Things To Do In Ibiza For Travellers Who Want To Do More Than Just Partying

Things To Do In Ibiza For Travellers Who Want To Do More Than Just Partying

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say Ibiza? Do you wonder what things to do in Ibiza, maybe Party? EDM? Nude Beaches?! I wouldn’t be surprised if you do not even know that a PLACE called Ibiza even existed! Thanks to the various mention and descriptions of Ibiza (pronounced ee-bee-tha or eye-be-tha) in popular culture in recent times, many people have a somewhat vague idea of how, or what Ibiza is. Over many years, Ibiza has gained popularity as the party hub. And that is not entirely false. Ibiza does have a pretty happening clubbing scene and is famous for hosting some of the best music festivals and events that invite the best in the business.

But there is a considerable amount of Ibiza’s culture and history that lies behind all the fun. Being a place with intense history and important events that have led to the unfolding of the cultural balance, Ibiza today has been influenced by many tribes, their rulers, the British, that resided in the island until the 20th Century. Located in Spain, it has been a witness to the infamous Second Punic War, and also the largest archipelago which is together called the Pine Islands. Ibiza has one of the most idyllic beaches in Spain, and it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ibiza has significantly modernised in recent years, with the government trying very hard to change the image of the island from ‘biggest party destination in the world’ to a more suitable vacation spot for families and kids.

Things To Do in Ibiza: Best Time To Visit

Ibiza has a semi-arid climate, and the sea makes sure there is a perfect balance in the environment. Winters are usually not so cold as other parts of Spain, and summers have bearable temperatures, even at their highest. If your sole reason to visit Ibiza is to experience the party scene there, summers are a preferable time when most events and festivals take place. Find out some of the most sought after activities at Ibiza. We present to you, an ultimate things to do in Ibiza list below.

1. Witness the magnificent sunset at Cala Comte

Things To Do in Ibiza
sunset at Cala Comte

There are quite a few places in Ibiza which claim to have the best sunset views. But nothing beats Cala Comte. So much so, that people who visit it once often recommend it to others as the best beach in Ibiza! The serene, turquoise blue water is hugging the golden sand, and the rocky cliffs surrounding the shore hold for a majestic view. The cliffs house some of the best restaurants and viewpoints from which you can witness the much-hyped-about sunset in the Mediterranean waters, one of the top free things to do in Ibiza.

San Antonio is the closest to the island, being just 25 minutes away, from where you can easily catch a ferry or cab to reach the beach. Visit it in the afternoon, and grab the best seats at the restaurants to have the best serene sunset view of your life!

2. Explore the mythical island of Es Verda

Things To Do in Ibiza
Mythical Island of Es Verda

Ibiza has its share of mysteries, and the enigma that surrounds the infamous island of Es Verda is one of the most baffling in the world. An uninhabited limestone island on the southwestern coast of Ibiza, Es Verda is like a majestic blotch in the Mediterranean.

Interestingly, it has also been said to the best of the 3rd most fascinating place on the Earth, and the famous Pyramids in Egypt are claimed to be made from the limestone found at Es Verda. Ancient legends and myths have always surrounded the islands, but some of the most mind-boggling theories are the possible unverified sightings of UFOs above the island. Some even claim it to be a part of the lost city, Atlantis.

Cabs and buses regularly travel from Ibiza Town and San Antonio, and you could ideally spend the entire day at the island as it offers activities like parasailing, snorkeling, etc. on the shore.

3. Walkthrough Ibiza Old Town

Things To Do in Ibiza
Ibiza Old Town

There are plenty of things to do at Ibiza than just clubbing. Head to Ibiza Old Town, walk through the narrow alleyways, lined with white-stained houses, as you come across the majestic Dalt Vila Fort (also known as the Old Town Castle). Upon a little climb from the entrance of the Old City, Portal de seus Taules, you will be greeted by the sheer grandeur of the fort.

Built during the Renaissance Era in the 16th Century to protect Elissavia from potential foreign attacks, you can still see the cannons stationed inside the fort and is one of the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Ibiza. Other than that, the Cathedral of Ibiza, located in the fort complex, is another stunning structure that looks as if it came out straight of a movie. Even though the church is so old, prayers and services still do take place here every Sunday. Definitely one of the things to do in Ibiza activity.

4. Explore the Green Caves

Things To Do in Ibiza
Green Caves Ibiza

The San Marca Caves are just as breathtaking as they are creepy. With stunning stalagmites and stalactites covering the entire area of the caves, the beautiful sea cave has a strange history. Many claim that it was previously used by smugglers to smuggle contrabands, and is one of the most popular places to visit in Ibiza.

Take a bus from San Antonio or Ibiza to reach Port Miguel, from where the caves can be easily reached on found, thanks to the many signs located on the way. The caves are open all year round, and tours take place for INR 874, all year round.

5. Relax at a Spa

Things To Do in Ibiza

Ibiza is a party hub, and it is not unlikely you might pull a few all-nighters while clubbing and having the time of your lives. But then, that means it leaves you tired and grumpy for the day. Boost your mood by having a therapeutic session at one of the many spas in Ibiza. Spa sessions at Ibiza are top-rated among tourists, and you are assured of receiving quality treatment by well-known professionals.
Relax while you are at the luxury of these spas, which offer services like anti-aging treatments, detoxify sessions, and hydrotherapy. When you wonder things to do in Ibiza, this one should be on your list too.

6. Go clubbing at San Antonio

Things To Do in Ibiza
Clubbing at San Antonio

It is quite apparent, no article about Ibiza would be complete without the mention of Ibiza’s nightlife and party scene. After all, that is what the place is best known for! San Antonio had gained widespread notoriety for its clubbing and nightlife in the 60s and 70s. Famous for the oldest and most popular clubs in Ibiza, San Antonio is every party freak’s dream destination. However, the partying atmosphere here is much calmer now than it was before, and have also become a popular family destination as well. Thanks to its exotic cafes and beaches, and scenic sunsets.

7.Shop that boho look at the Hippie Market

Things To Do in Ibiza - Hippie market
Hippie market

Any trip to Ibiza would have to have shopping the hippie costumes at La Marina. Located in the village of San Carlos, the Hippie Market Las Dalias is the place to buy everything bohemian. The market sits every Sunday, which makes a much-sought-after activity of the week, so visiting it early on or late in the afternoon would be the best time to avoid any unnecessary hassle for other keen shoppers. The shops are cute, filled with chic boots and bags and clothes and psychedelic paintings, which not really a surprise as Las Dalias is also the first place to start the hippie culture. The village is just 12 km away from Ibiza City, and taking a cab or rent a car is the ideal option because all those heavy bags are sure to make your arms ache. A must-do activity on your things to do in Ibiza list.

8. Party wild at Playa D’en Bossa

Things To Do in Ibiza
Playa D’en Bossa

Another infamous clubbing haven, the Playa D’en Bossa, is also credited as being the longest beach strip in the world! Days are usually preferred by families with kids as it is also calmer and family-friendly then. Even then, do not be surprised to find someone basking in the sun, trying to get that boho tan with little to nothing to cover them.

There are also various water activities to be done here, like scuba diving, kayaking, and so on. The white sand sprawled for miles, with the clear blue waters on one side and the chic-ness of the city on the other, makes for one of the best beach views in Spain.

Things To Do in Ibiza: Must Know Info

  1. Do stay alert. Ibiza is a place where people come to have fun, but that does not mean you go all out and make yourself easy prey for thieves and robbers lurking around.
  2. Don’t have drinks in clubs, unless you’re willing to pay INR 2,104 for soft drinks!
  3. Do learn some basic Spanish to go about the city or beaches, or some clubs even. Trust me; you’ll thank me for this.
  4. Do rent a bike or car or travel by local buses to save some cash (and also, not to get duped by illegal taxis).

Most importantly, do have fun! Ibiza is the place to get wild and get out of your comfort zones. Hang out with friends, make new ones, and do not stress yourself! It has become a more family-friendly place over the years, which has made it find its way into the bucket lists of not just young people seeking out fun, but also people searching for a holistic vacation spot to spend time with their families. So when are you booking your tickets to Ibiza?

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