Things To Do In Santorini Island In Greece For A Perfect Island Holiday

Things To Do In Santorini Island In Greece For A Perfect Island Holiday

The romantic charm and serene vibes of the gorgeous Santorini island have made it a popular spot for travel, and it’s no secret. We have prepared a list of best experiences that would help you in planning your Santorini trip, making this heavenly abode a must-visit for everyone. Whether you go holidaying in Greece alone, with family, or with your friends, our things to do in Santorini list will ensure a memorable island holiday for you.  

Exciting Things To Do in Santorini Greece

Santorini is the most picturesque island in Greece. Who cannot talk about the scenic beauty of the cave-like hotels clinging to the crumbly cliffs, the gorgeous sunset that washes Oia! As we rave about this beautiful island, we want to share some of the very best things that you should see and do on your trip to this gorgeous island. Also, make sure you check the weather and the best time to visit Santorini before planning your holiday. Take a glance and get prepared for the most beautiful things to do in Santorini Greece. 

A Half-Day Private Tour to Explore Santorini 


From the black-sand beaches and picturesque Caldera to the mountain tops and charming villages, Santorini is an island with much more to see. Discover the marvels that make it one of the most enchanting Greek islands. The private half-day tour costs around INR 5,106. Your journey begins with a visit to the island’s half-submerged Caldera that has an eye-catching view. Strike a striking pose against the scene of the deep-blue Aegean Sea. You can also take some unforgettable photos as your guide tells you regarding Santorini’s volcanic history. 

Explore Perissa Beach

Things to Do in Santorini

Perissa is the longest black-sand beach on the island. The renowned Mesa Vouno rock is situated in Perissa. Take a look into Santorini’s local culture, venture up to the island’s highest point. You will get to see Prophet Elias’ Monastery, established, at nearly 2,000 feet (565 m) above sea level. Enjoy the chantings of monks. Indulge in the sweeping views that span the whole region before sampling wine, honey, and extra virgin olive oil made onsite. From the countryside, please continue to the village of Oia, renowned for its whitewashed houses and idyllic setting. Take a stroll around the streets and luxuriate in some free time to explore. Charming wonders of one of Greece’s most popular islands and enjoy the breathtaking views from the island’s highest peak. 

Experience Hot Springs in the Island of Thira 

Things to Do in Greece

An excursion to walk amidst the Volcano & Enjoy Hot Springs Ride into the volcanic crater of the volcano that defines the island of Thira on a ship trip. Visit the revitalizing hot springs, admire scenic views, and learn about the active geology that lies beneath the surface which will cost you around 12,000 Indian bucks if you take a private tour. 

Although the cost reduces if you manage to explore on your own which might be a whole new level of experience. As you go on a 3-hour boat trip you will be astonished by the unique landscape of Thira’s active volcano. As you walk from the dock to the top of the island, you will learn about the volcanic eruption that destroyed most of the island in the 2nd millennium BC. You will also observe that the volcano is still active, and you might spot fumes and magma for some rare photos in the Caldera. Enjoy a dip in the Santorini’s Hot Springs mud bath created by the island’s volcanic activity and feel rejuvenated. The springs provide a soothing and invigorating experience that will help you relax. These springs and the magnificent view will rejuvenate you from within. 

Visit Ancient Akrotiri and Ancient Thira

Things to Do in Greece

Visit and explore the Ancient Akrotiri and Ancient Thira to discover the charm, wonder, and history of Santorini. Also, uncover one of the most important prehistoric settlements of the Aegean at the Akrotiri excavations. Absorb a wide range of stunning views, and revel in some free time within the village of Oia. Your tour begins with a stop at the island’s iconic volcanic crater, an eye-catching viewpoint. Enjoy the views of staggered cliffs and rock layers dotted with whitewashed houses and blue domes. Then, travel to Akrotiri, a former, Minoan Bronze Age settlement, for more insight into the island’s ancient history. Learn about the island’s initial inhabitants, who arrived there in 3000 BC.

Ancient Thira ruins separate Kamari from Perissa on top of Mesa Vona. This archaeologic site that was first claimed by the Dorians (ancient Greeks) in the ninth century B.C. is home to ruins from the Hellenistical place which was built by the Greek empire, Alexander the Great, Roman and Byzantine (eastern Roman empire) eras. You can stroll through Ancient Thira, and you will notice ruins of ancient spiritual sites, a theatre, previous town administrative buildings and even a gymnasium for military trainees.

The ruins of Ancient Thira are attention-grabbing along with the exciting views of the Aegean Sea. You can also walk down from the city of Kamari up to Mesa Vouna; it takes about an hour to get up. Along with the lovely views, travellers get to explore the ruins better than visiting the Ancient Akrotiri museum. One can reach the location via bus from Kamari, or by taxi or on foot.  

Santorini Wine tasting tour

Things to Do in Santorini

Be amused by Santorini Wine tasting tour. Experience this splendidly enlightening and fun semi-private wine tour on the wine roads of Santorini. Discover distinctive and ancient wineries, and see how vines are grown in a vineyard. Take a tour of the wine roads of Santorini making an attempt to taste some renowned Santorini wines and food, grown in of the rich volcanic soil and be awe-inspired. 

Visit a vineyard, and see how the vines are grown in the kouloura technique for cover from the sturdy winds and harsh summer sun. Enhance your wine knowledge as you find out about cultivating techniques and a lot more. You can visit various wineries for a tasting of distinctive volcanic wines. Moving from one winery to the next, you might also have a chance to see the most significant part of the island which will you awestruck. 

Experience Watching Outdoor Cinema in Kamari Santorini Family

Things to Do in Greece

Watch a movie outside as the sun sets and the sky grows dark — Wine, Beer, and simple snacks available. Movies start around 9:30 pm. Sundays, including the first and last days of any movie run, are generally the busiest days. It is recommended getting there when the doors open at 8:30 am to ensure a seat. 

You will find a bus stop across the street with buses to your hotel and other places. Check the schedule to be sure about the bus timings though. The entry fee might cost around 700 per person, which would give a memory worth remembering. Cine Kamari in Santorini is the best place to watch a movie with your loved ones or even alone. Along with beer, wine, and other snacks, sitting on the director’s style chair under the sky would make you feel like you were on the set!  

Santorini Cruise Excursions Sail

Things to Do in Santorini

Go on a memorable 5-hour cruise into the sunset side of Santorini and enjoy a complimentary barbecue supper with wine and soft drinks. Sail past lovely Red Beach and White Beach, and jump off to swim or snorkel to explore the underwater gardens. Sail on the mystifying coast of Santorini within the waters of the Aegean Sea. You can choose from either a morning cruise or a sunset cruise. Enjoy a feast on a barbecue meal with wine, water, and soft drinks. Share your cruise moments on social media with free WiFi onboard.

You can climb aboard the 74-feet Ocean Voyager or the 80-feet Tahiti catamaran around the island in the Aegean Sea. The cruise usually starts at the Ammoudi Port of Oia or the Athinios port, south of Fira (with round-trip transfers from island hotels for a surcharge). Where you’ll set sail for stunning Red Beach to swim and snorkel for a half-hour. Travel to the White Beach, only accessible from the sea, for more swimming and snorkelling in the shadow of the towering white cliffs. 

Snorkelling in Caldera

Things to Do in Santorini

Free snorkel diving equipment is out there onboard where you will also be served a barbecue supper of salads and grilled pork. Continue sailing inside the crescent-shaped Caldera, close to the volcano, and enjoy a final dip and mudbath in the Hot Springs. There are lots of beaches on Santorini island. For comfy sunbathing, head for the black-sand strips of Perivolos or Perissa. Mesa Pigadia and Pori are the right spots to see the dramatic rocky coastline. Santorini’s climate is pleasant throughout the year. 

The average daytime temperature is eighty-four F (29 C) within the summer and fifty-nine F (15 C) in winter. Tourists flock various parts of the island within the peak season of summer. Santorini airport arrivals and departures are mainly on the east side of the island. A decent road network links the most significant sites. Santorini is so small, it’s possible to see most of it affordable by rental car or taxi. 

Underwater Tour

Things to Do in Greece

 A tour of the underwater world of the island could be a most unforgettable experience and can most likely be one of the memorable vacations of your Santorini vacation tour. Customized Santorini vacation packages are prevalent, especially for newlyweds that want to spend their honeymoon. You can find the packaged vacations to Santorini country helping you to decide the location, accommodation, activities you like, and the kind of holiday you want, making it one of the unforgettable experiences of your lifetime. 

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