Daman and Diu packs in a coastal paradise for everyone. What makes this place the lovely coastal retreat that it is? Well, spending your day at the beach jumping along with the waves, resting on a beach bed, and watching the dynamic nature of the sea makes up for a chunk of it. But beyond that, Daman and Diu offers a glimpse of the colonial past with its beautiful historical ruins and rich delicious cuisines! The place remains coronavirus-free despite being surrounded by the worst-hit states. Therefore, it is very important to set an example as the country begins to ease restrictions. Here are a set of things to do here to do once it is safe to go out in public and exercise our freedom.

Most people often ignore this heavenly union territory and the previous Portuguese colony. Goa shrouds it with its popularity but it is the beachy getaway you are looking for in the Western ghats. The article lists both offbeat and popular activities to opt for in Daman and Diu. We have selected them after careful consideration of factors such as time and budget. 



Moreover,  Daman and Diu is not best understood without a visit to the temples and churches that are flocked by people from all walks of life. A centre for water activities, history lessons and a spiritual experience – this place is surely an old soul that is revisited with a modern perspective.

Seek Thrilling Adventures at Ghoghla Beach

things to do in damn and diu

Daman and Diu’s Ghoghla Beach is a hub of water adventure that you can go for! It has been a long-standing tourist spot in Diu. Due to its safe waters, people consider it to be the best place to try your hand at water sports. You can perform water skiing, surfing, parasailing on the sea or on the beach, banana rides and so forth.

Furthermore, walking on the beautiful golden sand and playing the deep blue waters of Ghoghla Beach itself makes it a great treat. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to spot dolphins that occasionally come towards the shore. perhaps, one of the best things to do here, head down to Ghoghla Beach for a thrilling adventure package once it’s safe.

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Go caving Through Naida Caves

things to do in damn and diu

Natural caves are quite intriguing but what’s to say about man-made caves? Naida Caves, located in Daman and Diu, is the perfect place to find an answer to that. Early risers can visit this cave to understand the history behind this man-made formation. Shrouded in mystery, this cave holds very few answers to its origins. People believe that the Portuguese wanted to build a fort so they broke down rocks which thereon, made this formation.

Moreover, the explorer in you would be quite intrigued by the red walls of the cave and the stairway that leads nowhere. These caves are a haunting reminder of the unfinished projects of humanity that remain etched into the landscape years on. An early morning visit is the best thing to do to witness the sunlight peeking through the gaps between the rocks. 

Relish A Private Moment At Chakratirth Beach

things to do in damn and diu

Chakratirth Beach is a great place to enjoy some privacy with friends or family. The beach is removed from any mainstream popular beaches known for vibrant activity. The beach is compact so it does not hold the room for a huge crowd and it exudes a pleasant aura. Along with a small temple of Lord Shiva in its vicinity, it brings a calming effect on people seeking recluse.

You can enjoy the scenery of waves lapping up the small cove and the birds flying around the area. Moreover, the highlight of this beach is the stunning experience of the sunset it offers. The area is also attached to a legend of Lord Krishna beheading the demon Jalandhar. This mythical significance and the serene ambience of the beach makes it an offbeat yet ideal place to relax all day. 

Walkthrough the bylanes to enjoy Portuguese food

The union territory of Daman and Diu boasts of a fusion of European, Indian and tribal cultures. This is heavily reflected on the platter of cuisines available across the territory. Given the strong presence of Portuguese culture in history and present, we recommend trying out Portuguese food here. It will help people understand the rich colonial past of the Daman and Diu and how it has seeped into the present.

Furthermore, usually, you’ll find a blend of Portuguese-Gujarati food across all restaurants but the best place to try Portuguese food is O’ Coqueiro Music Garden Restaurant. The place is actually a shack and a popular rendezvous point for friends. Here, you can try out various Portuguese dishes while listening to the tunes of music and grabbing a book to read. It is probably one of the most satisfying things to do here,

Cycle through the town

Driving through town seems way too fast-paced and a convenient way to explore a town. What’s a fun way and a unique way to let a place sink in perfectly? Cycling, of course! As you paddle your way across the town, you’ll have a newfound appreciation for the island. While walking takes more time and leaves you hella exhausted, cycling keeps you on your toes and offers you a thrilling lens to view the world.

You can rent a cycle or a two-wheeler from a nearby renting hub and set on your cycling expedition. Further on,  cycling is also the eco-friendly option and it adds the thrill of adrenaline into the mix. Cycle through the old lanes of the island, stop for some street food and engage with the locals – this on-ground experience is one you’ll cherish forever. 

Witness the Baroque Architecture of St. Paul’s Church

things to do in damn and diu

In your exploration of Daman and Diu, do not overlook St. Paul’s Church. It is one of the most magnificent and beautiful churches you will ever lay your eyes on. It dates back to 1601 A.D and dedicates itself to St. Mary. The church boasts fine and exquisite work of Baroque style of architecture. The mighty white structure stands tall and regal as an architectural marvel and house of worship.

Moreover, the woodwork inside the church is highly intricate and elaborate enough to make an expert’s jaw drop. Of all Portuguese churches built in India, the frontal elevation of this church is said to be one to the most elaborate and best. You can’t help but draw a breath at the sight of this magnificent structure. St. Paul’s Church is a great place to offer prayers and understand the influence of Portuguese culture in the legacy of architecture in India. 

Go Market Hopping for Various Items 

One of the unique features or additions to shopping in Daman and Diu is the availability of oyster artefacts and seashells. This is not something you can find in abundance just anywhere. The teeming markets of Diu are all known for these items and therefore, shopping is one of the satisfying things to do here.

Furthermore, you can stroll through the bustling streets of the market and find various handicrafts, souvenirs, apparels, leather products and so much more. The markets you can go to are Nani Daman Market, Hong Kong Market, Bunder Chowk, Princess Park. You’ll find various items at affordable prices. The lovely climate of Diu offers no hindrance to this activity. 

Relax at Kadaiya Lake Garden 

things to do in damn and diu

Kadaiya Lake Garden, also known as Mirasol Lake Garden, is a great place for recreational activity. Located in Daman, this lake garden is a man-made attraction that draws people due to the experience it offers. The beautiful lake is a mesmerizing sight and the play area within the compound is a lovely pass time for kids.

The place connects two islands with an artificial bridge where you can witness a serene and picturesque landscape. Moreover, You can also opt for boating along the pristine lake for a relaxing time. Within the compound, one can find various gaming opportunities such as Go-karting, computer games, toy trains and jumper-boats.

Open a Gate to the Past at Moti Daman Fort

things to do in damn and diu

History buffs and explorers unite as Moti Daman Fort opens a portal to our colonial past. Our colonial history is something inescapable and a greater exploration of it can help us understand the current social, political and cultural framework of India. Moti Daman Fort is a colonial-style architecture dating back to 1559 AD. It has around 10 bastions and 2 gateways. 

Moreover, it’ll guide history buffs in their knowledge of the establishment of Daman and Diu and the settling of the Portuguese along the shores. You can laude the brilliant piece of work and envision the bygone era that India lived through. The fort along the shores offers the visitors a look at the beautiful landscape of an architectural marvel with the blue sea in the backdrop. 

 Know all about shells in the Sea Shell Museum

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Seashells are usually the beautiful memorabilia we take home after a fun day at the beach. We dig through the sand and the hunt along the shore for the most unique and beautiful shells we can find. There’s something mesmerizing about knowing that these shells once were a protective layer for an animal living in the sea. These thoughts and feelings of ours are best preserved in the Sea Shell Museum located at the Nagao Road in Daman and Diu.

Merchant Navy Captain Devjibhai Vira Fulbaria established this museum which shelters over thousands of shells. A trip to the museum is a haven for seashell lovers and will provide much-needed insight. Moreover, with captions stated under the display of shells, it will help you distinguish between them and learn more about their existence. 

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