Things To Do At A Pool Party To Beat The Heat With Your Friends

Things To Do At A Pool Party To Beat The Heat With Your Friends

Planning a hot-weather event like a pool party can be really exhausting sometimes. Everyone’s looking forward to chilling and having fun, but you’re worried how can you level up things at your place and be an amazing host. Well, you need to cool off, because we got you covered with a list of entertaining things you can do at your pool party that will make your friends have frosty blast on a hot summer day.

So where’s the party at? Right here!

Fun Things To Do At A Pool Party With Your Friends On A Sunkissed Day


Pick A Theme

Things To Do At A Pool Party To Beat The Heat With Your Friends

Want to have fun assured in advance at your pool party? Well, before you send invitations to your friends, pick a frolic theme to get them in the mood of attending the best pool party. Choose a theme which shouldn’t be a big bite to your budget as the decoration has a big role to play here. Be creative and set a dress code according to the theme and let your friends be creative. We picked a few theme ideas you can choose from:

  • Beach/Island
  • Summer camp
  • Luau 
  • Bohemian
  • Classic music bands

Lively Decoration

One thing that gets everyone excited at a pool party is the decoration. Choose something that give your friends an adrenaline high and make them romp all over the place. Some easy ways to decorate your backyard at daytime are with balloons, pop poms, ribbons and glow sticks at night. Do not forget to have your pool decorated because first its called pool party, and second it’s where everyone will flock the most. Put beach balls and floats that have frisky shapes, popping colours and quirky appearances like a flamingo, pineapple, unicorn or a doughnut.  

Set Your Speakers & Playlist

Once your friends have dived into the pool, its time you elevate the party by a fire summer playlist. Speakers booming on a playlist sunk in the theme of your party that will pump up everyone’s mood. This can be the main drill of your pool party. So, even if you don’t put more balloon while decorating the spot or forget to order some quirky floats for the pool, your speakers and playlist can be a real-time saviour. We hope sound waves scoot the heat waves out of everyone’s mind at your pool party.

Arrange For Finger Food

Remember everyone is there at your pool party to relax and have fun so the dishes you cater to your friends should be lite and easy finger food. You can have mixed fruits bowl, crunchy snacks or salads that will be a heart-healthy plate of food made with avocados, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes with a relishing dressing served to your guests so that they don’t feel bogged down to dive in the pool. Imagine your friends savouring some mouthwatering snacks you prepared for them as they relax on floating in the pool saying this is life!

Sip On Cold Beverages 

Things To Do At A Pool Party To Beat The Heat With Your Friends

Let’s be honest we all need punchy cold beverages to beat the heat. Set up a beverage kart and serve your guests the best cold beverages to help them stay hydrated in the sweltering heat. Choose some flavoursome summer fruits like orange, grapefruits, lemons and tangerine to make the beverages of your choice. Don’t forget to put extra ice in the jar so the drinks will remain cool for a longer time. 

Play Games


No pool party is complete without games. Pool party games are going to be the most fun-packed activity you will have arranged for your guests. Put water guns or water balloons aside the pool for those who don’t wanna dive into the pool. Organise games like pool race, greased watermelon relay race, transparent water-filled bottle scavenger hunt. These pool party games will definitely help the flock at your place have a thrilling summer break. 

Have Separate Stations

Things To Do At A Pool Party To Beat The Heat With Your Friends

Having stations for everything at your pool party will be bliss! Usually, pool parties can get little clumsy, and you can easily find it hard to put things in order. Hosting a pool party where you have separate stations for food, beverages, pool essentials and props will make you feel organised and sorted in every way. It will be helpful for you to keep track of every station that requires a restock. Note that you too should have fun with your friends at your pool party, because that’s something you’re looking forward to as well. So imagine you and your friends as the gang from The Spring Breakers and go rock the party! 

Well, we hope these tips will help you have a great pool party with your friends. Hey! Don’t forget to put sunscreen.

Wish it. Do it. Woovly!

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