump between two different worlds in just one city. Jaipur packs in various attractions that can satiate tourists and locals who are searching for a different taste in their own city as well. There is beauty in its regularity but also a speciality in its distinctness. However, times like these reveal that even the most beautiful of places are touched by the ordeals of the world. With Jaipur in lockdown, the need to preserve life and history takes priority. This place motivates us to discover it in and out once the lockdown ends. We have curated a list of things to do in Jaipur post lockdown. 

While you still continue to miss your daily favourites, we have listed some offbeat recommendations that are in your budget, crowd-free and unique.


Our article lists offbeat activities to experience the lesser-known part of Jaipur. You can keep these activities for a weekend getaway or require just a day out of your schedule. These activities were selected after consideration of factors such as cheap budget and time management so that it is accessible for even the busiest of bees. 

Take A Calming Nature Walk Through Kulish Smriti Van

things to do in jaipur post lockdown

Despite the comfort of home, boredom sure piles on after a certain period of time. A walk down a beautiful path in a garden breathing in fresh air sounds ideal for that context. It is the best way to beat the stress and boredom that’s mounting. We suggest a walk post lockdown through the lush green gardens of Kulish Smriti Van. Moreover, it is a popular yet unofficial designated place for couples. Kulish Smriti Van boasts a biodiversity forest that serves as a memoir to nature’s kingdom.

There are unpaved tracks that will let you explore the Smriti Van as inconsequentially as possible. The Smriti Van is open from 6 am to 5 pm with free entry. The Van is segmented into 11 parts – those that showcase plantations, flowers, medicinal trees, museums and more. 

Watch A Royal Sunset Over Jal Mahal

things to do in jaipur post lockdown

There is a different charm to the evening sunlit glow as darkness and the twinkling of stars engulf it. A sunset’s beauty is accentuated by the landscape. Jal Mahal is such a location that will leave you in awe of the historic and natural beauty. The unique location of the Mahal within the Mann Sagar Lake makes it a great attraction in itself.

One should watch the red sunset glow shine over the shimmering water and the beautifully lit Mahal. It is a mesmerising view post lockdown. There is no entry to Jal Mahal and it has several viewing points along the road. Furthermore, we advise you to bring to arrive around 4 pm to catch the sunset glow and the palace lights. Grab your cameras as well because the sunset at Jal Mahal is something you’d like to capture and treasure for eternity. 

Discover Street Food In Masala Chowk

Street food cravings are difficult to battle but the lockdown has left us no choice. So here is a place in Jaipur that will end all the street food cravings that have piled up over these few months in a grand fashion. Visit Masala Chowk in Jaipur which is an open food court in Ram Niwas Garden. The place is a central hub of all Indian Street Food offering various options. It was originally meant for tourists to experience Indian Street Food but has become a popular hangout spot for locals as well.

Think of all the delicious Indian Street food you can – gol gappa, chole bhature, mishri mawa, samosa, jalebi and South Indian dishes like uttapam and Masala Dosas are all available here. Moreover, this mouthwatering haven is accessible through just a ₹10 entry ticket. 

Drive Through Ghat ki Gunni Tunnel From Jaipur To Agra

Ghat ki Gunni Tunnel is a significant tunnel that acts as a direct corridor connecting Jaipur to Agra. The tunnel serves a great function of conjoining two culturally rich cities and a great hassle-free drive. The tunnel is built on National Highway No. 11. It is a tunnel to Jaipur’s heritage as it enters into a narrow alley called Ghat ki Gunni that beautifully represents Jaipur’s architecture.

Further on, it offers you a glimpse of Mughal style architecture with grand gardens, palatial structures, jharokhas (balconies) and chhatris (pavilions). Years ago, the Havelis that lined up the alley were used for residential purposes by the people of Jaipur. A drive on the national highway will open a portal to a fascinating past and some architectural beauties post lockdown.

Rediscover Royal Heritage In Gatore Ki Chhatriyan

The admirers of history will love this place in Jaipur for the vast information they hold about the human civilisation. Gatore ki Chhatriyan is a perfect place for those history lovers who wish to absorb all the historical knowledge they can get their hands on post lockdown. Its appeal doesn’t merely rest on the information it offers but the architecture that arrests the beauty of this crematorium. Gatore ki Chhatriyan is a royal crematorium for the Kachwaha – a Rajput clan. Royal dome-shaped cenotaphs that resemble ornate towers within palaces scatter the ground.

Moreover, its resemblance to an umbrella or a chhatri is where the place gets its name. The place is a beautiful serene spot marked with its sandstone and marble structures. The entry fee is merely ₹30 per person. 

Have a taste of Nihari at Islami Kallu Hotel 

The Islami Kallu Hotel at Jaipur serves one of the most delicious Nihari Ghosht. In all likelihood, it is Paradise on Earth for meat lovers. Islami Kallu Hotel compromises its status as a stellar hygienic spot for its title as the place that serves the best Nihari in Jaipur. The delicious mutton adorned with pure ghee is a taste you cannot forget. With food at a reasonable price, the place has made a name for itself.

If the ambience or location is unfavourable to you, we advise you to pack it and eat it at home or in your car as eating Nihari is surely an experience you wouldn’t want to pass over. The estimated price is ₹250. Give that savoury and tender Nihari a try post lockdown!

Explore the art of Kagzis in Sanganer 

things to do in jaipur post lockdown

Sanganer is a town located just 16kms or half an hour away from Jaipur. Handmade paper industry and textile printing industry makes up the town what it is. Home to the Kagzis or papermakers, their work is a legacy that will entice you, post lockdown. Moreover, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II established it in 1728. These papers boast supreme quality and their craftsmanship.

Sanganer is also home to artisans and block printers that create unique and bright floral, bold and block prints. The beauty of Sanganer goes beyond the art and craftsmanship that thrives within. Furthermore, you can also view the palatial ruins and the Jain Temples that represent its rich cultural history. Its historical charm and the flourishing industrial practices is what draws travellers to its dwelling. 

Go on a Weekend Getaway near Kanota Dam 

things to do in jaipur post lockdown

Another way to unwind post lockdown is to go camping with your friends on the banks of a lake. Camping at Kanota is perfect for way to relish the scenic beauty of the day. Further on, you can go bird watching alongside the marshland trail.  Kanota Dam has a rustic charm to it with its green and brown shrubbery that surrounds the blue lake.

The campsite is located half an hour away from Jaipur approximately 18kms. You can opt to stay at Kanota Camp-Resorts for a peaceful getaway amongst nature. The place is a lovely way to have a relaxed weekend next to nature while making the most of the facilities at the resort. The lovely breeze near the lake and the quiet solitude it offers makes it an ideal place to reconnect with friends or partners. 

Visit the Anokhi Museum 

things to do in jaipur post lockdown

The block printing industry is one of the most well known traditional crafts of Rajasthan that struggles to keep pace with modern manufacturing. Anokhi Museum is a small textile museum that is dedicated to preserving the traditional craft of hand block printing. It is established within a 400-year-old UNESCO awarded building that has excellent displays of the prints and a woodblock craftsman that does live demonstrations.

Moreover, there is an excellent museum shop in proximity that sells great items at fixed prices. It is a quiet haven in the town of Amber. The entry price for an adult is usually ₹80 and ₹25 for students and children. However, we advise you to make sure of the correct location before heading down there. The museum is a portal to an intriguing and lost tradition that you can check out post lockdown.

Witness Nature’s Beauty at Sambhar Lake 

things to do in jaipur post lockdown

The Sambhar Salt Lake or the Shakambhari Jheel is a mesmerizing hidden treasure within Rajasthan. But this lake is equally as stunning and gorgeous as the rest of Rajasthan’s popular destinations. What adds on to its speciality is that it’s India’s largest inland saltwater lake. It receives water from five rivers namely, Samaod, Mantha, Khandela, Khari, Roopangarh and Medtha.

Furthermore, the significance of the lake dates back to the oral tales surrounding Prithviraj Chauhan and the mentions of the place within the epic Mahabharata itself. During the peak winter season, gorgeous flamingos nestle themselves in the water for warmth. The place also offers eco-friendly tents or resorts for accommodation! In addition, this place is located 80km from Jaipur which is just 2 hours away. 

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  3. Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

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