Ahmedabad as a city is an enigmatic and assorted platter of diverse and rich cultural influences, quirky modern hangouts and an eventful history. The experience of living here is certainly unique from the rest of the cities in India. Ahmedabad is the largest and most popular city of Gujarat with the Sabarmati River babbling down the centre. Moreover, it does not exude the modernistic touch of metropolitan cities so glaringly but it settles on a traditional urban setting that gives its visitors a wide range of opportunities. The freedom to meet your friends for bun maska and Irani chai seems elusive for now. Even a walk through Victoria Garden or a glimpse of the Jama Masjid is something we miss incredibly. But with the lockdown still in effect with some relaxations, all we can do is jot down a to-do list for post lockdown. 

While you still continue to miss your daily favourites, we have listed some offbeat recommendations that are in your budget, crowd-free and unique.




This article lists offbeat activities for tourists and locals to experience the charm of the lesser-known attractions that Ahmedabad offers. These activities were selected with careful consideration of factors such as budget and time management. Therefore, you can take one day out or just a weekend for most of these activities. 

Discover African Architecture At Sidi Sayyed Mosque

things to do in ahmedabad post lockdown

The influences of culture and civilization on architecture is a fascination for history lovers. And this 16th-century mosque is a testament to the legacy of African style architecture within India. It is a sublime representation of history of the Africans existing within India’s diverse cultural diaspora. Furthermore, the “Sidis/Siddis” refer to the Arabic-Persian name attributed to Africans meaning “people from Abyssinia or Ethiopia”.

The patrons of this architectural style were military commanders of the armies of sultans who were the descendants of the slaves and maritime labourers brought into India. The most iconic element of the mosque is the window or jaali (net) which has an intricate carving of the tree of life motif. This beautiful mosque doesn’t draw many tourists due to its location at a busy intersection. But it is a factor one can easily overlook what the trip is worth post lockdown.

Eat Spooky Among Graves At The New Lucky Restaurant

To the eccentrics, lover of all things offbeat, how does dining on an Indian burial ground sound to you? Pretty spooky, we bet. But the New Lucky Restaurant has gained popularity for its odd yet charming location. We know this for its spacious seating and delicious assortment of food. New Lucky’s owner Krishnan Kutti cleverly decided to incorporate the aesthetics of the graveyard into his restaurant after being allocated the land.

However, the graves are protected by a steel rod to maintain their sanctity. It is theorized that they belonged to the 16th-century Sufi saints. In no way was this move an act of disrespect as the owner believes eating in the presence of the dead brings good luck. Certainly worth a visit post lockdown!

Have A Dramatic Trek Through Jawhar

A weekend getaway to Jawhar Hill Station would be the perfect way to escape the monotony of daily life and indulge in thrilling activities. The Hill Station offers a challenging trek to Dabhosa Waterfalls, a Sunset viewing Point, Hanuman Point, Bhopatgad Fort and a creepy yet magnificent Jai Vilas Palace. Thus, is a paradise for nature lovers and the seekers of historical knowledge post lockdown.

The trek to Dabhosa Waterfalls is ideally the first and most important thing to scratch off your list. Standing at 300ft, it is one of the highest waterfalls of India. Moreover, the trek to this majestic waterfall is a challenging one with its steep and bumpy path which adds to the excitement. You can overcome a trek like this with great company This would save you time and is not a drastic difference from driving budget-wise. 

Take A Walk Through The Old Lanes Of Pols

things to do in ahmedabad post lockdown

A heritage walk through the old city will definitely help you rediscover your love for Ahmedabad. It is a reminder of the vibrant living heritage of the city. These ‘pols’ or neighbourhoods are a settlement of houses centuries-old in the city of Ahmedabad. Navigating through the old city’s busy streets and meandering lanes is like being transported back into the past. Moreover, a walk would be quite insightful post lockdown. And, it will be a delight for people who have a fascination for unassuming places with a historical significance.

The old city is over 600 years old and yet beautifully preserves its historical charm. You can opt to go for the heritage walk conducted by Amdavad Municipal Corporation (AMC) or the private house of MG (Mangaldas Ghirdardas) which will take you from Mangaldas ni Haveli to Manek Chowk finally culminating with the sound of a 600-year-old drumming tradition that signals the closing of the old city. 

See the Wondrous Jhulta Minar 

things to do in ahmedabad post lockdown

The Jhulta Minar is a fascinating addition to the architectural wonders in India. They call it the shaking minarets. They are two minars that are bound by the mysterious technique employed by its architect. You can shake or nudge one minar and you see the other one vibrating as well. Moreover, this intriguing structure has stumped many of its visitors as there are no evident passage for the transmission of the vibration.

The 500-year-old structure was originally part of the Sidi Bashir Mosque. The minarets were supposed to be the entrance to the mosque that was destroyed during the Gujarat Sultanate War. They share a history of puzzling people, even the British during their Raj. Give the Jhulta Minar a visit post lockdown as it will reaffirm the enigmatic mystery of old civilizations. 

Explore the tragic history of Adalah Ni Vav

things to do in ahmedabad post lockdown

Adalaj Ni Vav is around 18 km away from Ahmedabad and takes around half an hour. The stepwell draws its visitors because of its exemplary architecture and the tragic love story associated with it. It is a beautiful piece of work running 5 stories deep. The beauty of the stepwell is more evident from the fifth floor where you can view the turquoise water that shines in the light. In addition to that,  built-in 1499 it was a way to provide cooling refuge and water to travellers and local people.

The stepwell is spectacularly beautiful but the history behind it makes it even more enticing. Its history is rife with the dramatics of love, war, betrayal and loyalty. This very history has translated into its architecture which consists of Hindu, Jain and Islamic influences. 

Feast Your Eyes on The Largest Collection of Vintage Cars 

The Auto World Vintage Car Museum is where the automobile aficionado meets a history nerd. This open-air museum displays high-end automobiles, carriages, motorcycles and various other vehicles. It is a great stimulant for automobile aficionados to learn about the history of vintage cars and the snazzy beauty it represents. Visitors can find an assembly of classic beauties such as Bentley, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Cadillac and Auburns.

The museum was founded by the late Pranlal Bhogilal who was a renowned vintage collector and had made it into the Guinness World Records at one point. Moreover, it would be a haven for history enthusiasts who can view the mode of transportations during the 1900s. The museum is highly impressive and a rarity in India so make sure to give it a visit post lockdown.

Visit the Glorious Sun Temple of Modhera

A 2-hour drive from Ahmedabad post lockdown will lead you to the elegant Modhera Sun Temple. The structure and intricate carvings of the temple will leave you speechless. Not only is it a humble destination for religious devotees and spiritual lovers but it is a historical and architectural wonder. Unfortunately, the Modhera Sun Temple is now an enigmatic ruin resting at the banks of Pushpavati River. The temple is built on a lotus-shaped structure with beautiful intricate carvings on every inch of the walls.

Also, the carvings represent the events of Ramayana and Mahabharata along with the human lifecycle and the Kamasutra. It was built during the Chalukya Dynasty under the reign of King Bhim I. The beauty of its architecture lies in the fact that it was constructed in a way that the first sun rays would fall on the diamond on the Sun God’s head illuminating the temple in a golden glow. 

Plan a Getaway to Nal Sarovar Lake & Sanctuary

things to do in ahmedabad post lockdown

Located nearly 64 km away from Ahmedabad, Nal Sarovar offers a perfect getaway to nature’s lovers. The place is home to several species of birds that include blackbuck, rosy pelican, flamingos and many others. It is an ideal place for bird watching and is deemed as a Bird Sanctuary. Moreover, the place is a sanctuary to around 200 birds that migrate from Siberia, Oman, UAE, Yemen etc.

Nal Sarovar also offers boat rides and a great picnic spot overlooking tall grasslands and marshes with birds on it. The sanctuary boasts of a rich biodiversity that can bring you closer to understanding nature. The place offers a calm and peaceful break from the city life of Ahmedabad post lockdown. 

Watch a Film at Sunset Drive-In Cinema 

The lockdown has turned us into über-pro binge-watchers that have exhausted the activity of Netflix and Chill. We’ve missed the feel of going outside for a movie and grabbing some popcorn. We look forward to watching films in theatres post lockdown but Ahmedabad can fulfil that wish with a unique twist. Watch a film at the Sunset Drive-In Cinema in Ahmedabad. Imagine watching a film with your partner or friend under a sky full of stars.

Furthermore, the Drive-In Cinema will give you a stunning and unique cinematic experience that you will not forget. This unconventional theatre does not compromise any technical qualities of the film for this. It has the largest screen in Asia but it is quite inexpensive. You may enjoy the film with delicious food from the food court. This is one of the best ways to celebrate post lockdown. 

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