Vacay Time Calls For Family Time! Find Out Things To Do With Your Kids This Holiday Season

Vacay Time Calls For Family Time! Find Out Things To Do With Your Kids This Holiday Season

Winter incoming! The chilly winter nights, the fluff of blankets and mugs of hot cocoa, the warmth of this cold season is undoubtedly magical. As the year nears its end, you can explore a whole new side of things with your children’s eyes. Something is enchanting about the chill of the winters that calls for more family time. Besides, as the month calls for more holidays and breaks from work and school, be sure to use that time to bond well with your kids. Check out our list of things to do with your kids this holiday season and make the best of the time you have at hand! 

10 Things To Do With Your Kids This Season

If you are confused as to what you could have your hands on, we have got you sorted. Don’t let the time fly before it’s too late. The joy of the festivities comes with lovely family time.

1. Take a trip

Things to do with your kids this holiday season

One of the most important things that you should do is take a trip to a new place. It could be a neighbouring town or a new country. Travelling young can broaden your kids’ mind. Meeting new people, seeing you new cultures, understanding history to have the best and worst of experiences, it would help them, and you have different perspectives.

2. Decorate your home

things to do with your kids this holiday season

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you cannot deny the charm of it. Every kid knows Santa Claus! You can get pretty up the house to best welcome Santa. Clean up your home, get a Christmas tree and hang some twinkling lights around. You could cut up paper snowflakes, get new plants and let your child’s imagination go wild with colours!

3. Bake treats together

things to do with your kids this holiday season

Cooking is as fun as eating. You cannot argue with us on that. We understand your concern with letting your children near fire or hot oil but worry not baking is the safest thing that you can enjoy along with your kids. You could get them to help you bake some cookies, decorate cakes, cool some candies or stir up hot cocoa. The sweet mix of ingredients is sure to make you have a lovely time with them.

4. Head to churches

things to do with your kids this holiday season

Want to get into the festive mood? Head to local churches. Almost every country around the world has various churches where they conduct masses, sing carols and hurdle to pray during the Christmas eve. It doesn’t always have to be about spirituality. The bliss of the church lies in its peaceful tunes. Adding on, we guarantee that singing carols together is one of the most fun things to do!

5. Go on a cultural walk around the city

things to do with your kids this holiday season

A city, a little town or a quaint village, each hide within its walls of culture and tradition. Staying rooted in one’s values plays an essential part in understanding their own identity in the future, Take your tiny tots on a historical and cultural walk around your place. There will be many hidden tales to be heard and said. Who knows, you could discover something entirely new about the place you always thought you knew!

6. Head to a local library and read books

things to do with your kids this holiday season

Do you remember immersing yourself with Christmas classics like The Polar Express and The Nutcracker as a child? If you do, then you would understand when we say that books can open up various avenues of imagination and curiosity. Head to a local library if you are running out of books! The plethora of reads available is enough to satiate your child’s curious minds. After all, every book has a moral to teach and fantasy live. 

7. Have family movie nights

things to do with your kids this holiday season

Movie nights are one of our favourite in this things-to-do list. Snuggle up with your kids and start a list of feel-good movies right after dinner (or grab the plates to the couch). Make a mix list of your all-time favourites and perhaps put in a few new additions. There is always something new to laugh and cry. 

8. Join a class

Holidays can start getting monotonous after a while but fret not. We have a solution for you. Why not start something new with kids? Not only will it keep you busy and make you learn a new skill, but you can also bond well with them! Wondering how to go about baking with your kids? Take up a class instead! Learn a new language, try your hands on a new art form or a self-defence class!

9. Explore kid-friendly events around the city

things to do with your kids this holiday season

If you are looking for something specific to do, then get into the rhythm of the town. There always are various events happening around the city that will keep you and your tiny tot entertained. You can head to a storytelling session or even Christmas parties, particularly for kids. Not only will give you moments to cherish, your little one can get a chance to socialise out of the school circle.

10. Try something new to eat

Life is too short to cut down on meals (unless its about allergies, of course). Even the most known dishes can have various twists and turns to them. Don’t let your kids get stuck to plain old spaghetti all the time. It is essential to help them diversify their taste palette as well as yours. Go out there and explore, you might find your next go-to favourite! 

BONUS: Get the homework done

As disheartening as it sounds, we can’t deny the importance of getting homework done before your kids head to their new semester. Their homework timetable doesn’t have to be dull and boring; you can always add in a few fun elements.

Do it. Wish it. Woovly!

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