Tripura drums to its own beat being an offbeat destination within an offbeat region. It offers a pleasant abode to its travellers distinct from its sisters in their flamboyance. It is slowly gaining recognition as a lovely place to visit for its beautiful royal architecture, abundance of religious sites, serene nature and tribal culture. Journeying through the place and discovering underrated destinations to chill at is probably a strong appeal of Tripura. Moreover, the traditional cuisine of Tripura is honestly a blessing for meat and fish lovers! Be it tourist or locals, Tripura is a shrine for offbeat activities and a pleasant time. We have jotted down wonderful activities to explore for your post lockdown exploration. 


The article features popular and offbeat activities to do in Tripura. We have chosen these activities keeping in mind factors such as time and budget. Most activities or places in Tripura can be explored in limited time and therefore, you can take out a day or a weekend for each activity. 

Take a walk through the royal architectures 

things to do in Tripura post lockdown

One of the major takeaways from Tripura is the architectural delights it offers. Making the effort to discover the architectural styles and marvel at its magnificence is what you’re likely to do in Tripura given its dominance. Two of the most popular recommendations to understand the beauty of architecture in Tripura are Neermahal and Ujjayanta Palace. The biggest pull towards Neermahal is the blend of Islamic and Hindu architectural styles in its design. Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Debbarma built this former royal palace. Furthermore, the name of the palace translates to Water Palace given its strategic location in the middle of Rudrasagar Lake.

Whereas, the lovely white Ujjayanta Palace offers a different take on an Islamic-Hindu blend with its well-maintained Mughal gardens and the housing of various Hindu Temples within its grounds. The reality of both is definitely one to check out post lockdown.

Relish the bamboo craft in Katlamara

As the artisan skills of Tripuri people gained recognition, the handicraft practices within the state flourished. Given the changing demographics of the state and the effervescent nature of modernity, it is important to preserve the heritage and create awareness. The locals of Tripura create a variety of products from simple materials like cane and bamboo. The region of Katlamara is the perfect place to visit the post lockdown to have a better understanding of these practices. Moreover, bamboo is a major material used in the creation of utility products and for construction.

You can visit the bamboo getaway at Baansh Gam in Katlamara district of Tripura. The rural community of Katlamara make use of the abundant bamboo trees in the environment to make designs that establish quite a statement. Most of their capacity building is restricted to the locals but you can always witness the beauty of the craft and its roots through a visit. The place is an hour away from Agartala. 

Go bird watching at the gorge of Gumti River

things to do in Tripura post lockdown

The Gumti River within the Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary offers a lovely recreational activity for nature lovers. The vast reservoir not only offers a tranquil and stunning landscape to feast your eyes on but it provides a glimpse into the fauna of Tripura.  One of the best places to go bird watching in Tripura is the Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary. You’ll come across domestic and migratory aquatic birds relishing the feel of the reservoir.

Further on, these aquatic birds and terrestrial birds are wonderful to gaze at especially if you have binoculars on you for better display. Along with bird watching, you can also explore the diversified flora and fauna thriving within the sanctuary. Animals like elephants, bison, Sambhar and barking deer are some of the species you may have the chance of witnessing here post lockdown.

Explore the Buddhist site in Pilak

things to do in Tripura post lockdown

To understand the influence of Buddhism on Tripura’s civilisation, Pilak is the ideal place for insight. The place has cradled various cultures from the 8th-12th centuries in its region – most notable being Buddhism. One of the intriguing factors of Pilak is that it stands testimony to the peaceful co-existence of two cultures. The sects of Buddhism and Hinduism perfectly corresponded to each other within the region allowing each to flourish beautifully without being inimical to their growth.

Furthermore, Pilak houses a Buddhist Complex within its territory that dates back to 9th and 10th century A.D. Looking back on the history, you will come to know of the several dynasties that ruled this region. There seems to be an oscillation between Buddhist and Hindu rulers. Nevertheless, the culture of Buddhism and Hinduism persevered. The excavated rock-cut images and terracotta plaques that serve as indicators to Buddhism can be explored at Pilak. Buddhist tourists seem to visit this place and you should too post lockdown. 

Go Tribal Walking in Jampui Hills

things to do in Tripura post lockdown

Jampui Hills is dubbed as the ‘seat of the spring’ and is the highest hill range of the state. The Jampui Hills serves as a major attraction because of its beautiful landscape complemented by its pleasant climate. Its natural beauty is fodder for the tranquillity that travellers seek in their journey. But along with this mental peace, Jampui Hills offer a greater understanding of the tribal culture within Tripura. The hills are dotted with settlements of the tribal people such as the Lushai and Reang. 

Moreover, the tribes settled in the Jampui Hills are noted for their renowned orange cultivation practices. One can visit these villages, walk past houses and engage in conversation to understand the livelihood practices of the tribal people within the region.

Visit the Exhibition of Tripura at Heritage Park 

things to do in Tripura post lockdown

What better way to mix learning and recreation but by creating a Heritage park? The Heritage Park in Agartala claims to be the first Heritage park of the North-East. The place is a great way to relax and learn about the state of Tripura. The structure of its design was well thought out to satisfy the history buffs and nature lovers within us. A visit to this park can give you a good insight into the art, culture, heritage and wildlife reserves of Tripura. You can stroll through the park and enjoy your leisure time post lockdown.

When need be, you can explore for knowledge. At the entrance, you’ll witness mini Tripura, the middle part is just natural forest and further on, the area shelters medicinal plants, herbs and shrubs. Further on, the mini Tripura features 11 models of tourist places along with miniature models of roads and railways running along the hills of Tripura. 

Try the Unique and Delicious Mui Borok 

things to do in Tripura post lockdown

The locals affectionately denote the traditional Tripuri cuisine as Mui Borok. It is a traditional cuisine comprising a key ingredient, that is, Berma. It is a sour-tasting, fermented and dried fish. Berma adds a lovely and distinct flavour to the dishes once cooked properly. It is Shidol in Bengal. Meat dominates the Tripuri cuisine and therefore, Mui Borok consists of mostly meat dishes along with vegetables.

Another staple ingredient is muya which is bamboo shoot. Chugged down with the traditional rice beer, Chuak, or another local beer called Muya Awandru. The previous one made from fermented rice water and bamboo shoot and rice flour makes the latter. Other dishes include Gudok which is a dish prepared within the hollow of a bamboo shoot and Wahan – a local favourite dish that is a pork lover’s paradise.

Offer Prayer at Jagannath Temple 

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The sublime structure and the religious significance of the Jagannath Temple in Agartala is a highly attractive quality. The Jagannath Temple dedicates itself to one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The temple houses beautiful idols that depict mythological incidents. Within the temple complex, you will also find a beautiful pond with fishes to feed. At the bank, you will even witness the statues of Arjuna and Krishna depicting the story of the war in Mahabharata.

The Jagannath Temple is a beautiful structure that’ll leave you spellbound but it is a great place to replenish your spiritual energy. Moroever, the Jagannath Temple stands as a testimony to the religious beliefs in Hinduism and provides strength to devotees that visit the temple. Even non-followers can’t help but marvel at the design and ambience of the temple. 

Take a Look At Ancient Art Forms in Tripura

There are several historic sites along Tripura that have large collections of rock engravings and sculptures. These structures are the legacy of the Brahmanical traditions and culture of Buddhism that was prevalent in the region. The artforms are also testament to the amalgamation of traditional religion with tribal cultures. The three historic sites that are iconic in Tripura’s art culture are Unakoti, Pilak and Devtamura. The Unakoti engravings bear carvings of Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism. According to a legend, Lord Shiva rested here at night on his way to Kashi.

Whereas, Devtamura is another archaeological site that has rock sculptures. You’ll find a panel of carvings on the banks of Gumti River. Moreover, these images date back to the revival of Brahmanism in the 15th and 16th century as the popularity of Buddhism began to wane.  A visit to these two sites post lockdown is an enlightening experience in accord with understanding art forms thriving in ancient times. 

Stroll through Barmura Eco Park

The Barmura Eco Park is a great place for eco-conscious nature lovers to visit post lockdown. It is situated on the Shillong-Agartala Highway and is a perfect pitstop to have a stroll and lunch. Sylvan green forest fills the area of the park and has a lovely stream running through it. Further on, the abundance of greenery and fresh air makes it a great place to unwind.

The forest of Barmura supports the needs and livelihood of various tribal people. Moreover, the park is a great extension of the efforts by the Forest Department in the conservation of biodiversity. This leisure activity can be accompanied by the great dining experience at Hornbill Cafeteria just opposite to the park. 

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