Lakshadweep is a beautiful archipelago situated in the Laccadive Sea near to Kerala. It is a remote coastal destination that stands apart from the rest of the states as an island and a union territory. The archipelago of 36 islands seems quite vast but many of them are uninhabited and the islands that allow for visits require permits. The stunning pristine beaches of Lakshadweep along with the abundance of foliage across the island makes it a natural paradise island. Moreover, it is mostly known for the calming reclusive aura it offers the visitors isolated from the mainland.  Now, as India enters into the stage of opening its doors again, we think it’s high time to jot down the activities you can do in Lakshadweep for a fun getaway.

People love it as a romantic getaway but trust us, it hides much more than that. A stay at their well-managed resorts and days spent exploring the variety of beaches, nature and water sports is a much-needed break indeed.


The article lists popular and offbeat activities to do in Lakshadweep post lockdown. We have included these activities after careful consideration of your time and money. Not to mention, we also have the need for social distancing in mind while giving you the best of wanderlust. Given the size of the island, you’ll be able to explore it quite well in a decent amount of time.

Take a local boat and go island hopping

offbeat things to do in lakshadweep

The term Lakshadweep in itself translates to ‘a hundred thousand islands’. It does not remain factually true but it does embody the essence of the place. Lakshadweep is one of the few places in India where you can literally go island hopping! This archipelago of 36 islands offers at least 4-5 islands for visitation.

We suggest that you take the local boat or ferry to go island hopping. The ride will take you through the laid back islands of the archipelago – Agatti, Kalpeni, Minicoy and so forth. Moreover, this will give you better flexibility and control over your plans. While there are many cruises to take, a local ferry experience is truly offbeat and gives you the real feel of the islands.

Observe thousands of marine species at Marine Museum

A trip to the Marine Museum located in Kavaratti Island is highly important. As visitors to an island dependent on coconut and fish cultivation, the aquatic and geographical characteristics of the island gives you an understanding of the place. The Marine Museum is a great initiative to teach people about the importance of aquatic life and the diverse range of species found in the habitat.

Furthermore, speaking truly of their goal to educate the masses, the Marine Museum, shelters a plethora of marine-based artefacts and a fascinating aquarium. One of the most intriguing artefacts collected in the museum is a shark’s skeleton. But the highlight of your day rests at the aquarium. You will witness a wide range of aquatic species and water animals in the aquarium that you cannot help but remember for the rest of your life. 

Walk by the glowing sea at night in Bangaram Beach

offbeat things to do in lakshadweep

A visit to Lakshadweep is probably incomplete without a trip to Bangaram Islands. However, the offbeat highlight of it is the night time along the Bangaram Beach. Picture yourself walking down the sandy beach at night and listening to the quiet waves lapping the cove under a sky full of stars. To that, we add a tiny detail that the edges of the beach is glowing in a luminescent blue hue. This is something you can witness at Bangaram Beach.

Located in Bangaram Islands, the beach is unique due to the properties of algae within the waters. Moreover, these algae glow in the dark with an iridescent blue hue. In biology, the term is coined as ‘bioluminescence’ but in reality, it almost feels like being on a magical island. The landscape seen during the night at Bangaram Beach is something to cherish forever.

P.s: It is one of the few islands where you can buy your own booze.

Go fishing at Minicoy Islands

offbeat things to do in lakshadweep

Minicoy Island is situated slightly isolated from its sister islands. But the differentiation doesn’t just end there, it is the only island where the inhabitants speak Mahl instead of Malayalam – the other local language. Minicoy Island is extremely beautiful and maintains a certain tranquillity in its being. Known as Maliku, the island is one of the treasured gems of India and serves as a centre for tuna-fishing in Lakshadweep.

Aside from exploring the stunning coral reefs of the beaches and walking along white-sand beaches, one of the best yet offbeat ways to know Minicoy Island is to go fishing with the locals. Further on, you can travel on the motorboat with the locals to experience the activity of fishing. You’ll be able to witness how the locals tend to catch fishes upon which the island is heavily dependent on. 

Catch The View from Andrott Island Lighthouse

offbeat things to do in lakshadweep

Andrott Island is a place rife with history and unbridled nature. History enthusiasts would definitely want to jot down the offbeat Andrott Island during the visit. It is the largest island in all of Lakshadweep but not a commercial tourist destination. Therefore, history enthusiasts can enjoy the place as it is without any human intervention. The island is quite famous for its lighthouse which was the first modern lighthouse to be built in Lakshadweep in 1967.

The view from the lighthouse is impeccable as it provides a panoramic view of the vast and beautiful Arabian Sea with occasional interruption of islands resting on it. The wind is highly enjoyable and the birds at this height attribute to the whole vision and experience. Beyond this, Andrott Island is also known for the tomb of Saint Hazrat Ubaidullah at the Jumaat mosque who is said to have brought Islamic culture to the island. Whereas, you’ll also find ruins of a Buddhist site.

Moreover, Andrott Island is a testament to the cultural exchange that happened even beyond the mainland. It is fascinating to know that such a place remains unexplored by many. 

Engage In Thrilling Water Sports at Amini Beach 

offbeat things to do in lakshadweep

People often talk about Bangaram, Kavaratti or Kadmat Island when it comes to water sports. However, if you want to experience offbeat then we give you Amini Beach! The appeal of this place lies in the serene and tranquil atmosphere it maintains and the adventurous spirit it harbours. The water sports conducted in the island provide a unique experience far above the ones conducted at the mainland due to the island’s strategic location.

Moreover, the beach is covered with coral sandstone. The water sports you can try here are – scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, reef walking, zorbing, pedal boating, swimming and more. It is the best place to gather some courage and explore the deep end of the sea. While you’re not attempting water sports, you can spend your day on the sun-kissed beach sipping on cocktails. Sounds like a wonderful time, doesn’t it? 

Spot Birds at the Pitti Bird Sanctuary

By: The Wire

The abundance of unexplored flora and fauna evokes an inquisitiveness in you. So, it is very important for one to explore how nature functions in these remote islands. Therefore, if you’re staying at Kalpeni Island, we suggest you take a small boat to Pitti Island. It is a small isolated island in the middle of nowhere which makes the trip even more exciting. It is a dead coral island that also makes a perfect spot for snorkelling.

But, this beautiful and offbeat island also houses a bird sanctuary. The island is a host to a number of exotic marine birds. While birdwatching, you’ll be able to find a nesting place near coral rubbles for pelagic birds, greater crested tern, the sooty tern, and the brown noddy. Furthermore, these oceanic birds are not ones that you’ll see quite often.

Relish the Local Cuisine of the Islands 

offbeat things to do in lakshadweep

The local cuisine of Lakshadweep mostly emulates a Kerala-element to food such as a platter of seafood, meat with a heavy influence of coconut. The food ranges from spicy non-vegetarian food to healthy vegetarian. However, the most common staple diet found on these islands are tuna fish – either baked, fried or grilled. There are various dishes that you can try which are part of the Kerala cuisine as well, such as the Malabar parotta and chicken, rice, sambhar, avial, idli and so forth.

In Minicoy Island, you’ll find wide ranges of seafood including squid and octopus. Do remember to give an advance notice so that they can get the fresh catch of the day. Further on, other dishes you can try are the rayereha tuna which is a red tuna curry and sannath which is a white coconut-based tuna.  Do try other seafood delicacies like mus kavaab, octopus fry, maasu podichath.

If you wish to add alcohol in the mix, you’ll have to head down the resort in Bangaram Island as it is the only island allowed to serve alcohol. Moreover, for dessert, you can request for kadalakka which is a sugar coated sweet made from ground rice and pulses. 

Stroll through Kiltan Island To Learn History 

offbeat things to do in lakshadweep
By: The Hindu

The island of Kiltan is widely known for its strong presence of colonial history. You can access it through the port of Mangalore as it is the nearest accessible mainland body to the island. Nevertheless, you can obviously hire a boat from the main islands. The place fell at a point of the trade route between Ceylon and the Persian Gulf. Therefore, it held a significant history in terms of trade as well.

The island of Kiltan is perfect for city walks as you can explore the legacy of colonial history etched into the island. Moreover, the island is also home to the Sufi Saint Ahmed Naqshabanthi. While absorbing the colonial presence within the island, you can explore the stunning reefs and beautiful lagoons of the island for some leisure time. 

Go Shopping at Kadmat Island 

offbeat things to do in lakshadweep

Kadmat Island is a heavenly looking island and should not be missed at all. It is quite popular for sunbathing and the white sand along the blue shore. This characteristic gives it a look of a pristine silver-white beach touched by the deep blue sea. The island offers a great experience to its visitors with its stunning lagoon enclosed by coral reefs. Moreover,the island is home to a shopping market unique from the rest available on different islands. Dubbed as the ‘Co-operative society supermarket’, the market offers a distinct experience to its visitors.

Kadmat Island being one of the less crowded counterparts amongst the archipelago does not witness much a crowd to its shopping markets either. Hence the offbeat heaven for us! The locals sell local produce in the market and you can find minimal and unique items here. Further on, you can hunt through grocery items, fish, and souvenirs here. 

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