Things You Need To Know Before Travelling Alone

Things You Need To Know Before Travelling Alone

Are you sick of having your travel plans cancelled because of your squad cannot make up their mind? Well, it can stop you from seeking new adventures in life. How about you prefer travelling solo? Scared that you’ll be strung out of your comfort zone without your loved one around you on vacation? We understand how travelling is associated with making memories with your loved ones, but trust us, travelling alone is also an epic idea. For those who are not ready to give up on their travelling plans, and can’t wait to head out for some thrilling adventures alone, this ultimate guide to solo travel is going to make your travel dreams come true. 

Here Are The Things You Need To Know Before Travelling Alone. 

1. Tell Someone At Home Your Whereabouts

We know that the idea of travelling alone sounds both exciting and intimidating. One piece of advice you can use would be to inform a family member or a friend about your flight’s timings, hotel reservation, and how to be in touch with you while you’re away from home. It is important that you provide your loved ones with relevant information. In case things don’t turn out to be in your favour, you will have a trustable backup to rescue you. 

2. Carry A Copy Of Your ID

Know that you will be all by yourself, so solo travel requires you to be fully aware of your surrounding. We don’t mean to scare you, but in case you lose your ID or passport, having a copy of your ID on hand can help you get necessary things like replacement of your missing passport done easily. So before you head out for a solo trip, make sure that you have all the necessary documents scanned on your phone, laptop or other electronic devices and save the files in a secure drive that only you can access. 

3. Be Confident

Things You Need To Know Before Travelling Alone

You! Yes, you! Need your attention as we’re about to tell you to do a new place right on a solo trip. You need to tell yourself that you can also do something that is out of your comfort zone. Being nervous is normal, and we understand how difficult it all looks to you when it comes to meeting strangers while travelling alone. It is important that you be brave on a solo trip, walking up with your head held high. Speaking with confidence works very well and goes a long way. Be friendly but always choose to be in a company you can trust. 

4. Be Social To Ensure Your Safety

Things You Need To Know Before Travelling Alone

As much as bad internet connection lets you enjoy your solitude time wandering in a new place, seeking new adventures, it is extremely important to keep updating your status to your backup folks. Take out little time from your thrill-packed itinerary and constantly connect with your family members or friends. Let them know about your locations as you continue to thrive with energy on a solo trip. 

5. Pack Pertinently 

Before you head out on this solo holiday, we advise you to do a little homework which will help you enjoy your me-time even more. Do a weather check on your holiday destination and pack your essentials according to it. Few countries have different cultural standards that you should make yourself aware of before you start travelling alone. Make yourself known to the facts on the cultural norms of your chosen destination like dress code. Some countries have certain dress code which they expect should be honoured by everyone, including tourists. So make sure you don’t offend the locals on this matter. 

6. Know Where To Go

Plan your itinerary smartly. You are going to be travelling alone, so make sure that you are sorted with the valid address of the places you want to visit. Same goes for things you wanna do on your solo trip. If you have decided to try your hands on an extreme sport, let’s say paragliding; so before leaving your place of accommodation, call the water sports agency and reconfirm your booking with them. This will not only help you keep up with your itinerary but also assure your safety as you travel solo.

7. Find Your Vibe Then Find A Tribe

Well, solo travelling doesn’t mean you have to be all alone on a trip. Once you have settled yourself in a new place, get to know people. The best place to start with would be your place of accommodation. Finding a tribe as per your vibe is easier when you stay in places like hostels. We al can use the company of an adventure buddy on a solo trip. Just start with, hey! I’m doing this; you wanna join? And before you know it, you are welcomed in a travel tribe.

8. Become Your Own Boss

Remember, you’re on a solo holiday, so don’t go too hard on yourself. Your adventure-packed itinerary should also have fair chances for you to laze around and rest. Be your own boss and make decisions for yourself and be committed to them. If you wish to go on an early morning walk, then do it or sleep late in your pyjamas; in short, do what you want.

9. Embrace The Place With Your Solitude

Leave your worries behind and enjoy your solo times. A solo trip is filled with opportunities where you will just be in solitude soaking into the tranquillity of your surrounding. There will be times where you will feel all alone, but that’s completely normal. As social creatures, we all do feel that way some times. Allow yourself to be free and act without fearing judgement. When you give yourself the chance to explore and do what you want to do and how you want to do it, you discover a lot about your identity.

10. Be Ready To Say Goodbye

Of course, there will come a point when you will be prepping yourself to leave the destination. Remember, this means that you will be starting all over again with an exciting plan for another solo travel. Promise yourself that you will be going on more solo trips and commit to it. The world is a big place, so discover new adventurous places and plan a solo trip to another corner of the world. 

Here you go! You have our ultimate guide to solo travel. We hope our things-to-know listicle helps you in embarking your journey as a solo traveller. Bon voyage my friend! 

Wish it. Do it. Woovly! 

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