Ultimate Tips for Adventure Travel in 2020 For A Smooth Experience

Ultimate Tips for Adventure Travel in 2020 For A Smooth Experience

We all seek for our fair dose of thrill in our lives. After all, who wants a mundane life with nothing to look forward to? Travelling pushes us to move forward in life, and adventure travel makes us feel alive with all of our six senses. With the end of the first month of the New Year, we are already looking forward to planning our 2020 bucket list and what helps better than a travel guide at this moment. With perfect planning, a perfect adventure is all we can expect. So, let us dig out an adventure travel guide 2020 for you to better plan and execute your next adventure trip with some fantastic tips for adventure travel in 2020.

Here are 5 Tips for Adventure Travel in 2020

Understand Your Own Preferences  

One of the first and foremost tips for adventure travel is to understand where you belong. To visit a place is one thing, but to get the thrill out of it is another. First, you need to be comfortable with the site and environment like you want to go to the seas or the hills or the forests. If you are a jumper, then you need to decide whether you wish to jump from a bridge, from a sea rock, from a high flying helicopter, or glide from a hilltop. 

If you are a climber, decide on what kind of mountain surface you want, a rocky one, or a snow-clad one. The divers, too, should understand their underwater expectations. If you are not in the mood for a near-to-death experience but want some physical activities, the underground caving might be a great idea for you.

Refrain from Copy-Paste Ideas of Adventures 

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No single person has got identical fingerprints, so how can be the idea of experience is the same for everyone. To some climbing to the top of Everest is an adventure. To some, taking a hiking trail up to the ancient civilization of Machu Pichu means everything, while others like bungee jumping from unimaginable heights. 

This is all in the mindset. You can take a walk through a rhododendron forest mingling with the mystifying surroundings and feel the goosebumps all around you. Whether it is a bungee jump, river rafting, hike, trek, wildlife safari, biking down the mountain trails, or directly sailing through the calm sea – the choice must be totally yours. What excites you and whatnot, is a vital point among tips for adventure travel. A series of physical activities cannot define the idea of adventure travel. It is more of discovering your own self, whether it is with the sweats or without them.

Dive into The Unknown 

A calculated trip may be a safer one but maybe not that adventurous. Adventure is all about surfing your own responses when every minute is unfamiliar to you. So, if you are recommended with out of the box places or scenarios. Instead of rejecting the idea for safer bets, go for it. Let yourself open for those unknown places and things to do that ensures you of a good dose of kick. 

A hike to a small mountain village inhabited with the ethnic tribe on the lap of Himalayas or maybe a sand ski down the Mount Kaolino of Germany rather than a snow ski can prove to be more exciting than any regular adventurous scenarios.

For The Extreme Enthusiasts, Research Thoroughly

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If you are the one seeking for the near to death feel. Then go for it but with all the precautions. Have proper research on extreme sports that are conducted worldwide. Go for right service providers who have all the necessary and reliable amenities that are required to perform the stunts. 

Do not compromise on anything, as there is little room for mistakes when it comes to extreme adventures. Get on proper background research on the organization you are conducting with and gain complete knowledge of the activity that you are undertaking.

Know Your Limits 

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Though pushing out of your comfort zones and widening your limits, is the ultimate adventure travel goal, but – there is always a ‘but.’ You don’t want to turn your adventure into a bad experience, and hence knowing your physical and psychological limits is also a necessity. 

If you are planning on taking some water sports, then make sure that you are not allergic to specific water substance or claustrophobic. If you are sky diving or speed riding, make sure that your physic is ready for such physical exertions.

Packing The Right Things is Always Essential 

List out the places you are visiting and the activities you are undertaking. Plan your backpack according to that because less is still good. You wouldn’t want unnecessary luggage with you and leave out the important ones. The first-aid medical kit is absolutely essentials, which should also be planned according to your physical condition. 

The right gadgets and equipment carried could make you feel comfortable with the atmosphere and help you to get the best experience out of your travel. The preparation according to climate and topography of the destination is also required, whether they mean clothes or shoes. 

Not preparing for the unknown is also preparation. Welcome the unpredicted events that occur on your travel and be ready for the thrill that it has to offer. What’s your adventure travel Wishlist? Download the Woovly app now and get cracking on some of the best ideas. 



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