Top 10 Designer Lehengas That Every Indian Bride Dreams Of

Top 10 Designer Lehengas That Every Indian Bride Dreams Of

Brides! We understand how important it is for you all to find the perfect lehenga of your dreams. It is an integral part of your wedding and also paly as a requisite element that will turn the biggest moment of your life into an unforgettable one. One thing which makes you urge to splurge and get that bridal lehenga to make you look like a bride of dreams.

Choosing a bridal lehenga can also be very challenging sometimes because you have so many designs waving through your mind. You must explore your taste in this sartorial pieces of designer lehengas online before you even start to imagine yourself cherishing the unforgettable moment of your life. So we have prepared a list of designers with their stunning trending lehengas which will help you bookmark your favourites for a timeless appearance as a bride.

Top 10 designer lehengas for every Indian bride


Sabyasachi: the essence of detail

Sabyasachi, a bridalwear designer fashion entrepreneur, is famous for catering the fascinating dreams of brides. His designs are world-famous for featuring the richness of Indian culture and its authenticity. He uses the bridal lehengas as his canvas that portrays the individuality of the bride. His bridalwear is purely a depiction the cultural heritage where he uses vibrant colours and numerous forms of embroidery to breath life into the designs. If you’re looking for a designer lehenga which should define your effeminate personality while walk down the aisle gracefully.

Anita Dongre: For a feminine bride

A designer whose bridalwear is rooted in the traditional values and have always been a part of her personality as a designer, Anita Dongre is popular for her detailed Rajasthani gota patti work. Her design illustrates the image of a free and fierce bride who decides to be different from the rest. Dongre’s bridal lehengas are the most suitable choice for an urban woman who loves comfort yet also let the craft of embroidery narrate her style for the big day.

Tarun Tahiliani: Drip of DDLJ

Admired for his legacy in this the world of designing, Tarun Tahiliani is known for his style to trim down the bogged bulky lehengas and turn them into ethereal sensation. His designs glorify the luxury of wearing a lehenga. His design aspiration has seen in his design aesthetics where it tries to liberate a bride from wearing something double her weight and cherish the most beautiful moment of her life.

Payal Singhal: For a funky bride


This designer has entirely changed the ballgame of bridal lehengas and its traditional depiction of a bride. Payal Singhal has brought a bohemian stroke for different folks. Her work definitely stands out and give a new narration for brides who are bored from the traditional appearance and dare to add some funk to their overall mien. Lehngas that are surface styled with pompoms and tassels on vibrant nomadic print and pattern have started to become the bookmarks of many brides.

Manish Malhotra: Urban fairy bride


Most loved and chosen as industry’s favourite, Manish Malhotra is an epitome in the world of wedding wear. The man to introduce the trend of a voluminous skirt with a sophisticated blouse and a dramatic dupatta have now become one of his signature styles among the brides. Malhotra’s designs are intriguingly modern and fresh in its expression. A distinctive colour palette of pastels in his contemporary designs synchronizes with elegance. For a bride who is looking for a lehenga to present her modern-feminine side can pick her lehenga of dreams from Malhotra’s collection.

Anamika Khanna: For a trendsetter bride


Anamika Khanna is a designer who has combined the traditional and contemporary elements gracefully in a bridalwear. Her ability to transform something accustomed into a fresh zealous piece of clothing wear has left an imprint on the industry. A sole designer who brings jewellery into play in her designs as a major element to make her work stand out. Capes with subtle work of embroidery with a touch of bling has been her staples. Her daring introduction of dhoti pants and flared skirts have captured the interest of many. If you are looking for a sartorial that should be daring and represents your individuality, then go check out Khanna’s bridalwear collection.

Ritu Kumar: Embroidered embed lehngas

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#ARituKumarBride | Kaneeka Sood wears the #RiRituKumar purple zardozi lehenga for her reception | Kaneeka shares, for her Ritu Kumar is evergreen, traditional and classic . The wonderful bride also shares a little story about the significance of the colour of her lehenga, Kaneeka was inspired by the lustrous purple lehenga that actress Madhuri Dixit wore for the movie Hum Aapke Hai Kaun and wanted the same colour for herself and the moment she saw this #RiRituKumar piece, she fell in love with the colour and chose it to be her reception outfit | Tap @ri_ritukumar to see more | To set up a private appointment for bridal/trousseau shopping,email us on Bride – @sooddoodfood Photography- @gautamkhullarphotography

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Ritu Kumar cluster of bridalwear gives the sense of craftsmanship and a better understanding of textile. Awarded with Padma Shri in 2013, the designer unfold the history and curate designs which are vocal in nature. The Persian and Mughal history has been her inspiration for the creation of her classic pieces. The bridal collection exposes an exuberant representation of prints and detailed embroidery.

Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla: Bollywood fondness

Famed for their intricate work of gota, mirror and chikankari in their designs, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla are the ultimate geniuses behind producing show stopper bridal looks. An authentic voice to a bride’s fantasy for her wedding lehenga, Jani and Khosla are the designers who bring out the true aesthetic of a bridal lehenga. Their fantabulous designs in lehengas will completely gleam into your eyes and leave you spellbound. The wedding lehenga of Isha Ambani designed by Jani And Khosla is our favourite.

Neeta Lulla: Lehengas that leave you awed

Known as a remarkable costume designer who designed for classic movies like Devdas, Jodha Akhbar and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Neeta Lulla is an epitome of flamboyant designs. Her understanding of Indian history and culture have made her work recognized the most. Lulla’s knowledge in fibre optic technology has given her the liberty to twist and break the rules in the textile industry and create some breathtaking pieces.

Gaurav Gupta: Wavey drama

A designer whose designs are extremely straight forward and modern, Gaurav Gupta has surface his name in the fashion industry by being unapologetic face to his imagination. He has brought the art of sculpting in clothing. The world recognizes his work with his style of adding waves to the hemline, structural blouses and statement gowns.
Her pieces of designs are best suited for a glamorous cocktail party where the bride would love to show off some of her curves with a drama trailed dress.

We hope this listicle served you the purpose of exploring your taste. Well, we know about that mystical connection brides have with a sartorial piece like a wedding lehnga, so choose something which makes you feel more like yourself when you wear it.

Do it. Wish it. Woovly!

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