Things To This Weekend In Bangalore With Your Friends

Things To This Weekend In Bangalore With Your Friends

Bored? Is that how you feel on weekends living in the most happening metropolitan city in India Bangalore? Then you have landed on the right page.
Well, you won’t be prey of boredom anymore because we got you sorted with a few exciting things to do this weekend in Bangalore. So let’s begin with it!

Exciting Weekend Activities In Bangalore


Microlight Flying

Things To This Weekend In Bangalore
The best way to spend weekend in Bangalore is to take off, So we decided to begin with this by an exhilarating experience of microlight flying in Bangalore. If you’ve been looking to do something thrilling this weekend, then this activity is made for you. Fly 4000ft above in the sky and enjoy the spectacular view of the ultimate garden city. Well, this is on top of our list because we wanted to get you out of your house and put you on top of the city.
Hey! Don’t forget to check the weather before you go heads up this activity!
Location: Jakkur Airfield, North Bengaluru

Go Karting

best way to spend weekend in bangalore

If you don’t have a place to go chill then go-karting. An activity which will keep your adrenaline rush pumping as you ride on some of the impressive laps in Bangalore. Go-karting is one of the enthralling activities to do in Bangalore. So if you’ve been planning on a fun-packed activity with your friends this weekend, then this it! You know the plans this weekend in Bangalore, so start texting your friends now!
Location: E-Zone Club, Marathahalli, Bengaluru.

Walk The Photo Walk

Things To This Weekend In Bangalore
This activity is calling out all the amateurs in photography and also those who have an interest in photography. Going on a photo walk will be one of the most amusing activity to take part in this weekend. Bangalore is filled with numerous places made to capture some momentous clicks and to get your hands on them is what a photo walk offers you. So go ahead, make your lenses meet some amazing picturesque locations like flower markets, flea markets and many more. Meet and mingle with new people to learn some new hacks. If you’re new in Bangalore, then a photo walk will be a beautiful way to get to know this city.
Location: KR Market, Bengaluru

Learn To Shoot

Things To This Weekend In Bangalore
We care about the adrenaline rush in your body, and this one is going to make the excitement shoot through the roof. Perfect for those who have been looking to do something new and action-packed. You will be provided with domestic professional pistols and rifles for the arranged aim of 10 lane shooting range. Do not worry if you are a beginner; you will be given a training workshop before you start. The best way to spend weekend in Bangalore will be this gripping activity that you might want to develop a new skill out of it

Location: Golden Ace Shooting Academy – Kalyan Nagar

Candle Workshop

Things To This Weekend In Bangalore
An artsy workshop of 3 hours is something you wanna come back for more. A candle workshop is perfect for those who have been looking to do something crafty with there time this weekend. Bangalore is a hub of artsy workshop and candle making is something one would give oneself up to. From embedding a wick into a candle, adding colours, scents to embellishing it with some fancy material, you will be taught everything! Not just this, you will also be taught how to make different types of candles distinctive in gel and wax.

Location: Bloom & Grow, South Bangalore.

Attend A Stand-Up Comedy Show

It is going to be impossible for you to ignore this one. A weekend in Bangalore is done right when you’ve humour overdosed yourself. Known as the ROFL hub of India, the Silicon city is home to many stand-up comedians like Kanan Gill, Kenny Sebastian, Naveen Richard and many more. So if you’ve been following these comedy stars online then its high time you catch them performing live this weekend. Trust us! You would wanna add “LMAO” after ROFL in your social media stories.

Location: That Comedy Club, Kormangala

Pottery Workshop

Looking for a zen-like activity to do this weekend, Pottery it is! One of the oldest forms of art, Pottery is one activity that is a blend of new ideas and your imagination. Something which helps you shape the true aspects of your creative mind. During the session, you will get to learn the beginning steps that will absolutely make you believe that it’s far from robotic movements of your hands on the potter’s wheel and more about your contact with clay which gives liberty to your thoughts as you begin to. Book your weekend classes now!

Location: Slow Pottery, Indira Nagar Bengaluru

So there you have our list of things you can do to that tells you the best way to spend weekend in Bangalore. Let us know which activity have you chosen for this weekend for our ultimate list of things to do in Bengaluru. Tell us about your experiences in comments. We will keep loading new fun activities to our list every Monday, so stay tuned for more!

Wish it. Do it. Woovly!

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