Things To Do In Frankfurt To Make It An Unforgettable Experience

Things To Do In Frankfurt To Make It An Unforgettable Experience

Famed as “Frankfurt am Main,” it’s the fifth-largest city in Germany. This financial capital of Germany will keep you in awe with its diversity at every turn you take, both culturally and geographically. If you are a nature enthusiast, this city has a lot to offer you. With its major tourist attraction, River Main running within the town is a union of two separate rivers called Frankfurt am Main and Würzburg. The mystical dense forest on its south and Tannus mountain range on the south-east part of the city, makes this place deserve a spot on your travel bucket list. Check out the concise listicle of things to do in Frankfurt for your ultimate travel experience. 

Transportation For Things To Do in Frankfurt

Card And Pass Needed 

Frankfurt is a city of utmost convenience as the city offers a card that allows free public transportations and discounts on museum tickets, shopping, restaurants and many sightseeing tours. The traveller gets to choose cards with different validity periods varying from 1 to 2 days. They also have the facility to issue the cards for one person and also for groups of a maximum of 5 people. A one day ticket for an individual will cost you up to 10.50 EURO (820 INR) and for a 2-day ticket for an individual will cost you 15.50 EURO (1,210 INR). As for the group tickets valid for 1-day will cost you around 22 EURO (1720 INR) and group tickets for 2-day validity will cost you 32 EURO (2500 INR).

Apart from free and unlimited public transportation, the Frankfurt city card also gives you a 50% discount on various museum entries as well as to places like Palmengarten and art galleries. Including rebates on the opera house, theatres and many city tours, these facilities are too good to be true.

Best Time To Visit Frankfurt

Though every season here will offer you picturesque views and a promise of an undeniably wonderful time, however the best time to visit this astonishing place is between April to September. This is when every gifted feature of nature at this place is fully blooming. Enjoy your day walking out, soaking some sun surrounded by greenery sprawling in this place that will leave you awed at times.

Things to do in Frankfurt Image

The temperature during this time of the year is pleasant, which will give you the perfect opportunities to explore and discover new things in the city. Though visiting the city during winters has its charm with extravagant Christmas markets hosted by the regional shopkeepers of the town. It would be best if you enquire about various events and festivals organised in the city and put them on your daily itinerary to have the best of your time in this magical town. 

Go Sightseeing in Frankfurt

Städel Museum

Städel Museum in Germany has the best artwork from the expertise of titian to the remarkable work of the renaissance artists. The museum has the collection of artefacts starting the historical momentum of the 14th century. They also have an impressive collection of contemporary artworks that exhibits the modern era of the place. Throughout the year they organise exhibitions of the featured artists that only add more grace to this magnificent place. The museum is open from 10 AM to 6 PM with an exception on Thursday and Friday, as for these particular two days it closes at 9 PM.


 Things to do in Frankfurt

Römerberg, with its opulent architecture, is a place where time stands still because of which it is famed as the old central square of the town. The place let you bask in the essence of the medieval era where you time travel and be thrilled by every passing moment. 

Frankfurt Cathedral

 Things to do in Frankfurt

The Frankfurt cathedral is not only a historical masterpiece but also the ceremonial church of the Holy Roman Empire. Through centuries this cathedral had endured several disasters and renovations but stood through it all. 

Senckenberg Museum of Natural History

 Things to do in Frankfurt

Senckenberg Museum of Natural History is full of wonders for any future palaeontologists who visit this place. If dinosaurs interests you, then this museum is the perfect spot where you need to be. With its excellent and well-laid exhibits, this museum will demand the attention of people of all ages. The museum opens at 9 AM everyday till 5 PM on weekdays with the exception of Wednesday (8 PM). On weekends it follows the timing from 9 AM to 6 PM for its visitors.

Savour Delicious Food in Frankfurt

Surely like everything else, the food culture is also very diverse in this city, but before we recommend you some restaurants. Let’s move a little behind the scenes and visit Kleinmarkthalle.

 Things to do in Frankfurt

It’s an indoor market where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and find some small restaurants. Most of the shops here are permanent. You can also find various varieties of the famous Frankfurt sausage. This market is open from 8 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Saturday. One thing that the people of Frankfurt take pride in, is their fine apple wine. Every place in the city has its variety of light drinks as their staple. Moving on from the bubbly section to the next most popular savoury item, which is their famous green sauce. Prepared using seven different types of herbs, it is served with eggs and potatoes as sides. 

Events You Should Put In Your Itinerary For Frankfurt

  • From 15th March to 26th May Städel Museum going to exhibit the works of Titian and Renaissance in Venice. If you have an issued Frankfurt card, then you will get a 50% discount on the museum admission.
  • From 15th March to 30th November, you can attend the culinary guided tour organized at the Hauptwache. It is one of the most famous plazas in the city.
  • From 15th March to 29th December, you can attend the exhibition of film history at the film museum. You can witness the big screen projections with many film excerpts. People with the Frankfurt card will get a 50% discount on admission.
  • You can also take the various guided city walks that are available throughout the year. Here again, you will get the benefit of a discount on your Frankfurt card.
  • You can take Ebbelwoi-express, a tram service, which is quite an entertaining way to go around the city for sightseeing and seek the tranquillity of this place.

If you are planning for a tour of Germany, you cannot skip Frankfurt. It has every right to be on your bucket list.

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