Things To Do In Seychelles Island That Will Make Your Bucket List Look Stunning

Things To Do In Seychelles Island That Will Make Your Bucket List Look Stunning

Imagine when you step out of the home and all you hear is the buzz of shores, clear blue skies and beautiful tropical crystal water. Isn’t this everything you dreamt of? Beaches have a tranquil effect like no other. It appeases all nature lovers. Waterfront makes you escape from the hustle and helps you forget all the stress. It is marked on everyone’s bucket list as well. So, we decided to present an article loaded with things to do in Seychelles Island. 

Seychelles is an ideal place to check out from reality. It is positioned as a tiny dot in the Indian Ocean Island comprising of 115 islands. It is located off the coast of East Africa. From mesmerising out-of-doors to local food and drinks, it is the perfect paradise for beach lovers. With oodles of beaches and awe-inspiring landscapes, Seychelles has become some of the best beaches in the world.

People who are looking for a serene destination that is not crowded, then Seychelles is the right choice. With a population around 94,228, the weather in Seychelles is beautiful around the year. However, the change in temperature may vary due to climate irregularities. Seychelles island is much more than just Sun, Sand, and Sea. It is a paradise of nature populated with hiking trails across the island. It is blessed with beautiful and unique species. One can discover an abundance of dreamy location in Seychelles island. The white sand beaches, deep blue water surrounded by forest-clad mountains with alluring sea life has made Seychelles a famous tourist destination. 

Are you planning a trip to Seychelles? Here’s a list of things to do in Seychelles Island for a traveller to have fun and take part in activities to indulge in.

Things To Do in Seychelles:

Breach The Beaches 

Things To Do In Seychelles

Seychelles is blessed with pristine beaches and out of those beaches the three most visited and liked beaches where island hopping is mostly done and enjoyed are:

Mahé Island

Things To Do In Seychelles

This is the largest island in the Seychelles archipelago where you’ll also find the international airport and the mode of transport for your vacation. With two major beaches named as Anse Major and Anse Intendance.  If you’re a hiking person, then head to Anse Major or Copolia Trail. On the other hand, Anse Intendance is a popular spot for surfers. Swimming is not recommended in the waters of Anse Intendance. Things to do in Seychelles Mahé varies from party clubs to markets as Mahé Island is known as the economic hub. 

Activities: Snorkeling, Surfing, Shopping

Places to visit: Bel Air Cemetery, Clock Tower, Le Jardin  Du Roi Spice Garden, Morne Seychelles National park, National Botanical Garden, Victoria Market, 

Praslin Island

Things To Do In Seychelles

This palm-fringed island is bordered by large granite boulders. Anse Lazio offers serene vistas and turquoise water. This beach is mostly calm thus one can swim in the waters of Anse Lazio. You will find amazing creole food at Bonbon Plume and Le Chevalier. If you want to have a quiet walk on the pure sand, then Anse Georgette will give you that calming effect as there are no rocks or corals in the bay. Apart from its beautiful shingle, it is also famous for its local culture and for the coco de Mer palm tree and the rare black parrot in Valle de Mai. For the ones who love to bask in the glory of sea and beaches, this one should be on their list of things to do in Seychelles Island.

Activities: Swimming(in recommended areas)

Places to visit: Beach Bar Restaurant, Casino des Iles, Cote D’or, George Camille Art Gallery, Grand Anse Beach, Le Dauphin, Vallée de Mai

La Digue Island

Things To Do In Seychelles

Seychelles is the smallest African state offers a humongous list of the island, out of them is La Digue Island, the smallest of the three main. It is famous for its adventure sports and fine power sand. The temperature lies between 24-32 degree Celsius and nights and generally cold. With lots of classic beaches like Anse Source D’Argent and Anse Severe remain one of the best-photographed beaches. The sand colour is pink and it’s beautiful and worth spending a day or two. 

Activities:  Scuba diving, Swimming, hiking 

Places to Visit: Coco Beach, Veuve Nature Reserve

Dive Into Happiness

Things To Do In Seychelles

Seychelles is blessed with all year round diving for adventure freaks. Beaches with exotic marine life, sprawling coral reefs, wreckages, ravines, apexes, canyons and drop-offs, makes it insanely gorgeous to experience the stunning topography. Despite being in the list of world’s popular diving list, it is still less crowded which allows adventure junkies to enjoy to their fullest. The water provides excellent visibility and breathtaking views and makes it one of the adventurous things to do in Seychelles Island. 

Dive sites: Aldabra, Beau Vallon, L’ilot, Ennerdale, Brissare rocks, St. Pierre, South Marianne Island

Best time: April- May, October- November

Witness Unesco World Heritage Sites


The islands of Seychelles has two UNESCO sites: The Valle de Mai (Praslin Island) and The Aldabra Atoll. Valle de Mai has nearly extinct Coco de Mer palm tree where you’ll find world’s heaviest nuts, weighing 20-30 kgs. You can’t just take them out from the island unless and until you have a special licence for it. Aldabra Atoll is hard to get as one can only reach there by boat. It is the second largest coral atoll in the world and is blessed with extraordinary fauna. One of them is Giant Tortoises with shells the size of bathtubs. You’ll also find tortoises in Curieuse Island.

Ride In The Blue Sky


It might cost a lil more to hire a helicopter and see the view from the air. But trust me, it’s worth it. Witnessing the Seychelles island spanning out across 450+ sq km of the Indian Ocean can give you goosebumps. Gazing the exquisite islands, sheer rock formation, forested mountainsides from the top has an impeccable experience.

Location: Mahé’s domestic terminal

Time Duration: 15-30minutes to 1 hour

Price: EUR 523* and more

Things To Do in Seychelles: Eat, Shop, & Chill 


There’s nothing like Breadfruit in Seychelles, it is the most popular staple snack in the island and can be eaten from boiled to fried. Other than Breadfruit there are good creole food and grilled fish, Octopus curry, shark chutney, and more. The cuisine here is a combination of France, India, Africa and China. Indian dishes are also served on the island. Another must-do on our list of things to do in Seychelles Island.

Places to visit: Villa Kordia, Marie Antoinette, Bonbon Plume, Boardwalk bar and grill

Experience Cheery Carnivals


During the mildly warm weather, Seychelles National Fishing Tournament and Carnaval International de Victoria are organised in the month of April. When the weather is cool and dry, Seychelles Sea Turtle Festival, Seychelles Round Table Regatta, and South-East Monsoon Sailfish Tournaments are arranged. It is seen that festivals like Festival Kreol, la Digue Offshore Tournament, and SUBIOS are celebrated in the month of October which is also the best time to visit Seychelles. 

Walk Under The Stars


Walking on the sand, watching the waves under the stars with your partner is a romantic treat. It not only gives you perfect moments but also a lifetime experience. Camping and sleeping under the stars are the things to do in Seychelles at night if you’re not afraid of bugs is beyond beautiful. But it is generally advisable to not chill around dark unless and until it is safe. 

Shop Till You Drop


Shopping in the markets of Victoria for Bohemian dresses, candles, beach cover-ups is worth a visit. You can buy mementoes or gifts for your loved ones from the streets of Victoria. One can buy fresh fruits from the market including seafood. The currency used is Seychelles rupee but you can also pay in Euro, USD and GBP. Shopaholics are going to have a gala time strolling through the market. A must-add entry in the list of things to do in Seychelles Island, right? 

Place:  Market Street, Victoria

What are you waiting for? Book your tickets to Seychelles Island to knock some big adventures off your bucket list. If you are a true water lover by heart you’ll plan to cherish the once in a lifetime island vacation of your dream.

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