Things To Do In Guam For An Epic Adventure Bucket List

Things To Do In Guam For An Epic Adventure Bucket List

Imagine clear water and sandy beaches with cold drinks and spicy snacks. Guam is one of the best places to go to escape from the world. A rich blend of Chamorro, Spanish, Mexican and Filipino culture, Guam has something for every visitor and is a bucket-list must. Featuring some of the exotic beaches and mesmerizing natural beauties, Guam has plenty of things to do that will make sure you have a luxurious and memorable holiday.

Things to do in Guam

A clan-based society arose by 800 A.D. that included villages characterized by impressive latte houses, one-story houses set atop rows of two-piece stone columns. Guam’s unique culture derived from its original native inhabitants, the Chamorros, who were on Guam as early as 2,000 B.C. The capital is Hagatna, and the primary languages are English and Chamorro. With its stunning beaches and fascinating wildlife, Guam has so much to do and leaves you breathless and enthralled. Moreover, the street food and history in spades is enough to give you a taste of their hospitality. If you were thinking of a Hawaiian vacation or French Polynesia, then consider the island of Guam for a change.

1. Ypao Beach 

Things To Do in Guam

Guam has so many things to do! Located next to the stunning Ypao beach, Guam’s largest park is the number one destination for anyone visiting Guam. There is a stark contrast between the lush greenery and paved stone paths of the park and the crashing waves of the pacific ocean. Perfect for long morning walks and beautiful sunrises Ypao beach park is a must.

Furthermore, the water activity scene is fantastic! From snorkeling to scuba diving to dolphin watching there is a lot of things to do in Guam. The thrill and adventure are endless. You can dive into the Challenger Deep, located in the Mariana trench or ride a carabao (a water buffalo). However, a lot of the activities are hotel dependent, so make sure to ask your concierge to hook you up with the best spots. 

2. Lina’la’ Chamorro cultural park  

The visitor center displays cultural artifacts and a short film about the creation belief of Lina’la Chamorro Cultural Park. Tropical flowers, medicinal plants, and fruit trees along a natural walk lead you to the recreation of an ancient Chamorro village. You cannot miss this magical setting! Make sure to carry your camera and your walking shoes. While most hotels offer tours, but you can also grab the local bus or a taxi to get to the monument. Entry tickets can be purchased in advance online and in the ticket kiosk there. It is open all seven days and features unique Chamorro dishes. It is one of the best things to do in Guam.

3. Pagat cave 

The Chamorro village of Pagat existed on the shelf overlooking the Pacific Ocean. There are plenty of hotels that offer picnic lunches that can be enjoyed out on the ledge. There is no entry fee. There are plenty of small scale and cottage industries that sell trinkets to fridge magnets to silver and gold jewelry.

Nightlife in Guam

The nightlife in Guam can be both chill and super intense at the same time. There are tons of nightclubs and a few open bars. However, the highlight of the night is the Sandcastle magic show and is one of the best things to do in Guam. Voted the Best Tourist Attraction by Guam Visitors Bureau it’s perfect for adults and children of all ages. Guam’s only tour that presents a professional, family dinner show in the heart of Pleasure Island, Tumon, Guam. Moreover, you can opt for a chill magic show or book the full experience and get a fantastic dinner. The hotel concierge and range generally book tickets from anywhere between $30 to $100 depending on the ticket type.  

Guam Cuisine

Guam Cuisine

The food scene in Guam is one of our top bucket list things to do in Guam. Guam’s local cuisine features a lot of local produce and seafood. Don’t miss Kelaguen, which is a combination of lemon juice, onions, local hot peppers, and salt. Sometimes they add grated coconut! To make it, they use either seafood or beef or chicken. Sometimes, even Spam. Also, another favorite is Kadon Pika. The Chamorro word Kadon, when translated, means stew and the word “pika” means spicy. So altogether we get a spicy stew! It is made up of chicken and coconut candy. However, due to its proximity to the American mainland, there are plenty of fast-food chains for when you need some comfort food. 

Don’t Miss These Things To Do in Guam

There are a few points to keep in mind when you travel to Guam. Plan your visit between Jan and May. Avoid the colder months as the fauna goes into hiding. Being a tropical country, Guam has a pleasant average temperature of 32° / 25°, with occasional rains so an umbrella will be handy. Also, plan your trip for at least five days so that you also get some downtime to explore the local sights.

The locals are highly fluent in English as well as Spanish. A profoundly Christian community a lot of the enterprises are closed on Sundays so that must be kept in mind. However, taxis are readily available at all hotels and major shopping centers. All taxis have regulated meters. The standard flat rate is $2.40, $4.00 for the first mile, and $0.80 every ¼ mile after that. In addition to Guam Mass Transit Authority, transportation is available to select areas by bus route. 

Make sure to carry dollars as that’s the most common form of currency. Unlike some tropical destinations like Bali, Guam is a part of the United States of America and does not have a visa on arrival process. So it is vital to plan and acquire a proper visa to have a hassle-free experience. The flight from India is a 24 hour one with multiple stops, so make sure to pack your headphones and a good book or two while you wait to land at Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport. 

Places to visit in Guam

Furthermore, check out our guidelines for Guam:

● Wear light and airy clothes. 

● Carry plenty of sunscreens. 

● Ask your hotel concierge for help. 

● Stick to marked areas and beaches. 

● Respect the locals and their cultures. 

Be careful about: 

● Venture out alone at night. 

● Hitchhike or pick up hitchhikers. 

● Go into unmarked areas/ be disrespectful to the locals. 

Hello, Guam Adventures!

Passport? Check! Visa? Check? Swimsuit? Check! The next time that dream of sun-kissed skin and sandy beaches taunts you, pack your bags to the coast of Guam for one of the most unforgettable holidays of your life and another thing to kick off your bucket list. For easier fulfillment of your bucket list download the Woovly app now!

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