We, just like you are craving a breath of fresh air. We miss the taste of the roadside food and the freedom to take a bus and head out to places. Somehow even the evening YULU rides and crowded BMTCs seem to be a heavenly affair. As we are locked in, we can’t help but imagine what it would be like after lockdown. Most certainly, the world would be a different place. With a hefty office workload, more money to save and with people more careful than ever, it is hard to say that you can just go back to your old life. But, after the lockdown and careful living, you can still satisfy your desires and live in the city you have missed so much. We have listed some things to do in Bangalore (in and around) post lockdown.

While you still continue to miss your daily favourites, we have listed some offbeat recommendations that are in your budget, crowd-free and unique.

Best Things To Do In Bangalore Post-Lockdown

Our list of things feature one day trips and late-night eateries that you can head to without worrying about a hole in your pockets. Moreover, you can do all these over the weekend and after work too! Plan your free days ahead to live the missed lives with these things to do in Bangalore.

Go To Sajjan Rao Circle For Midnight Snacks

things to do in bangalore post-lockdown
By: The Hindu

We have been missing our midnight snacks way too much. How much can we survive on Maggi and biscuits? We need our Empires’ shawarma and late-night dosas back. While there are many places you can order from, why not go a little pocket friendly and head out in search of some delicious street food at Sajjan Rao Circle. This food street serves up steaming food till 2 AM. Furthermore, it packs a lot of local flavour serving you Chinese and Indian chaats with some buttery benne dosai and chai. Eating street food is one of the best things to do post lockdown.

Sunrise At Kanva Dam

things to do in bangalore post-lockdown

Nature is at its brightest when there are no humans bustling to break its state. If you are searching for a crowd-free scene then ride off to Kanva Dam early in the morning. Shimmering through the lake, you will see the spectacular view of the sunrise. 62 km away from Bangalore, this little reservoir offers a quiet getaway from the city life. Moreover, after the hustle of the work-life, you are about to get thrown into, you will certainly need a refreshing getaway. You can sit by the still waters and watch a new day begin. It may not be as popular as Nandi hills or Hebbal Lake but watching such an untouched scenery is a worthy thing to do.

Trek In Ramanagara

things to do in bangalore post-lockdown
By: The Insider

Have you missed the sweat, climb and the mesmerising view of the world from above? That’s why you must head out for a one-day trek post-lockdown. But, we suggest choosing a little different this time and start slow. Remember the little hamlet where Sholay was shot? Yes, we are talking about Ramanagara and you get to climb the rocks that served as the backdrop of the iconic Bollywood film. Moreover, the peak offers a painted canvas of the underlying plateaus covered with thick greens. Certainly breathtaking! It is also known for being India’s only vulture sanctuary and you can go caving too. Another best thing to do here is to take a bike ride through the rugged terrains.

If you are looking to turn the thing up a notch then book yourself a night trek

A Historical Walk Through Kamaraj Road

things to do in bangalore post-lockdown

A date with history, one thing we miss being at home is the discovery of the history that has made our civilisations today. Such a historical place is the Kamaraj road which was a famous cantonment area and is being slowly devoured by the fast-spreading urbanisation. Post-lockdown, make a walk through this arterial road one of your top things to do before it disappears into just a story. The road goes through Commercial Streets and takes you through a lane of two-storeyed Tamil Chettiar styled homes with heavy doors. The story goes back to the colonial era as this cantonment are was a resident of British military and Tamil migrants.

Furthermore, there are many personal stories that are hidden within these lanes. One such is the settlement story of a Jewish who had set up a shoe store and built their house in the Iraqi Casbah style. Hope you notice the

View Gandikota Fort and Gorge

things to do in bangalore post-lockdown

It may be a common name for treks for Bangaloreans but in front of the greenery of Chikmagalur or Tadiandamol, the Gandikota falls short. Nevertheless, take a turn to the Grand Canyon of the country post-lockdown. The landscape of Gandikota is mesmerising with spiraling canvas of rocky canyons. It even features a deep gorge with fresh flowing water. Perfect for an out of the world click! Moreover, one of the best things to do here is to visit the historical Gandikota Fort. Lying next to the Pennar riverbank is the ruins of the fort built-in 1123. If you are into architecture then the hamlet features many historically rich temples and as for adventurers, there are the Belum caves to explore.

You can do a weekend trip here by road and even by train!

Wrestling Match At Gardi Ustad Pehlwan Kale Bhai

things to do in bangalore post-lockdown
By: 101India

Have you ever seen traditional Indian wrestling? We are not talking about the Dangal movie. Straight out of the movie is this Gardi Ustad Pehlwan Kale Bhai which still is a place of pride for oiled up wrestlers in their langors. The gardi is over 100 years old and showcases the traditional history of Indian wrestling that you can read from the peeling walls. It still has the sweat soaking pits where wrestlers practice grappling each other. Further on, these pehlwans also serve up aromatic biryani along with special seer fish, mutton chops with flavoured rice. It may be a side business to keep their gardi running but the taste of the food is worth it. In the hustle of Shivajinagar with its shopping street and food scene, this is easy to miss but is one of the best things to do when here.

Have A Hookah At Rasta Cafe

Just like us, we are sure you have been missing all those midnight adventures. A regular Friday or Saturday night seemed impossible without an afterparty ride on the empty roads. Similarly, hit up the post-lockdown roads and ride off to Rasta Cafe which is open 24 hours except on Mondays. Sitting under the open skies and having a sheesha (or hookah) will get you back to enjoying the original peace in life. Moreover, they have some delicious coffee and snacks to try out too. Just perfect to satisfy your cravings as well! Just remember to avoid the family crowds of the morning, hence we suggest a night time ride. Besides, the ride after dark is one of the best things to do in Bangalore.

A Cultural Getaway To Nrityagram

things to do in bangalore post-lockdown
By: The Hindu

Indian culture is honestly something that is easily politicised yet when seen up close gives an enlightening experience. Such is the story of a traditional dance school, Nrityagram in Hesaraghatta, Bangalore set up in 1990. If you have been spending time watching Ramayana and Mahabharata, then let us tell you you just visit this gurukul post-lockdown to experience peace of learning. Moreover, you can watch many people practising their classical dance forms and learn the beauty of each. The architecture of the traditional thatched homes canopied by rising trees is a sight to behold. We suggest heading there in the morning for a fresh start to the day.

A Day Out In Guhantra – Underground Resort

things to do in bangalore post-lockdown

Welcome to India’s first underground resort, The Cave Resort in Guhantara. Located off Kanakpura road, it is a symbol of nature and man living side by side and a must-visit post lockdown. A day out in its alluring beauty is certainly blessing away from the city. Moreover, there is Madhushala for your liquor needs, Agasthya Kuteera for spa therapy and Sambhojhana for delicious food. Some of the best things to do here is horse riding, rappelling, caving, tunnel trekking and paintball. However, before heading there make sure you make a call to know about the availabilities of the facilities. Certainly one of the unique resort experiences to have in Bangalore.

Go Bird Watching At Hasaraghatta Lake

things to do in bangalore post-lockdown
By: Cranium Bolts

Nature’s species come in all shape and forms. With their winged grace and colours, birds will always continue to intrigue all. And if you are a bird enthusiast then you must head to Hasarghatta Lake which you will encounter rare species of them. This underrated birding lake provides the largest amount of Bangalore water supply and is a hidden burd sanctuary. 16 km away from the city, an early morning ride here is a must thing to do post-lockdown. Do carry your binoculars along to watch those Magpie Robins, Egyptian Vultures, Baya weaver birds and Blue Faced Malkohas. However, do not lure them with food, birds are best seen in their natural habitat.

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