Andaman and Nicobar Islands houses an experience holistically different from travelling in the mainland. And the experience begins from the flight journey itself. You can see the beautiful vast expanse of sea and shockingly enough, see through the shallow ends because of the coral reefs! These islands are breathtaking – the beauty of even the simplest landscape is eye-catching. You might just end up gazing at the clouds and the changing nature of the sea all day! But beyond that, Andaman and Nicobar Islands offers such a vibrant vibe to its atmosphere.  Therefore, here are some offbeat activities in Andaman and Nicobar Islands that you can do post lockdown to keep you spirited.

From fun water activities, beautiful coral reef beaches, rich flora and fauna, sad colonial history, to the protected tribal culture – this place will forever capture your heart. As the battle against coronavirus carries on, the heartaches from the memories of travelling in Ferris and eating in quaint cafes. While the Nicobar Islands remain shut for travellers in order to maintain peace for Islanders, you can explore all you want in the Andaman Islands. 


The article lists offbeat activities to do in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. We have selected them after careful consideration of factors like time and budget. The islands, however, don’t have a good network. Getting signals is very hard especially beyond Port Blair – the only sim that is likely to work properly is BSNL. But, the lack of internet and network is a trivial inconvenience when you see what these stunning islands have to offer. 

Spend some time in a bamboo hut at Long Island

By: Neelima Vallangi, National Geographic Traveller


The experience of living right in front of a beach is not something you come by often. But the Long Island beach offers you this opportunity. The exclusivity and isolation of Long Island beach is what enhances the experience even further. Moreover, the Long Island beach can be accessed via ₹10 ferry ride from Aberdeen Bazaar.

There are cooling bamboo huts arranged in a way that they open directly to the beach. The lack of population provides the kind of privacy people often seek. Being a commercial destination, it is not easy to find places in Andaman and Nicobar Islands not flocked by crowds hence this one is truly an offbeat beauty. Walk along the white sands, take a dip in the blue sea and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Go fishing in Havelock

 A visit to Havelock Island is highly recommended to everyone who visits this archipelago. Known as the adventure hub in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, one will find themselves exploring this island through beach visits and water activities. However, a great yet offbeat way to experience this tropical paradise is to hop on a charter boat and attempt your hand at fishing!

Fishing at Havelock Island is an event that is quite memorable – for first-timers and even the experts. Furthermore, the vast blue sea encircling the island makes for a fascinating sight. The sheer pleasure of fishing in the middle of the sea would be a unique adventure quest for you. Moreover, a professional will educate you on the kind of fishing gear to use, the kind of bait and where to cast your line. The satisfaction of catching your fish is quite thrilling. 

Take a night stroll around the glowing Havelock beach

offbeat things to do in andaman and nicobar islands

Radhanagar beach of Havelock Island is an immensely popular beach for several reasons. Termed as the World’s 8th Best Beach and Asia’s 1st, you will find tourists crowding around it during the day. But an offbeat fact regarding this stunning beach is the phenomenon of bioluminescence that takes place at night. This phenomenon causes the edges of the shoreline to glow in an iridescent blue hue. It is definitely a magical sight caused by a specific algae in the water.

An ordinary night stroll along the beach is enhanced incredibly with these awe-inspiring algae. The glowing beach is something you’ll never want to miss out on. Moreover, the bioluminescence lasts only for 3 hours and is usually seen during the winter season. It is also seen on nights with a new moon or no moon. You can have a kayaking experience after sunset to view this beauty!

Go sea walking in North Bay

offbeat things to do in andaman and nicobar islands

The ecosystem of the sea is hard for a layman to explore, unlike natural trails and trekking. But there are ways for ordinary people like us to experience the transcendent beauty of the underwater ecosystem. One of the ways to do that is to opt for sea walking! Although North Bay is quite popular for scuba diving ventures, one can opt for the offbeat – sea walking – for a different experience.

Here, you’ll be wearing a helmet that lets you breathe normally and you can walk along the seabed on the shallower side to witness the beautiful range of fishes that corals that thrive within the sea. Further on, the experience of having fishes over your head and corals in front of you is a perspective that’ll change you. 

Hike through Baratang

Baratang offers a widespread of activities to do once you enter its abode. But one of the significant elements it is known for is the limestone caves. Caves made from limestone are a rare sight for even explorers. Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed at the bottom of the sea. But sadly enough, the limestone caves are a reminder that climate change is real. It is said that they’re melting soon.

Therefore, we urge you to buck up and learn about the enigmatic beauty of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands – especially the ones under threat. Such experiences bring shape to our actions as responsible citizens and humans. Furthermore, The limestone caves are so mesmerizing and the hike along the paddy fields and mangroves are highly satisfactory. There is even a mud volcano and backwaters exploration to check out!

You will probably be able to catch the sight of the tribes in the forests!

Witness Turtle Nesting at Diglipur 

Andamans is known as a gateway to understanding aquatic life. If you want something totally offbeat, the aquatic life of the turtles is as interesting as the ones under the sea. The months of December and January are very important for turtles as it is their designated period of gestation. This gestation period requires for the turtles to find a dark, cool and quiet place to create a nest where they will eventually lay their eggs. This is a fascinating event that we can witness for ourselves as turtles tend to emerge from the sea to nest in the soft sands of Diglipur beaches.

Therefore, during these months, you will find turtles roaming around the beach of Diglipur hunting for a perfect nesting spot. It is no ordinary sight and is quite exciting to watch. Grab your chance to see the beauty of nature especially those of aquatic animals. However, in doing so, we must be highly cautious about not interfering with these turtles. One must become a quiet spectator from a distance. 

Feed Deer at Ross Island 

By: Thrilling Travel

Ross Island, now known as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Dweep, is a beautiful island in proximity to Port Blair. It is a small destination that only requires a day of your time. While Ross Island holds a despondent history, it has currently shed that atmosphere to become a sanctuary preserving animals and birds. A visit to Ross Island is incredibly fun as deer roam around freely in front of your eyes.

They’re close enough for you to touch and feed them! The giddy feeling of having such an adorable and beautiful animal at your side while you explore the island is amazing. Moreover, the place is almost a heavenly delight where you’ll find peacocks and rabbits roaming around freely. This is especially important considering the fact that the island took the hit of the 2004 tsunami and a comeback to preserve the biodiversity of the region is quite vital. 

Trek to Mount Harriet 

offbeat things to do in andaman and nicobar islands

Andamans is usually associated with the sea and the water-based activities that come with it. But that’s not to say that the Andamans shelters lush green rainforests with diverse flora and fauna. One of the best and offbeat ways to experience Andamans is to trek from Madhuban to Mount Harriet. 

Along the way to Mount Harriet, one gets to walk amidst the lush green forests and eye the diverse indigenous flora and fauna found within the region. Furthermore, The winding ways of the trails interrupted by wooden bridges within the thick foliage of the forest makes it highly appealing. The route to Mount Harriet is highly demanding and therefore, should not be attempted by newbies. The journey and the end is equally gratifying. 

Get Awestruck by the Sunset at Chidiya Tapu

offbeat things to do in andaman and nicobar islands
By Undiscovered Indian Treasures

Chidiya Tapu is situated at the distance of 25kms from Port Blair and you can access it through a bus ride. Don’t overlook this beautiful and secluded beach in the myriad of beaches Andaman and Nicobar islands offer. The name of the place literally translates to Bird Island. Evidently, the main attraction of this island is the numerous birds of different species that flock around this area. A paradise for birdwatchers and solitary seekers, a day spent at Chidiya Tapu is highly refreshing.

But finally, for the highlight of the day, we suggest you stay for the sunset view at Chidiya Tapu. Moreover, there is a sunset viewpoint situated in the region. You can witness the red glow of the sun wash over the beach and fade away into the horizon. It is a beautiful sight and calming for the soul. Something simple and offbeat that you mustn’t miss. 

Take A Boat Ride Amidst the Mangroves 

offbeat things to do in andaman and nicobar islands
By: Experience Andamans

Another offbeat activity to do in Andamans is to take a boat ride amidst the mangroves. No one has explored much of the natural topography of the Andamans despite the heavy attention given to its natural beauty. People opt for beaches and underwater activities but they fail to explore the hidden treasure that Andamans hosts. One of these very offbeat treasures lie in Mayabunder.

The place offers magnificent boat rides through the salient waters of the mangroves. Experience the richness of nature as you gaze at the unique flora and fauna thriving on the mangrove beds. Furthermore, almost 13% of India’s mangrove cover is in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The winding water channels along the mangroves with the symphony of birds at your hand makes the ride especially beautiful. 

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