Interesting Things To Know About Jurassic World Live Tour

Interesting Things To Know About Jurassic World Live Tour

Simon says, The key to a happy life is to accept you are never actually in control. No, he literally did say that and it’s true. Still, there’s one thing you can control and that’s visiting your favourite dinosaur attraction on tour, but before that get to know some interesting things about it. Below are six interesting things that you need to know Jurassic World Live Tour.

1. A Story to Remember

jurassic world live tour

“Jurassic World Live” Tour reimagines usual live show experiences with an original story mix that brings humans and dinosaurs together in a brand-new setting.The tour not only takes you to a place of wonder with the huge scaled reptiles but they combine their movie hits to make it a narrative that moves from one part of the attraction to the other. It creates a smooth flow and makes sure you don’t miss out anything that the tour has to offer.

2. A Variety to See

Things to know about jurassic world

From kids to adults, there are a lot of people who love dinosaurs and would love to experience this so this tour gives life to more than 20 characters, of which more than 20 characters including seven dinosaur species of which some of the famous ones are- the famous T.Rex (tyrannosaurus), Blue the Raptor, I-rex, triceratops, Pteranodons, Baby Stegosaurus as well as hero and villain characters. The show includes both animatronic and performer-operated dinosaurs. Olive, the Baby Stegosaurus, is six feet tall and 10 feet long. So, combining these with strobe lights, special effects and the wonder and thrills that this tour offers, you are sure to have a great time.

3. There’s More to Come

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A brand-new dinosaur will be added to the Jurassic World story – a Troodon named Jeanie. The feature that makes this dinosaur special is that it has an intelligence that is not usually observed in dinosaurs. It is not a man made division of dinosaur, it actually existed. “She’s able to really sense and emulate emotion more so than the velociraptor,” said Keck, the man responsible for playing Jeanie’s part on stage. Well, this doesn’t seem like a good news for our human protagonists.

4. They are HEAVY

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Since these dinosaurs are not the real deal one would expect it to be a lightweight costume but that’s not what you get here. The costumes here are heavy weight, they can go up to a hundred pounds and more which are made to represent the strong muscles that the dinosaurs actually possessed while they reigned the surface. The actors that don them have an extensive workout routine to be able to sustain its weight and carry on with the show flawlessly and animatronics is also used to bring these dinosaurs to life.

5. You Can be a Part of it Too

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Before the starting of the tour, the company holds auditions for people who are eligible to become dino puppeteers. They look for people with people skills, athleticism, strength, endurance, acting skills, martial arts skills and more. “In the casting forum, we have them emulate how to be a dinosaur – because if you can do emulate a dinosaur with a puppet, then you can probably be a dinosaur in the show,” said Kori Kirschner, athletic trainer for “Jurassic World Live Tour.” A shoutout to all the people who love listening to music and are a Jurassic fan, they have a dedicated team that chooses the soundtrack. Now, that’s a dream job!

6. Experience a Fun way of watching Shows

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At the Jurassic Park you can book pod seats that are essentially strong transparent balls in which the viewer is seated and can roam around during the show, free from any harm while enjoying it. They are meant to recreate the same pod experience that the movie had. People enjoy these small rides as they get to view the center of the action with the mobility, up close and all the adventure escape that comes with it. At certain places when the company travels they have raft service for some water fun so pack some quick drying clothes and get ready to go !

If you haven’t had the chance to make to the tour yet, then the latest tour goes on till march next year, so book away! Till then here’s a fun fact for you to increase you dinowledge !

One of the most intelligent dinosaurs was the Troodon. It was a hunting dinosaur, about 2 metres long, and had a brain size similar to that of a mammal or bird of today, stereoscopic vision, and grasping developed hands.

In addition to a bigger brain, Troodon possessed larger eyes than most theropod dinosaurs, a hint that it either hunted at night or that it needed to gather in all the available light from its cold, dark North American environment. Processing more visual information necessarily entails having a larger brain, which helps to explain Troodon’s relatively high IQ. (Be careful of Jeanie!)

Wish it. Do it. Woovly!

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