Things To Do In Barcelona For A Rewarding Bucket List Experience

Things To Do In Barcelona For A Rewarding Bucket List Experience

Let’s admit it; most of us have fancied about an amazing tour abroad. And when we think about visiting a foreign place, Europe is among the most prominent continents that come to our mind. The artistic essence, the vintage aesthetic, pleasant weather, astounding views, heavenly cities, Europe lures us with a charm of its own that is indeed idiosyncratic. Oops! did we just rekindled your latent wish of visiting Europe, didn’t I? Well, pack your backpacks. In this article, we are going to do a rundown of things to do in Barcelona for an utterly rewarding travel experience.

Top Things To Do In Barcelona

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, Spain. This city is located on the coast of the northeastern region of Spain. With the second-most populous municipality of Spain, Barcelona is one of the most remarkable cities across entire Europe. Furthermore, Barcelona is a juggernaut in terms of tourist attraction, economic and trading resources as well as cultural centres. Now, if we talk about tourism in particular, then the city is surprisingly diverse. So whether you are coming here for the cuisines, vibrant culture, or Lionel Messi, the city got you covered. So let’s explore the places to visit in Barcelona.

Visit the Gothic Quarter

Things To Do In Barcelona

We recommend you to start in the heart of old Barcelona in the winding streets of the Gothic quarter. It dates back to Roman times. Also, its home to the Picasso Museum, but the admission is limited, and the crowd is massive. So plan accordingly to confirm your entry.

Spend a Day in El Raval

Things To Do In Barcelona

Grab a coffee from the La Boqueria market and start exploring the neighbourhood of El Raval. El Raval is genuinely full of character and plenty of plazas for a leisurely menu Del dia. After lunch, head to the Macba, the contemporary art museum, a gathering spot for Barcelona’s international skate crowd.

Dive Into the World of Gaudi

Things To Do In Barcelona

Antoni Gaudí was a Catalan modernist architect that gave Barcelona its distinct architect 150 years ago. This man single-handedly is responsible for a good chunk of Barcelona attractions. Sagrada Família, Casa Batlló, and Casa Milà are the three most significant monuments that not only define Barcelona but are extremely valuable to Europe itself.

  • The Sagrada Família is a combination of several architectural genres, including Catalan Modernism, and Spanish Late-Gothic. But it’s worth noting that Gaudí’s masterpiece defies these sorts of definitions once you start gazing at the ceiling of the nave. It’ll leave you speechless.
  • Casa Batlló was constructed as a private mansion for Barcelona’s industrialists. But now it’s open to the public. The noticeable lack of a straight line in the structure of Casa Batlló gives you a surrealistic feel, which is indescribable in words.
  • Casa Milà, too like Casa Battlo, was made as a private mansion. This one was for the industrialist Pere Milà I Campsis, and it was completed in 1912. Listed by UNESCO, this monument is a mark of a prodigy among the architects around the world. You can’t help but be amazed by the innovative self-supporting stone facade and revolutionary underground car park.

Barcelona’s other Cathedral, Camp Nou

I’m apologizing to all the fans for keeping you waiting instead of starting the article with this one. To all the non-football fans, you must be scratching your head. Camp Nou is among the main Barcelona attractions. Camp Nou is the home to FC Barcelona, one of the best football clubs worldwide as well as the unofficial symbol of Catalan culture abroad. Don’t believe us? Just Google Barcelona and it will fetch the search results for FC Barcelona instead of the city, Barcelona. Such is the craze for this team.

No offence to the Madrid supporters, though. If it’s the game season and you can’t get a ticket, don’t worry. Every bar in the town will be playing the game, especially if it’s El Classico.

The Return of Gaudi: Park Güell

Things To Do In Barcelona

Park Güell, a mystical monument of modernism built by, you guessed it, Gaudi. Some architects must have been during his peak. Access to the central part of the park has been restricted to a few hundred people at a time. So, book your tickets online if you want the perfect profile picture for Facebook. Or wander the outside of the area for free. The panoramic view from the place is truly an experience of a lifetime.

Explore Gràcia

Things To Do In Barcelona

From Park Güell, walk-downs the hill to Gràcia. This is a village absorbed into Barcelona. It’s funky, bohemian, and it feels like a small-town oasis amid a big city. In August, there is a Festa primary da Gracia, and here the locals form massive human pyramid-like formation.

Enjoy the Beach of Barceloneta

Things To Do In Barcelona

If you are in a mood of enjoying a breezy, sunny day at a beach, Barcelona offers you the beach of Barceloneta. Barcelona is right in the middle of the Mediterranean. So the beach life in the city is quite eventful. You can surf, boat or enjoy the great nightlife. The adjoining place to the beach is a great place to have some great cuisines. So, put the name Barceloneta high up in the list of things to do in Barcelona.

Experience the Sunset from the Banquers Del Carmel

Things To Do In Barcelona

It is a military complex, which helped defend the city when it was besieged in the 1930s during the Spanish civil war. It is a great place to experience a sunset and also to learn about the city’s history. Barcelona sightseeing is somewhat incomplete without a visit to this place.

Barcelona deserves a solid spot on every traveller’s bucket list. The city is the home to everything that piques interest and presents itself as unique. Download the Woovly app now and get cracking on your travel adventures.

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