Things To Do In New Zealand For A Perfect & Adventurous Honeymoon

Things To Do In New Zealand For A Perfect & Adventurous Honeymoon

Stunning natural sceneries make New Zealand a perfect honeymoon destination. Destinations such as Rotorua and Queenstown, are heavily promoted. But do honeymooners know about the lesser-known but amazing places in New Zealand? If you are an adventure-loving couple, here are some of the adventurous and unique things to do in New Zealand for Honeymoon.

Tandem Sky Diving

Things To Know Before You Go For Skydiving - Bucket List

For adventure and thrill-seekers, how about skydiving in New Zealand? At NZONE skydive you’ll enjoy a breathtaking 15-minutes flight. After taking a view from above, you’ll be harnessed by space-age materials to an expert paratrooper who will guide you through your plummet towards earth at around 200kph for 1 minute and make sure you land safely. Why not do this adventure this with the person you’ll be spending yours forever with?

Location: Queenstown 9300, New Zealand.

Closest Airport: Queenstown airport

Starting Price: $275

Opening Hours: daily 8 am – 8 pm


Once you’ve spent the lovely day gazing into your partner’s soulful eyes, you can turn your attention heavenward, and do some stargazing at night. New Zealand has the largest international dark sky reserve, is one of the best stargazing sites on earth. Show off your constellation-naming knowledge and make wishes on shooting stars together in the glittering dark skies with your someone special. You can go to Aoraki or Mount Cook national park with your someone special. Mount Cook national park is 3 hours away from Queenstown airport and 4 hours from Christchurch. 

Horse Riding

How about horse ride on a honeymoon? Sounds adventurous, right? Dart Stable’s offer a beautiful 2-hour ride at the lake Wakatipu. You’ll be riding alongside glacial fed rivers that offer spectacular scenery. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced rider or a complete tenderfoot as guides will ensure you are your comfort level. The panoramic view of this unforgettable experience will be remembered forever. Lake Wakatipu is just 15-20 minutes drive from Queenstown airport.

Location: 58 Coll at, Glenorchy 9350, New Zealand

Closest Airport: Queenstown airport

Starting Price: S$134

Opening times: daily 8 am – 7 pm

Matching Ice-cream Cones in Auckland

One day in Auckland is enough to capture the place in your memory forever. There’s no better cure for jet lag than a walk along walk front followed by some delicious ice-cream. Don’t forget to visit Gaipo, the Innovative ice-cream shop that serves up frozen treats as work of art. Since you’re on your honeymoon opt for “Two become one”, which adds a chocolate heart half to your cones for the perfect Instagram shot.

Soak in Hot Pools

New Zealand is a geothermal-active country. You’ll find volcanoes and bubbling mud all over, especially in the central North Island. This means you’ll also find plenty of hot pools worth soaking in. If you are in Rotorua, the Polynesian Spa is one of the best. You can dip into a variety of thermal pools overlooking the Lake Rotorua. The pools are filled with mineral water sourced from nearby natural springs. You can also book a private pool which will be ideal for a honeymoon.

Swim with Dolphins 

If you’ve ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins, do it in New Zealand. In Kaikoura you can swim with huge pods of Dusky dolphins with Dolphin encounter or in Akaroa you can swim with extremely rare and little Hector dolphins. If you are looking for an eco-friendly wildlife encounter to share with your partner, either of these would be great options!

Blackwater Rafting

One of the top adventures to do in New Zealand is Blackwater rafting. The tour takes around 4 hours. All you need is a towel and swimwear. And the fun is guaranteed.

Location: 585 Waitomo, Caves Rd, New Zealand

Opening Hours: 9 am to 5 pm

Starting Price: $105 USD

Rob Roy Valley Walk

For all those honeymooners keen on one-day hikes, the Rob Roy Valley is a highlight. Stay in Wanaka for two nights and travel for an hour to the west Matukituki valley with a transport operator. The walk is about 5 hours in return and across a classic NZ- swing-bridge. You’ll gain access to a huge “valley bowl” and meet local “kea” birds.

Tea At a Fancy Hotel

After all the adventure and thrill, there must be a place just to sip tea with your soulmate. Like going to a fancy historic hotel. Chateau Tongariro is one of those hotels that serve the best high tea in the city. The hotel In Tongariro national park dates back to 1920s and retains much of its historic charm and you can also capture great photos for your Instagram.

Treetop Adventure in Rotorua

A trip to New Zealand is incomplete without getting close to the country’s epic nature. One unique and romantic spot to do this is at redwoods tree-walk in Rotorua. You can admire the redwoods from the forest floor for free! But the best way to do this is to do tree-walk. A series of suspension bridges up in the trees giving you fantastic view redwood and surrounding forest. New Zealand is also a great place to rent an Airbnb and stay at a holiday park. 

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