Love Stuck At Home? Here Are Some Things To Do For Couples During Quarantine

Love Stuck At Home? Here Are Some Things To Do For Couples During Quarantine

Quarantine from COVID-19 means a lot of home time. While that is the safest hearth right now, it feels safer with your loved ones with you. The endless days of self isolation means spending day and night with whom you are stuck. However, that not only calls for spending some fun times together, it also means frustration and need for personal space. To those couples who are bored together and those couples who are desperately waiting to be together, you love is still blooming. Love lays in the memories you make, getting to know each other and supporting each other through the time. It doesn’t matter if you are close or far away, you can use the best of this time to rekindle romance. We have some things to do for couples at home!

Romantic Ideas For Couples In Quarantine

Before you carry on the read, we’d like to say something. Staying inside for days can get frustrating and angering. However, we live in scary times. In times like these, you should be empathetic towards your partner and make happy memories together. After all, your love is the light you both require in the dark.

Have a candlelight date

things to do ideas for couples in quarantine

With this quarantine, what you need is a date night and each other surrounded by candles and good food. While you can’t go out, you can get the candlelight dinner to you. All you need to cook up fancy recipes, cosy up the place, fill up the room with your favourite scent and light up some candles. Moreover, have a glass of wine (or juice) and cuddle up with each other in your pyjamas. This is one of the best things to do if you want to turn on the mood.

Long-distance tip: We know how much you are missing your partner. Share a common recipe and you can video call each other while you cook! To make the best of your date night, light up candles in your room. After all, they say, couples who eat together stay together.

Do movie marathons

Movies are the best way to get along. If you and your partner can have a healthy discussion and fan squeal together. Nothing feels better. Moreover, you can do movie marathons all night long. With Netflix to the rescue, you can discuss and fawn over characters and scenes together. The cherry on top, cuddle away the night.

Long-distance tip: While sleeping on each other is not a possibility, you can still enjoy a movie night together. The best thing to do is to switch on Netflix Party. You can do a run on your favourite movie or show and gush over your theories.

Stargaze together

things to do ideas for couples in quarantine

Historically speaking, stargazing has been considered the most romantic thing to do. As they say, the stars write your fate and watch over you. The air pollution has considerably lessened making the starry night sky twinkle bright. Moreover, with the quietened surrounding, you can head to your terrace or garden and watch the stars for as long. Make it a little fun by pointing out the positions and naming the constellations.

Long-distance tip: There is a thrill in knowing that you both may be far apart yet watching the same night sky. Talking over the phone, you can point out stars to each other. A starry night sky in itself is so peaceful and watching it with your beloved makes the experience even better.

Have a karaoke session

If you have been together then be there for the better and for the worse. A voice of a nightingale or the crackling of an Otter, you can compete with each other with your singing skills. How is it romantic you ask? If you have grown up watching High School Musical or cliche Bollywood movies, then you’d know. Further on, there are several apps that make a simple karaoke session to a game. You can compete with each other to make it fun! This is one of the most fun things to do. Life is a movie so make it feel like one.

Long-distance tip: You can do a simple karaoke even while being apart. We are blessed with technology so dial-up your beloved and sing along in a video call. Furthermore, just like all Indian kids played as kids, you guys could play Antakshari too.

Play board games/phone games

A healthy couple is that who competes well. Don’t they say “love is war”? There may not be knights and swords but your love is a battle of talent. Be that couple that brings out the fun in nostalgia and dust off the old monopoly and chess boards. You can always have a friendly game to destroy each other. Furthermore, if not the board game then play a game of Pictionary, ludo or scribble on your phone instead.

Long-distance tip: Phone games are always a fun way to keep the competition alive. Play together is a great way to vibe even when you are away. Moreover, you could play Psych too. It is the best thing to do while taking the craziest quiz in Ellen Degeneres’ style.

Talk about your sex life

things to do ideas for couples in quarantine

Let’s face it. Intimacy in a relationship plays a big part. Being stuck at home might get you bored enough to indulge in an intimate act. Or, it might not faze you at all. Moreover, it is also a possibility that while maybe in the mood or your partner might not. It may seem something small but the frustration can lead to a heated argument. Hence, the important thing to do here is to talk out loud about your sex life. It is not embarrassing to want to do it or not wanting to. In fact, it is about communicating it to each other so that you are in sync. Plus, if you do end up having it, it is even more pleasurable.

Long-distance tip: We are not trying to rub salt on your wounds. We know it is not a possibility. However, you both can still tweak things up a little bit on text or video. Being a little naughty and showing that side of yours to your partner sparks up a couple relationship.

Help each other with housework

things to do ideas for couples in quarantine

If you are staying together, it is important to help each other out when dividing the housework. In a time like this, consideration is the least you can expect out of your partner. Furthermore, it strengthens your trust on each other in the long run. You can help each other out to clean up the space, keep healthy or decorate your space.

Long-distance tip: If you are decorating your space, then you can always take the help of each other. It makes a difference to have an essence of the other close to you.

Spend individual times

Let’s face it. No matter how much you love and admire each other’s company, alone time is important. Every human needs their own time to reflect on their own thoughts and actions. While you can do several things together, you cannot ignore things that you love doing alone. It may be painting, writing and several others. Don’t ignore yourself in a relationship. When you lose track with yourself, you can’t really keep the other person happy either.

Long-distance tip: It is a hard time to stay apart. However, use the time to do the things you have always loved doing. Spend time with your family, cook your meals and pamper yourself to some skincare. Be happy for each other’s sake. Write secret letters to each other to give after everything is over. In the end, the longer the wait, the sweeter the kiss.

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