Quarantine has been a testing time for all of us – the mental repercussions of being cut off from our usual lifestyle may take a toll. Quarantine has its own benefits of mental replenishing, but intrinsically we’re all social beings by nature. The urge to go out and immerse yourself in nature or the city life is rife in all of us. We miss the kebabs of the evenings, late-night ice cream near India Gate and rides to Himachal in the weekends. Hence, we’ve all been looking forward to the end of the lockdown and breath in the city life of Delhi. We have all cursed the overcrowded metros, the growing pollution and foul-smelling Yamuna river. It was interesting witnessing the bustling Delhi life turn bereft of people – a Delhi claimed by the environment. We still dream of the scene after lockdown, but the world would be a different place then. Moreover, with a hefty office workload, more money to save and with people more careful than ever, it is hard to say that you can just go back to your old life. Nevertheless, for Delhiites who’re hoping to relive the beauty of the city once the lockdown ends, we have listed some things to do in Delhi (in and around) post lockdown.

While you still continue to miss your daily favourites, we have listed some offbeat recommendations that are in your budget, crowd-free and unique.

Top Unusual Things To Do In Delhi Post-Lockdown

 Our list of things feature one day trips and late-night eateries that you can head to without worrying about a hole in your pockets. Moreover, you can do all these over the weekend or after work too! Delhiites, plan your free days to live the missed lives with these things to do in your city.

Go Street Shopping In Paharganj Market 

things to do in delhi post lockdown

Shopping in the streets has somehow become so synonymous with the country’s capital city. With the likes of Sarojini Market and Lajpat Nagar, you can find the best of things for the least of price. Clothes, electronics, showpieces, shoes and so much more, everything at one stop. Moreover, if you are lucky enough then you will find the best finds with bargained prices. However, take a de route and head to Paharganj Market instead. This lesser-known main bazaar outside New Delhi sells almost everything from music CDs and books to clothes, hookah pipes and incense sticks. If you have missed the cheap streets and fine finds, then here is where you must head post lockdown.

P.S: Do plan it in the day rather than at night. The place is not very safe. Do carry your mask along!

Have A Taste Of Northeast In Humayunpur 

things to do in delhi post lockdown

Delhi is all about the best food. May it be the dirt-cheap kebabs, soya chaaps and chaats or finest restaurants serving gourmet International favourites, there is something to lure you through taste palates. You may have heard of Majnu Ka Tilla serving Tibetan delights but how many of you have considered Humanyunpur instead? If you were searching for the best of momos in the city, this is where you will find it. With the growing Northeastern population in Delhi, you will find the streets Humanyunpur lined with the best of North Eastern delicacies. From Korean kimchi and Tibetan thukpas to Naga and Manipuri thalis, it is certainly a hidden foodie paradise to discover post lockdown.

Go Camping In Chakrata 

These months of lockdown feel like years have passed by. After all of this, we sure want a getaway to the far off forests with streams and waterfalls. So, if you are looking for a getaway in a land far far away, take a short trip to the Doon Valley in Uttarakhand. With its Himalayan valley and the flowing Yamuna river, you will find an idyllic cantonment area for camping in Chakrata. Moreover, you would need a special permit to get here and foreigners are not allowed. So, imagine having the eco lounges, campsites and the grand view of the misty mountains all to yourself. Certainly seems like a perfect socially distanced getaway post lockdown, doesn’t it?

Take A Prehistoric Walk Through Mehrauli 

things to do in delhi post lockdown

All love Old Delhi, but Mehrauli will take you back in time to the Medieval eras when Rajputs and Slave dynasties ruled. While a walk through its narrow lanes will take you through densely rowed shops and apartments, you can still see the remnants of the once-thriving historical town. Further on, this area also features Qutub Minar and its adjacent site of the Mehrauli Archeological Site. Spread out across the area; you will find iconic and symbolic monuments of the past. Zafar Mahal, Jahaz Mahal, Ghandhak Ki Baoli and so many more will give you one kind of a sight. With their withering bricks, rotting walls and the clear, intricate floral designs and arches, they have many stories to tell.

Enjoy Open Street Art At Lodhi Art District 

things to do in delhi post lockdown

If you had been living in the greys then you sure need a colourful getaway post lockdown. Lodhi Art District is one of a kind with its open art gallery concept that started in 2015. Many national and international artists have put together their concepts to make art accessible to a broader audience. Murals adorn the build walls of the street and take you through a narrative wall. Moreover, each of these murals represent the vibrant flora, fauna and culture of the country. With colours sprouting from every direction, a walk through these streets are a treat to the mind. Once iconic of the British Raj architecture, the colour splash of thoughts and stories are ever-growing in South Delhi’s Lodhi Colony. Make sure to carry your camera along!

 See Handicrafts Being Made At Crafts Museum

India’s capital, Delhi is home to a number of regional and national museums that showcase the art, history and culture of the country. If you are the one to learn about the handicrafts that have developed from the smallest of villages, head to Crafts Museum near Pragati Maidan. This quaint museum sits in a live open-air museum where you can find artisans going about their work. You can find them demonstrating their indie crafts from embroidery and applique work to pottery and metal craft. Further on, you will find several galleries featuring over 30,000 different handicrafts from across India. Learn their tales from the artisans themselves and need you buy it, you will get the most affordable bargain. 

Don’t forget to miss out on Cafe Lota nestled among the artefacts. They have regional foods from around the country.

Be A Hipster In Champa Gali

Twinkling lights, sustainable crafts, indie music, thriving design agencies and unconventional art forms, Champa Gali is the new hangout spot for hipsters yet it remains a secret. A walk through the mucky road will take you to a hidden paradise dotted with starry fairy lights where you can spend an idyllic young evening. We are sure that you have missed spending time with your friends so make this your new chill hub. Moreover, there are several thrift stores selling clothes, notebooks, clay jewellery and books. Among the lines of frangipani plants decorate the pebbled pathway, you can join in the impromptu jam sessions or have an evening get together with a cup of coffee from Blue Tokai or a hot chocolate from Jug Mug Thela. If you are looking for an offbeat location, then this urban village is a must-visit post lockdown.

Take A Tour Of Havelis In Old Delhi

things to do in delhi post lockdown

if anything, we have always been awestruck by Havelis in Delhi. They may sound straight out of a horror movie or a symbol of a noble family. Nevertheless, they have an aura that call out to you to know more about them. Located of Kinari Bazaar, you will find a lane decorated with colourfully painted Jain Havelis. Moreover, as you walk across Old Delhi, you will find pigeons settling their nests on the grand terraces of these mansions. Haveli Dharmapura is another one of the mansions turned hotel that you must check out. A reminder that don’t mistake Havelis for gold-laden pillars or colourful splattered walls. These Havelis are symbolic of over 300 years of history and Indian architecture. 

We suggest taking a rickshaw ride through the narrow lanes too! Do remember to take a panoramic view photograph of the city skyline over Master Ji Ki Haveli’s terrace. 

Go Birdwatching At Okhla

things to do in delhi post lockdown

For a city that is settled on the banks of the great Yamuna river, you will have no trouble hunting down a natural getaway. With the Yamuna river cleaner than before, it is the perfect time to relish the grand view of the water body. If you are a bird lover and a naturalist, take a drive to the Okhla Bird Sanctuary situated on the banks of Yamuna. These wetlands are home to over 320 species of birds. Furthermore, you can find various thorny shrubs and extended grasslands. During the months of winters, it becomes the homage site to various migratory birds including Western march Herrier coming from Europe. A break from the city rush post lockdown among the chirping of these birds is a princess dream. Don’t forget to keep a guide book, binoculars and a camera handy while you are at it.

A Day Trip To Neemrana In Rajasthan

things to do in delhi post lockdown

Strange to say but Rajasthan is not very far from Delhi, hence a one day trip is surely possible. Located in Alwar district of Rajasthan, Neemrana is just a 3 hours road trip from Delhi. A historic city surrounded by the peace of mountain ranges, this is perfect for a post lockdown holiday. The sight of the Neemrana Fort and the trek to get there is surely alluring. Moreover, the view of the luxuriously lit Neemrana Fort, especially at night is a regal paradise. If you can save up then you can even book a stay here and enjoy a swim while looking out to the mountain view. You can even take a tour of the royal Alwar Palace, see the city skyline over the Alwar Fort and head to Baori for a historical find. At the end of the day before leaving, make sure you unwind by Siliserh Lake with a boat trip or just a stroll around it. 

We suggest catching the sunset by the Neemrana Palace or even the Siliserh Lake! 

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